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All across this country in small towns, rural areas and cities, alcoholism and drug abuse are destroying the lives of men, women and their families. Where to turn for help? What to do when friends, dignity and perhaps employment are lost?

The answer is Palm Partners Recovery Center. It’s a proven path to getting sober and staying sober.

Palm Partners’ innovative and consistently successful treatment includes: a focus on holistic health, a multi-disciplinary approach, a 12-step recovery program and customized aftercare. Depend on us for help with:

Chester County Drug Detox

Chester County Drug Detox

Giving up using drugs or drinking can seem to be the most difficult thing you’ve had to do. You have even tried to stop on your own, but each time you always end up right back where you started, only a little more deterred from another failed attempt to change. Every day, you think tomorrow will be different, things will change when you’re ready. However when tomorrow comes you keep using drugs and/or drinking. If using drugs and alcohol has taken a serious toll on your life, and you’re located in the Chester County area of Pennsylvania, it is probably safe to say you want to find Chester County drug detox.

What is a Chester Country Drug Detox Center?

A Chester county drug detox facility can help to provide the intervention in a case of physical dependence to a drug; and any of various treatments for acute drug overdose.

Chester county drug detox centers do not necessarily address the precedents of addiction, social factors, psychological addiction, or the often-complex behavioral issues that intermingle with addiction. To obtain that level of care the staff at any Chester county drug detox center will advise you to seek further treatment after your stay in medical detox.

Chester County Drug Detox has two main purposes:

  • Evaluation

When beginning treatment at a Chester county drug detox, a patient is first tested to see which specific substances are presently in their system, and to check the toxicity levels. Clinicians at detox centers also evaluate the patient for potential co-occurring disorders, dual diagnosis, and mental/behavioral issues.

  • Stabilization

In this stage of care in a Chester county drug detox program, the patient is guided through the process of detoxification. This is usually done with the use of stabilizing medications, which are lowered in dosage to safely transition. Also part of stabilization is explaining to the patient what to expect during treatment and the recovery process.

Do I need to go to a Chester County Drug Detox?

If you are dependent on alcohol or any kind of narcotic drug then you will need a medical detox to safely and effectively taper off. The withdrawal from many of these powerful substances can be potentially fatal. If you are an opiate user, you will find that going to a Chester county drug detox is a much better solution to kicking cold turkey. You will be given other medications and then tapered down so as to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms.

Cocaine and Crack users will also benefit from Chester county drug detox because the withdrawal can be quite unpleasant. Often times, these addicts will experience psychological symptoms such as hallucinations. The medical staff at a Chester county drug detox facility will be able to administer medications to alleviate these withdrawal symptoms, and monitor the individuals progress.

Chester County Drug Detox

Medical detox treatment at Chester county drug detox locations involves a safe, medically supervised drug alcohol detox treatment program in a tranquil, serene setting with outstanding accommodations. With a well-qualified and caring staff that will assist in making you feel the comforts of home. Every client is personally assessed according to their drug alcohol detox needs and treated individually.

The average stay at a Chester county drug detox is typically between 4-10 days.

Your drug and/or alcohol detox treatment be designated to be personal and discreet based on your individual needs.  Physicians should always be licensed and certified in the newest ‘state of the art’ drug alcohol detox treatments, and work to ensure that individuals in our care have a comfortable, safe and life changing experience.

A Day in Chester County Drug Detox

Generally Chester county drug detox programs put together a schedule of medication to treat withdrawal symptoms and offer other alternatives to any dual diagnosed conditions to alleviate your stress over your stay. In the mornings, you will wake up, have your vitals checked, and be given your medication before breakfast. Usually your days will consist of groups or meetings and ample downtime so that you may rest and your body can recover. Medication is given out according to your schedule and the medical personnel at any specific Chester county drug detox should routinely check your vital signs and overall health to make sure you are comfortable and the detox is proceeding safely.

Getting off drugs and getting a fresh start on life is not as difficult as we addicts make it out to be. There are so many programs and treatment methods available to you that are growing and innovating the way addicts and alcoholics are recovering from the disease of addiction, and a detox facility is the first step. If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse or addiction, please call toll-free 1-800-951-6135.

The Best Drug Rehabs in South Florida Have These 8 Things in Common

The Best Drug Rehabs in South Florida Have These 8 Things in Common

The best drug rehabs in South Florida have many keep factors that set them apart from other treatment facilities. It all starts with the necessities of physical detox and recovery, and leads into programs promoting positive growth. The best drug rehabs in South Florida are always dedicated to helping people struggling with substance abuse and their families recover from addiction and any underlying issues or behavioral conditions that may coexist with that addiction.

Addiction to drugs and/or alcohol is a crippling illness that affects every individuals life and development differently, and the best drug rehabs in South Florida do what is needed to create a treatment program structured around the individual and that take a personalized approach. The best drug rehabs in South Florida incorporate education, awareness, and real-life application in the process of treating substance abuse and addiction. By establishing a fulfilling and tranquil environment for patients to take ease and comfort while they learn the skills necessary to change the behavioral patterns and understand their illness. The best drug rehabs in South Florida have these 8 things in common.

  1. Medical Detox Facility– with a highly trained staff of nurses and technicians with experience treating addiction.
  2. Inpatient Treatment– any treatment program should give the person struggling with addiction a period of residential treatment to stabilize after medical detox while learning new structure of recovery.
  3. Individual and Group Therapy– the best drug rehabs in South Florida provide both group therapy for peer counseling, but also individual therapy with addiction specialists to address underlying issues.
  4.  Dual Diagnosis Treatment– many people with addiction have mood or behavioral disorders, or even multiple addictions.
  5. Holistic Therapy– the best drug rehabs in South Florida offer programs that don’t just address the physical aspect, they also educate, address social and mental health, and offer a variety of spiritual outlets.
  6. Relapse Prevention– programs set up to educate the patient about the dangers of old habits and other circumstances and situations that may lead to relapse, and how to avoid these threats or to properly address issues in life with new coping skills.
  7. Intensive Outpatient Programs– the best drug rehabs in South Florida provide a stage a treatment focused on the transition back into the every-day life and society while still teaching the patient and offering therapy to assist in that process.
  8. Aftercare Program– After leaving treatment, the best drug rehabs in South Florida help each individual design a continued recovery plan specific to them, with options for continued therapy.

The best drug rehabs in South Florida understand the stresses and health risks of substance abuse and drug addiction, and the desperation and harm it can bring to a person and their loved ones. The goal of any of the best drug rehabs in South Florida is to make the choice to get help as simple as possible, and give the person struggling the hope and confidence needed to get back on track. Changing your life is not always easy, but the best drug rehabs in South Florida do everything to make it easier for you and the ones you love.

If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse or addiction, please call toll-free 1-800-951-6135

7 Surprising Things I Learned In Inpatient Treatment at Palm Partners

7 Surprising Things I Learned In Inpatient Treatment at Palm Partners

I honestly had the absolute worst expectations for inpatient treatment of any kind. The idea of being in a rehab was so unattractive, and every time I imagined inpatient treatment I envisioned an asylum with grey walls and over-medicated mental patients shuffling down hall ways. In active addiction I also based a lot of my information on cartoons and movies. For some reason I thought I’d have judgmental nurses and live in constant lock-down between interrogation-like sessions with therapists, eat terrible food and sleep on a cot. When I got to treatment at Palm Partners I realized how ridiculous my over-active imagination had made things out to be, and how caring and comfortable it was to begin the process of getting clean and sober. So I’m excited to say I didn’t need a strait-jacket (size extra-crazy) and I can share the 7 surprising things I learned in inpatient treatment at Palm Partners.

  1. The Food is Actually Food!

When I thought of an inpatient treatment cafeteria, I thought of lumpy oat-meal, dry toast, cold coffee and dinner you could only get from a microwave. Upon reaching Palm Partners inpatient I was pleased to find they actually had a variety of meals that were both appetizing and nourishing. The food ranged from pastas and steaks, to ice creams and pizza, even in Detox.

  1. The Staff is Friendly and Supportive

My vision of evil nurses and twisted psychologists were a little much I’ll admit. Still I expected the staff to be judgmental and overbearing. The Palm Partners staff however was compassionate and supportive. Quite a few individuals actually took the time to sit one on one and talk about recovery, and some were able to tell me their experience and how sobriety had changed life for them. I made it a goal while in treatment to come back and work in the field of recovery based on the hope given to me, and the idea I could one day try and do that for someone else.

  1. Detox was Easier than Expected

When I was trying to detox from drugs and alcohol on my own, I was miserable in every way. Physically I would be suffering and mentally I would be strained. I had believed detox would be cold-sweats on a cot or an over-medicated daze. What I got at Palm Partners inpatient detox was a healthy regimen of medications specifically for my needs in monitored doses to help with withdrawal symptoms, and help me acclimate to abstinence.

  1. Not Full of Crazy People.. Not Crazier than Me Anyway

My own stigma on rehab was that it was full of crazy people and degenerates. It didn’t take me too long to face the truth; ALL people are at least a little crazy. Anyone in treatment is no better or worse than me, and if I’m there I obviously have a problem just like them. In inpatient at Palm Partners I was surrounded by peers who were in fact normal people with lives of their own who had hit a bottom just like me, and I was able to identify with and even admire other patients.

  1. Comfort and Community

Instead of being shut off in a padded room or strapped to a hospital bed, living in Palm Partners inpatient was furnished with a community of apartments that were even better than most of the ones I ever rented myself. I cannot even remember the last time I lived in a complex with a pool, and definitely not one next to a volley-ball court! I even took up jogging around the grounds, and caught up on a few favorite shows with a few new friends.

  1. Holistic Healing

I had no idea that any treatment would include such diverse methods of educating patients, which is a big part of a holistic healing program. Some lectures were offered to teach about the different effects of substance abuse habits and behavioral addictions on the mind, body, and spirit. Instead of shuffling through halls I was inspired to actively seek understanding of my addiction and personality traits, given opportunities to receive different healing techniques like visits to an acupuncturist and chiropractor, and even taught yoga.

  1. Spiritual Experiences

Palm Partners also provided so many alternative avenues for expressing and exploring spiritual growth. The best part being that it was not limited to any specific faith structure. There were voluntary trips to church, the sweat-lodge, and meditation. Freedom to express interest in these areas was rewarding in so many ways.

The experience of attending inpatient treatment at Palm Partners was anything but what I had expected. It was truly a liberating and gratifying learning experience. The residence felt most days like a retreat compared to my imaginary asylum, and the staff is full of incredible people with a passion and talent for changing lives and building foundations for recovering addicts and alcoholics. The care and commitment that was put into my inpatient treatment had a lasting effect on my outlook and expectations on the rest of my recovery. Thanks to that experience I was inspired to get involved in the recovery community, to put more time into helping others, and to come back and give back to the community that has given me so much. I am blessed and grateful to now be part of something that works to change the lives of so many.

Addiction Treatment in Talbot County, MD

Addiction Treatment in Talbot County, MD

Addiction Treatment in Talbot County: What is Addiction?

Addiction involves a few things beginning with physical dependence – you have built up a tolerance, meaning that you need to have more and more in order to achieve the same feeling that you used to get from smaller amounts, or lower doses. And when you try to stop, you experience physical and psychological symptoms, known as withdrawal syndrome. Having an addiction also means that you continue to use or drink – whichever the case – despite wanting to stop and despite negative social, financial, and legal consequences. People who are addicted to alcohol and/or other drugs usually experience such problems as loss of a job, marriage, and other relationships. Also, people who are addicted often have financial and legal troubles such as fines and even jail time as a result of their addiction, both directly and indirectly. Addiction treatment in Talbot County can help.

Addiction Treatment in Talbot County: Withdrawal Syndrome

It is often said, and supported by research, that the main obstacle to quitting drugs and alcohol is the fear of the withdrawal symptoms. Not only can withdrawal be extremely uncomfortable, it can be potentially life-threatening. Addiction treatment in Talbot County includes detox programs that specialize in treating substance abuse and physical dependence so that you can begin to live your life without the crutch of drugs and alcohol.

Addiction Treatment in Talbot County Step One: Detox

The first step in the process of addiction treatment in Talbot County is called a medical detox. During this stage, you will be assessed in order to find out what drug or drugs you are using, for how long, and how much is currently in your system. This is done by way of a urine drug screen. Because addiction treatment in Talbot County is provided in a medical setting and because drug addiction is recognized as a chronic medical condition, the results of your drug screen and information disclosed during your assessment are strictly confidential just like any other medical information is. All of this is done in order to make a treatment plan that will best serve you.

During detox, you will be giving certain medications in order to wean you off of drugs and alcohol in both a safe and comfortable manner. Withdrawal syndrome is a real and very serious condition that involves uncomfortable and even frightening symptoms that could lead to coma and death if not treated properly. If you are detoxing from painkillers or other opiates, you will be given other specific medication to manage your withdrawal symptoms and keep you as comfortable as possible in the detoxification process.

Addiction Treatment in Talbot County Step Two: Rehab

The rehab stage of addiction treatment in Talbot County MD can last up to 30 days, sometimes longer, and offers safe haven while you heal and recover from your drug use. During rehab, you will have all your needs provided for including nice, comfortable housing and well-balanced meals while you are given key, life-saving information about substance abuse and addiction. You will attend both individual and group therapy sessions where you will begin to heal your mind while healing your body and you will learn tools and coping methods in order to live a healthy lifestyle once you complete your addiction treatment in Talbot County. If you or a loved one is seeking addiction treatment in Talbot County MD please call toll-free 1-800-951-6135.

Kaiser Foundation Drug Rehab

Kaiser Foundation Drug RehabThe Kaiser Foundation is a non-profit foundation that is focused on the major health care issues facing the United States as well as the United States’ role in global healthy policy. The Kaiser foundation develops and runs its own research, journalism, and communication programs and also partners with other non-profit research organizations or major media companies. Especially with all the new health care laws it may be a good idea for you to look into Kaiser Foundation drug rehab and all the information it can give you. The linke to the site can be found at the bottom of this article.

As most of you know there are a slew of different insurance companies and huge variety of plans within those insurances. Kaiser Foundation tries to explain all of these different health plans in non-biased way. All of these different healthcare plans can make it really confusing when you try to figure out your own insurance. If you have insurance plan that you want to use for a stay in drug rehab you are probably going to be surprised at how easy it will all be for you after you check out Kaiser Foundation drug rehab.

Many drug rehabs accept insurance which is great and will work in your favor. According to Kaiser foundation drug rehab, insurance companies, some of them, have contracts with many different drug rehabs which will allow you to use what is known as “In Network” coverage. What this means it that you have to pay less money out of your own pocket. Many insurance plans do offer a lot of flexibility too when it comes to drug rehab. Even if you go to a drug rehab that is out of network you may be able to get some help from your insurance. The Kaiser Foundation drug rehab has tons of information on this if you are really curious about it.

You may have more out of pocket expenses than if you went to an in network drug rehab but still a percentage will be covered. This flexibility offered by most insurances will allow you to go to the best drug rehab center for you instead of settling.

Most people when they get insurance don’t think that they might end up having to use it to pay for drug rehab. Unless you or a loved one has a background of drug abuse or a history of that kind of behavior in your family, it is not likely that you planned for drug rehab. If this is the case, remember that drug rehab is definitely a medical cost. It might be tricky to figure out where in your insurance plan drug rehab is and it may be even trickier to figure out whom to get the most out of your coverage. Kaiser Foundation drug rehab explains all this tricky stuff for you.  Luckily most if not all plans will cover at least part of the drug rehab program. Even though most insurance has a lot of flexibility and great health coverage, the amount the pay for will vary between different policies and circumstances. Any questions about insurance and getting insurance to pay for drug rehab should be left up to the drug rehab center as well as talking directly to an insurance representative or by checking out Kaiser Foundations drug rehab knowledge.

What you really need to remember about drug rehab is that your health care plan will most likely dictate a higher deductible than what you would have with other types of medical treatment. The amount of time you are allowed to stay in drug rehab will likely be limited also. The average length of stay in drug rehab that most insurances will cover is at least 30 days so you may need to work out a payment arrangement for the part that your insurance does not cover if you or your loved one needs to stay in drug rehab longer than the recommended on month. Kaiser Foundation drug rehab can help you figure out where you may be able to get help for the part of drug rehab that insurance doesn’t pay and what all your options are.


Palm Partners accepts health insurance, however, we are not affiliated with Kaiser Foundation. Please give us a call at  1-800-951-6135 for more information.

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