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Crazy News Stories of the Week

Crazy News Stories of the WeekGuess what time it is… NO, but close… It’s Crazy News Stories of the Week time! So sit back, relax, and prepared to be glad you’re not one of these people!

Flaming Lambo’ Fiasco

Crazy News Stories of the Week

The Flaming Lamborghini is a novelty drink made popular for its unique style of delivery and consumption. It consists of the alcoholic beverages Sambuca and Kahlua, which gets set on fire and is meant to drink through a straw, and is then doused with Baileys and blue curacao and finished off by the customer.

A bartender in Lithuania was performing the intricate task of setting up a flaming Lamborghini and accidentally set a customer’s face on fire while making a drink, and the gruesome moment was captured on the bars surveillance video. Several English-language outlets have since picked up the video, though none has offered an update on the man’s condition.

The incident took place at Naktinis Tbilisis club in Panevezys on July 11th. In the video, the bartender can be seen preparing the infamous and apparently dangerous Flaming Lamborghini when a flame shoots out at the man during the lighting, who suddenly catches fire. Other patrons appear to put out the fire out by smothering the man’s head with their hands.

The victim’s sister said in the reports given to local press that the bar owner and the bartender did go out of their way to visit her brother in the hospital. While the man’s specific injuries were not described in detail in the press, it was noted that he was taken into surgery following the incident.


Raging Run-Down Drunk

Crazy News Stories of the Week

Gainsville, Florida is home to this drunken road rage driver Joseph H Carl who allegedly confronted a woman motorist, and subsequently was run over by his own truck when she fled. Carl, age 48, drove his pickup into the rear of another vehicle at traffic light, then got out to engage in a heated arguement with the other driver, banging on her car window and yelling at her.

The terrified woman drove off leaving Carl standing in front of his Dodge 1500 truck, and the Dodge began rolling towards him. Joseph H Carl apparently tried to stop the truck but with his arms, but the vehicle was still in gear and ran over him as reported by police officials. He was treated in hospital for fractures to his hand and foot.

Carl was arrested on charges of drunk driving and property damages. The motorist refused to submit to a breath test but a blood-alcohol test carried out later in hospital showed he was nearly three-times over the drink drive limit. Police stated Carl was seen stumbling around and reeking of booze before the incident. Officers found an open can of beer, still cold, and numerous empty beer cans in his truck. Hopefully he realizes that he’s lucky his drunk driving only injured one person, and it’s only ironic that it was himself.

Walgreen’s Alcoholic Shopper 

Crazy News Stories of the Week

Sometimes the customer isn’t always right, in this case the customer ended up causing a scene that will most likely earn him a extended stay in jail. A 54-year-old Ocala named Joby Sullivan got extremely upset that a Walgreen’s did not sell alcoholic beverages, and ended up to be arrested later after causing a disturbance.

According to an Ocala Police Department report, Sullivan cursed at the Walgreen’s employees threatening to fight them. Employees stated that Sullivan had been digging through the garbage when an employee caught him in the act and told him to leave the property. Apparently Sullivan then walked into the store, telling employees he wanted to buy some alcohol. The employees informed him that the store did not sell alcoholic beverages and the man began throwing his fit.

Police officer Jared Forsyth went to the store at 807 E. Silver Springs Boulevard in Ocala after a report of an intoxicated man causing a disturbance and refusing to leave the property. Officer Forsyth found the man upon arriving at the scene standing outside the front of the store on the sidewalk, screaming and swinging his shirt at a Walgreens employee. The officer approached Sullivan from behind and arrested him. Sullivan then threatened the officer and a supervisor who showed up at the scene.

The police report states as Joby Sullivan was being detained and placed in a patrol car, he kicked arresting officer Forsyth in the stomach. He was then taken into custody without any more problems and taken to the Marion County Jail. Sullivan was ultimately charged with disorderly intoxication, battery on a law enforcement official and resisting arrest without violence for his kick to the stomach.

$3.00 Binge Gone Bad 

Crazy News Stories of the Week

A 49-year-old man in Crestview and his 51-year-old wife have recently been accused of putting miniature bottles of alcoholic beverages in their pockets in front of the store manager before walking out of a local Cash’s Corner Pocket.

The Cash’s Corner Pocket store manager said Craig Van Aken and his wife, Lisa Davis, were in establishment on January 2nd, and she had asked them if she could get them anything. The manager said she saw the two looking at the loose mini bottles of liquor, which are $1.50 each, and then saw Mr. Van Aken slipping two of the bottles into his pocket. The store manager claimed she knew the couple because they frequently visited the location, and that she witnessed Van Aken stealing the bottles and give one to Davis. The two immediately left when the manager started to question them about the bottles.

After the store manager was able to identify both Craig Van Aken and his wife Lisa Davis from photo line-ups the two were arrested on June 25. Their next scheduled court date is July 22. It seems crime truly doesn’t pay for these two, especially if the cost of some jail time is only $3.00.

People dealing with drugs and alcohol issues often end up on the wrong end of some crazy news stories, luckily in sobriety people are able to look back at these kinds of behavior and be grateful that these kinds of stories have been left in the past, and the future looks a lot better without the chaos of actively abusing drugs or alcohol. If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse or addiction, please call toll-free 1-800-951-6135

Best Shows about Drugs on Netflix

While there are plenty of shows available to watch that pertain to the production, sale, and use of illegal drugs in our society, there are some that stand out to set examples of situations and circumstances, and give a detailed perspective on the lives damaged and the battles waged over drugs. Netflix has a reasonable selection of shows specifically based on the subject, but these are definitely some of the best shows about drugs on Netflix, for a number of reasons.

Best Shows about Drugs on Nextflix: Reality TV

Drugs Inc.

(2012) 3.8 Stars Rated: TV-14

Best Shows about Drugs on Netflix

Drugs Inc. is one of the best shows about drugs on Netflix because it actually takes an indepth look at a variety of narcotics from the perspective of users, dealers, law enforcement officials, and other experts. The 2 seasons available on Netflix takes a look at the production, export, sale, and consumption of the illicit drug trade in a documentary style series. So far the show has included exploring:

  • Hash
  • Crack
  • Ecstasy
  • Ketamine
  • Hallucinogens
  • Pill Nation
  • Designer Drugs
  • Grand Theft Auto

Weed Wars

(2011) 3 Stars Rated: TV-14

Best Shows about Drugs on Netflix

Weed Wars is centered on the Nation’s largest medical marijuana dispensary in Oakland, California, and features some of the biggest names in the industry of Medicinal Cannabis. The first season opens up with a look at the family business, and how the owner Steve DeAngelo has dedicated his life to the development of the industry.

It has become one of the best shows about drugs on Netflix by showing how the changes in the medical marijuana policies had effected those in support of the healing power and culture of cannabis in the Oakland area.

Extreme Drug Smuggling

(2011) 3.6 Stars Rated: TV-14

Best Shows about Drugs on Netflix

This series is one of the best shows about drugs on Netflix because it follows the efforts of law enforcement officials across the borders of America as they investigate and combat the evolving tactics used by cartels to smuggle narcotics into the country. These illegal enterprises are constantly adapting their methods, and so law enforcement must change their own strategies to keep up with the cartels as they try to expand their markets.


(2010) 3.6 Stars Rated: TV-14

As one of the best shows about drugs on Netflix goes, Addicted is one reality series that take a deeper and more personal look at the lives and rehabilitation of drug addicts.

This is an American reality television series that follows the lives of individuals who are struggling with addiction as they work with interventionist Kristina Wandzilak. The series originally premiered on the TLC network on March 17, 2010. Addicted returned with a second season on August 28, 2012 on the TV network Discovery Fit & Health, and has also aired on TLC.

On Netflix there a 6 available episodes featuring the stories of several different people who are fighting a few different addictions, and with the detailed views from family members, as well as intensive looks at the afflicted in active addiction, this series has earned a spot as one of the best shows about drugs on Netflix.

Best Shows about Drugs on Netflix: Television Drama


(2005-2012) 4 Stars Rated: TV-MA

Best Shows about Drugs on Netflix

Weeds is a very popular television drama series that has followed a suburban mother whose husband suffers a sudden and untimely death, and she finds herself struggling to maintain the lifestyle afforded to herself and her family. Ultimately this chain of unfortunate events leads her to start selling marijuana to her affluent neighbors in order to keep up, and this only brings more misfortune and scandals. This series also shows that the stigma of the ‘drug dealer’ can no longer be limited to the poor and urban communities.

The show is probably one of the best shows about drugs on Netflix based on its healthy mix of comedy and drama, while driving home some lessons along the way.

Breaking Bad

(2008-2012) 5 Stars Rated: TV-MA

Best Shows about Drugs on Netflix

The dynamic, thrilling, and emotionally charged story of Walter White (AKA) Heisenberg has definitely earned its spot as one of the highest rated shows on television, and as in this authors opinion THE best of the best shows about drugs on Netflix(in regards to a fictional drama).

For those of you who have never heard of this show, where have you been and how long have you been sleeping? The series follows a high school chemistry teacher Walter White who is informed that he is dying of cancer. In desperation to leave his growing family with more than a bill for his funeral, he ventures to build a fortune by teaming up with a former student to manufacture and distribute crystal meth.

Breaking Bad does an incredible job of not doing much to glorify the lifestyle, and actually articulates how much damage and horror can come from drug dealing, drug addiction, and the violence surrounding the smuggling trade. Characters are depicted painfully real in this show that displays the rise and fall of a drug empire, and the devastation caused to the lives of all that it touches.

There is a great deal people can learn about the severity of the growing problems with drugs and our culture. With views from all sides of the conflict on drug laws and the war on drugs in society today, and with some dramatic character depictions of fiction based plots centered in the underground drug market, people can see how the problem reaches from law enforcement and politics to the home front and the lives and families afflicted in the struggles of addiction. While there is some entertainment in these, one should be able to see how deadly serious the issue is. If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse or addiction, please call toll-free 1-800-951-6135

The 6 Most Ridiculous Portrayals of 12 Step Groups on TV

The 6 Most Ridiculous Portrayals of 12 Step Groups on TV

Television and the media are all about dramatization. It is the Medias job to do everything possible to take any situation and make it intense or entertaining in some way to draw the audience into each scene. The stand-point of most 12 Step Groups is typically attraction rather than promotion, and they do everything possible to maintain anonymity in press, radio and films. However there are many films and television shows that elude to ‘support groups’ for various addictions or behavioral issues.

These portrayals may often be entertaining, but can also be extremely misleading to those unfamiliar with 12 Step groups. Listed are the 6 most ridiculous portrayals of 12 Step Groups on TV, including films, and the reasons why they are so far from the real deal.

Family Guy- “Friends of Peter G”

The 6 Most Ridiculous Portrayals of 12 Step Groups on TV

The episode follows Peter and Brian as they are forced to join a 12 Step Group, due to their excessive drinking. Peter and Brian hear testimony from group members that are sad stories of tragedies caused by alcohol, and that the people in the group have nowhere to drink without being judged. The problem with this is that 12 Step meetings are NOT just a place for alcoholics and addicts to hide from judgment, and the purpose is to share experience, strength and, hope- not tragedy.

Half Baked

The 6 Most Ridiculous Portrayals of 12 Step Groups on TV

This comedy starring Dave Chappelle, Harland Williams and Tommy Chong is all about a few guys who smoke way too much weed. In one scene Dave Chappelle attends a 12 Step Meeting, and is booed off stage by the crowd when he admits he is addicted to marijuana. I cannot say I’ve ever seen a 12 Step meeting where anyone has been yelled at and rejected for their drug of choice, or where people openly compare addictions and tell someone theirs is less of an illness.

Breaking Bad

The 6 Most Ridiculous Portrayals of 12 Step Groups on TV

In seasons 3 and 4 of Breaking Bad (one of the most celebrated drug related dramas) one main character Jesse Pinkman attends rehab and 12 Step meetings. These meetings are always depicted in dark rooms, the characters all sit in a circle and tell dark and depressing stories, and there is a facilitator. Not very much solution is ever offered, and Jesse spreads as much disease as possible- not very spiritual, but you cannot expect much from a Meth cook. Real meetings have no facilitator, and don’t consist of back and forth arguments between two people.

House of Cards

The 6 Most Ridiculous Portrayals of 12 Step Groups on TV

A political drama starring Kevin Spacey takes an opportunity to touch on recovery and the character of Doug, who 14 years in recovery, exploits a newcomer for political advantages as his less than accountable sponsor. In reality, a 12Step sponsor probably won’t use your amends and character defects against you.


The 6 Most Ridiculous Portrayals of 12 Step Groups on TV

In this thrilling TV series about a vigilante serial killer, the main man Dexter happens upon 12 Step meetings to try and curve his addiction to killing. He takes a female sponsor, who consistently lies and manipulates him and others around them, while the two of them frequently indulge in sexual activity. This is an absolute misrepresentation of the sponsorship relationship and the 12 Step program. Dexter does however, give a great speech about the “Dark Passenger” that is relatable and powerful.

South Park- “Bloody Mary”

The 6 Most Ridiculous Portrayals of 12 Step Groups on TV

This is a show that takes pride in poking fun at… well, everything! So it is no surprise that they dedicated time to dramatizing 12 Step Groups to the extreme. The character Randy Marsh attends a meeting where he is called to stand in front of the group, and the entire meeting is dedicated to convincing him he is an alcoholic. Also, the meeting has characters who constantly emphasize how they are powerless, over everything including themselves, and that the only thing they have is the fellowship. No 12 Step meeting would dedicate so much time to diagnosing one man. Then Randy is obsessed with religion and avoids his friends and all situations regarding alcohol. This episode clearly promotes the stigma of 12 Step fellowships as cults of cowards, not men or spiritual and domestic growth.

Now please do not get me wrong, I love Randy Marsh and the South Park crew, Breaking Bad is a great drama, and Family Guy is a good show! But these are probably some of the most ridiculous versions of 12 Step Programs that television paints, creating a false picture of what recovery in a 12 Step meeting is like. You want to know more about the real deal? You probably shouldn’t trust the information your getting from your TV and find some real recovery.

If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse or addiction, please call toll-free 1-800-951-6135

Biggest Addiction News of 2013

Biggest Addiction News of 2013

In the year 2013 there was a lot of different stories and news released that dealt with addiction. Some were bigger stories than others but still tons of addiction news. I picked out what I considered to be the biggest addiction news of 2013, so here ya go!

Biggest Addiction News of 2013: Elizabeth Vargas Heads to Rehab

News anchor Elizabeth Vargas (ABC) has gone public with her choice to enter treatment for alcohol dependence, hopeful it will give others “the courage to seek help.” “Like so many people, I am dealing with addiction,” she confirmed in a statement. “I realized I was becoming increasingly dependent on alcohol, and feel fortunate to have recognized it for the problem it was becoming. I am in treatment and am so thankful for the love and support of my family, friends and colleagues at ABC News. Like so many others, I will deal with this challenge one day at a time. If coming forward today gives one other person the courage to seek help, I’m grateful.”

Biggest Addiction News of 2013: Florida & Toronto Politicians Behaving Badly

Florida Congressman Trey Radel has taken a leave of absence from the House until the end of the year and has gone into drug rehab after being arrested for possession of cocaine. But Trey Radel wasn’t the only Florida politician involved in a drug scandal this year. Mayor Barry Layne Moore of Hampton, FL was also recently arrested for retailing and ownership of oxycodone. Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto also was in the headlines for addiction news. He admitted that he had smoked crack, possibly in one of his “drunken stupors.” The leading admission came outside his office to reporters; he later held a news conference in which he made an apology, and said he knew that he mortified everyone in the city and let them down.

Biggest Addiction News of 2013: Jonathan Rhys Battles Addiction

Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who is frequently known for his roles in The Tudors and Mission Impossible and now the star of the new NBC show Dracula, has opened up recently about his struggles with alcoholism and depression. The star has been to rehab at least a half a dozen times and was hurried to the hospital after a supposed suicide attempt. The Irish actor, who has long battled with substance abuse issues, allegedly didn’t get paid the majority of his salary for the vampire drama until filming had completed.

Biggest Addiction News of 2013: Director Adam Shankman Heads to Rehab

Adam Shankman (best known for directing Modern Family, Glee and Hairspray) has admitted himself into rehab this year. It is still unidentified why he is seeking treatment; but his family and friends are happy he is getting professional help for whatever he is going through. Adam Shankman is presently seeking treatment in a rehabilitation center; his friends and family support him and wish him well on his journey to recovery.

Biggest Addiction News of 2013: Addiction in Sons of Anarchy

Addiction definitely isn’t the main theme of this show but SOA does a great job in truthfully portraying addiction recovery. Showrunner Kurt Sutter and his wife Katey Sagal (plays Gemma Teller on SOA) are both in recovery themselves. Katey Sagal was newly the winner of a PRISM Award, which acknowledges the precise representation of substance abuse and mental illness: prevention, treatment and recovery in film, television, interactive, music, DVD, and comic book entertainment.

Biggest Addiction News of 2013: Jenna Jameson Being Accused of Being High During an Interview

Jenna Jameson appeared on Good Day New York to promote her first novel “Sugar.”  The 39-year-old former adult film star seemed to be a bit out of it during the interview, slurring her words and twitching in her seat. Jameson was planned to appear on two parts but her interview was cut short due to her strange behavior, according to TMZ. Jenna has been accused in the past of having an addiction to Oxycontin but claims during this interview she was just tired.

Biggest Addiction News of 2013: Affluenza Defense?

Affluenza defense came about when a judge decided to give 16 year old Ethan Couch 10 years of probation for the driving in his Ford F-350 on June 15th and striking four people, all four were killed. A psychologist testified in the trial that as a result of affluenza the boy shouldn’t receive the maximum 20 year prison sentence. He plead guilty to manslaughter and assault while intoxicated, he was speeding and had Valium and alcohol in his blood. Affluenza was said to have been used to define a condition in which children (mostly from richer families) have a sense of privilege, are irresponsible, make rationalizations for unfortunate behavior, and occasionally experiment in drugs and alcohol.

With all of this addiction news from 2013, it leaves me with hopes for a much better 2014 for those suffering with addiction issues. The biggest addiction news of 2013 is worth the hype if any of it helped even one addict or alcoholic to get sober. If you or a loved one are struggling with substance abuse or addiction, please call toll free 1-800-951-6135.

The Top 10 Most Addiction Prone Careers

The Top 10 Most Addiction Prone Careers

When we get into recovery there are a lot of things we need to be careful with such as where we choose to hang out, who we choose to hang out with and the activities we choose to do. What if I told you that you should be careful with which career you choose? There are actually certain jobs that are more likely to have addiction problems than others. Here are the top 10 most addiction prone careers.

The Top 10 Most Addiction Prone Careers: Food Preparation & Serving

Working in the field of food preparation and serving there is a lot of drinking and drugs involved. I’ve personally never been in the food industry but I have friends who have told me they would take shots on the job and be offered cocaine multiple times on a shift. With that type of environment it can be really difficult to not get into addictive habits.

The Top 10 Most Addiction Prone Careers: Construction

For construction workers, most of them end up being independent contractors which means they are usually not given drug tests. They work very hard and as a result also party hard. The work is extremely physical and construction workers are at high risk for injuries and chronic pain and that encourages prescription pain killer abuse. Also, being paid in cash (which they are a lot of the time) doesn’t help much and just makes it easier to go buy drugs.

The Top 10 Most Addiction Prone Careers: Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports & Media

This one I think is pretty obvious, being an artist or in the entertainment line of work is another job that you can be around alcohol and drugs at any time and a lot of stars and famous people have so much money and access to whatever they want. It can be really hard for people in these fields of work to get help due to being in the public eye.

The Top 10 Most Addiction Prone Careers: Sales

Being in sales can be a high pace and high stress work environment. You are always being encouraged to sell more and more. Being in this type of work can definitely increase the want to relieve stress after work (or even during work) with drugs or alcohol.

The Top 10 Most Addiction Prone Careers: Installation, Maintenance & Repair

This career choice has been found to have an illegal drug consumption rate higher than I expected. These types of workers are definitely more independent and have the freedom to drink or drug. They should be careful though because that can cause many accidents in their line of work.

The Top 10 Most Addiction Prone Careers: Farming, Fishing & Forestry

This is another job where you are out on the field (literally) and usually don’t have your boss looking over your shoulder, which makes it easy to fall into addict behavior. After working outside all day it is also relaxing to unwind and drink or use narcotics.

The Top 10 Most Addiction Prone Careers: Transportation & Material Moving

This job, like pretty much most of these jobs is a job where you are in control and doing work on your own. No one watching or drug testing (depending on the job).

The Top 10 Most Addiction Prone Careers: Cleaning & Maintenance

In cleaning and maintenance you usually are going into offices or businesses after hours and working self-sufficiently. Due to this many people end up abusing different narcotics. These jobs don’t abuse drugs as easily as construction and other independent jobs but they still have the potential to do so.

The Top 10 Most Addiction Prone Careers: Personal Care & Service

This career can be stressful and force you to have a lot of patience and tolerance that some people don’t have; therefore it can cause many workers in these jobs to drink or use drugs. Especially constantly catering to other people’s needs can be tiring, and you can end up wanting to reward yourself with something to make you feel better.

The Top 10 Most Addiction Prone Careers: Office & Administrative Support

I have a lot of experience personally with addiction in this line of work. I had an office job and was always so stressed out and exhausted. To relieve stress I would do Xanax and to keep myself awake I would do Adderall, and back and forth with these two drugs and it quickly turned into a problem. Depending on the job you have and if you already have a disposition to be an addict or alcoholic, becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol can happen to anyone given the right (or wrong) circumstances. If you or a loved one are struggling with substance abuse or addiction, please call toll free 1-800-951-6135.


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