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Miami Dolphins Coach’s Drug Use Video Goes Viral

Miami Dolphins Coach Drug Use Video Goes Viral

Author: Justin Mckibben

This Monday Christ Forester, the offensive line coach from the Miami Dolphins, resigned from his position after 25 years in the NFL. Forester was one of the highest paid assistants in the league, even though he only became a Dolphins coach a year ago. His recent departure from the coaching staff comes only 12 hours after a video of him snorting a white powdery substance off an office desk went viral.

So what does this recent scandal tell us about drug abuse?

A Social Media Scandal

The 56-second video shows Forester himself appears to be filming while speaking into the camera. During the course of the video Forester states:

“Hey baby, miss you, thinking about you,” he says to the camera. He says he is about to go into a meeting and is “doing this before I go.”

Kijuana Nige, a Las Vegas model, first posted the video on Sunday to Facebook. It has since been deleted. At one point on the post to the social media site, Nige had stated people were upset with her actions “like I forced blown down this man’s nose” with the term “blow” being commonly known as slang for the illegal drug cocaine.

Screen-captured images of a post on Twitter with pictures from the video also show Nige stating:

“Those are his habits and he recorded himself and sent it to me professing his love.”

Kijuana Nige also claims that she used to date the Dolphins coach, and sources indicate the video was recorded sometime this year.

The Football Fall-Out

Other parts of the caption in the comments take on a more political tone, as Nige talks about posting the video and exposing the Dolphins coach as a way to respond to the backlash against black NFL players who are participating in protests of police brutality on the sidelines of football games.

The video was posted the same day that it was reported the Dolphins head coach Adam Gase has made it a team rule that players are required to stand for the Anthem. Apparently, players who do not wish to stand for the National Anthem on the Dolphins team must stay in the tunnel during the ceremony.

In her social media crusade, Nige has also implied that she has other videos she could make public. She states:

“They better leave ppl (people) like Colin Kaepernick alone before I pick off more of’ em”

Of course, this refers to the 49ers former quarterback who was the first player to take a knee and vocalize his reasons for protesting.

Following the growing controversy of the viral video, the Dolphins coach made a statement saying,

“I am resigning from my position with the Miami Dolphins and accept full responsibility for my actions,”…”I want to apologize to the organization and my sole focus is on getting the help that I need with the support of my family and medical professionals.”

The Dolphins also made a public statement that included:

“We were made aware of the video late last night and have no tolerance for this behavior.”

“Although Chris is no longer with the organization, we will work with him to get the help he needs during this time.”

While the Dolphins made it clear that they had accepted Foresters resignation immediately, they still say are going to support Forester in getting help, which may mean some addiction treatment or other recovery resources.

Exposing Drug Abuse

Of course, this isn’t the first time some form of public figure in the sports world has been exposed for drug use. Even coaches in high school, college or professional sports have been caught from time to time in some kind of drug scandal. In some cases, it is performance enhancing. Other times it is the recreational use of illicit drugs.

However, this is the only time (at least that I have ever heard of) that a viral video has shown an NFL coach in the act of consuming drugs. So it is a unique case.

Yet, when drug abuse is exposed in the media it actually reveals the best and the worst of our reactions to issues concerning drug abuse and addiction. Some people will immediately begin to demonize the individual. But the better side we get to see is that at least the Dolphins franchise has said they will support his efforts to get help. In a way, a story like this points again to the very real fact that anyone can struggle with drug abuse. Celebrities, decorated athletes, and even extremely successful professionals can struggle with substance use.

If we can accept an NFL coach has made a mistake but is willing to step down and get help, maybe we can show more compassion to those around us who need help; maybe we need to have more compassion for ourselves. Either way, instead of stirring up more contention and controversy let us support those who need a way out.

In recovery from drug abuse and addiction, we are all on the same team. It’s easy to see how substance abuse affects more than the average individual. Even celebrities and professionals can get caught in the grips. If you or someone you love is struggling, please call toll-free now.

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8 Most Shocking Moments of Rob Ford’s Meltdown

I hear the name ‘Mayor Rob Ford’ and I think, “Oh God, what now?”

The latest Ford- related news involves a brief, one-minute video captured by cellphone and it’s a doozy. The seemingly plagued mayor of Canada’s most populace city, obviously drunk, is seen and heard rambling and cursing in a Jamaican accent.

The new video was taken Monday night; Ford pledged sobriety back in November after admitting to smoking crack during a “drunken stupor” (mentioned below).

Regarding the video, the mayor said, “I was with some friends and what I do in my personal life and (with) my personal friends, that’s up to me. This really has nothing to do with, has nothing to do with you guys,” he told the Toronto Star. “It’s my own time. It’s my own time.”

In the latest video, Ford puts on a Jamaican accent and uses Jamaican patois profanity. When he was asked Tuesday about the video and his language, the mayor said he didn’t think there was anything wrong with what he said or how he said it.

“If I speak that way, that’s how I speak with some of my friends. Okay?” he told the Star. “And no I don’t think it’s discriminative at all.”

Earlier this month, while filing for reelection, the Mayor of Toronto told the media that “people are getting sick and tired of hearing” about his drug scandal.

He is also quoted as saying, “I’ve been the best mayor this city’s ever had.”


Although it seems that the outrageous mayor has been spiraling downward for quite some time – he was arrested back in 1999 and charged in Florida with DUI and marijuana possession (although the marijuana charge was dropped) – here is a “short list” of the details of Ford’s downfall in just this past year.

8 Most Shocking Moments of Rob Ford's Meltdown

image credit: THE CANADIAN PRESS/ho-Miami-Dade Police Department

8 Most Shocking Moments of Rob Ford’s Meltdown this Year:

#1. In August, someone posts a photo to Twitter of Ford reading while driving his car on the highway going about 70 km. When questioned about the incident, Ford replied, “Probably. I’m busy.” Ford has refused his right to chauffeur, as afforded by the office of the mayor.

#2. I don’t know if this is shocking but, it’s pretty hilarious…Last November, Ford attempts to throw a football. He doesn’t nail it.

#3. In February, Ford is asked to leave a gala for military members after he is witnessed “speaking in a rambling, incoherent manner that alarmed some of the guests.” The Toronto Star has reported that it’s “an open secret at city hall that the mayor has battled alcohol abuse.”

#4. In March, Ford is accused by his political rival Sarah Thomson. She says he grabs her ass during this photo and told her that she “should have been in Florida with him last week because his wife wasn’t there.”

#5. On St. Patrick’s Day, Ford is escorted out of a bar after “storming the dance floor” and displaying drunken and “incoherent” behavior.

#6. In May, the mayor is captured on film smoking crack cocaine. He, of course denies it for a time but later confesses.

#7. Ford makes a late-night campaign stop at a Toronto nightclub earlier this month, but has denied drinking any alcohol.

#8. The latest shocking moment of Rob Ford’s meltdown of this year, alone is the one-minute clip in which he is seen rambling and cursing in a drunken state.


According to Mayor Rob Ford, he doesn’t have a problem:

“I am not an addict or an alcoholic. I have work to do and I am moving on. The way I see it now, this is over.”

“I am not a crackhead or junkie.”

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