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Does drug rehab guarantee sobriety?

Does drug rehab guarantee sobriety?

Does drug rehab guarantee sobriety?

Drug rehab is the place people go to get their lives straightened out. Every addict and alcoholic makes a mess of their life and then needs something to help them begin to change and in a lot of cases start over. Usually when they want to change their life, an addict and alcoholic will attend a drug rehab to begin the process.

Unfortunately multiple addicts and alcoholics think that a drug rehab can guarantee sobriety or that if they attend drug rehab they will simply be cured. This is not the case. No one and nothing can guarantee sobriety. Sobriety is achieved on a day to day basis and consists of a lifestyle change that cannot simply be achieved by merely attending rehab then going back to life as usual.

A good drug rehab won’t guarantee sobriety merely due to the attendance of their program because they know the statistics when it comes to alcoholic addicts relapsing. In fact the relapse rates for those with an addiction are very high; about 50 to 90%. This means that over half of the people who attend drug rehab will end up relapsing. Usually the people who end up relapsing are unwilling to do anything that is suggested they do after drug rehab. And a drug rehab cannot guarantee sobriety because it is not up to the drug rehab whether or not an individual takes the action to stay sober;  it is solely up to the individual.

A drug rehab can guarantee sobriety if an individual can guarantee they are going to follow their recovery plan and put into action every little suggestion offered by the therapists, techs, and staff at their rehab.

For instance, most drug rehabs suggest that a patient go to a halfway house after their time at drug rehab is over. Drug rehabs also suggest things such as life coaching, going to 12 step meetings, getting a sponsor, and working the steps with that sponsor, they recommend staying out of relationships for a whole year and more. If it was guaranteed that every individual who attended drug rehab would do all these things and put 100% effort into it than it would be 100% guaranteed that they would stay sober. Yet, even then the individual has to continue to do those things every day. The things that are done today won’t keep an addict and alcoholic sober tomorrow. Sobriety is guaranteed when there is some kind of action taken every day to improve it. If an individual isn’t progressing in their recovery in some way, by taking action, sponsoring, going to meetings, meeting with a life coach, etc., then they are moving towards relapse. This is the cold hard truth. Even then if an addict chooses to only do the parts they want to do and not take the suggestions they think are too hard then they may end up relapsing.

An addict and alcoholic has to be willing to do whatever its going to take to stay sober and put 100% effort into it. Without that 100% effort on their part there is no 100% guarantee by any rehab that anyone will stay sober much less stay sober for the rest of their lives. What drug rehab can guarantee, is that each individual will get medical care, tools, suggestion and help they need to continue on with their sobriety for the rest of their life so if they choose to take action every day to stay sober they can do so.

Sobriety is a design for living. Staying sober isn’t a goal that is achieved it’s a way of life, an attitude, a character, a perception, a lifestyle. No one can guarantee something that has to grow every day because no one can predict what someone may do or not do for their sobriety tomorrow. The truth is we all have 24 hours clean and have to continuously improve upon that clean time in order to have any guarantee of sobriety.

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Are There Any Guarantees for Success With Drug Rehab in Florida?

Are There Any Guarantees for Success With Drug Rehab in Florida?

By: Rhea Rosier, Palm Partners Recovery Center

December 26th, 2011

There is one actual guarantee for success with drug rehab in Florida and it is actually at Palm Partners. They have a guarantee that you can stay sober for a lifetime if you complete certain steps throughout their program and afterwards. Now this is a written and very verbalized guarantee for success with drug rehab in Florida but you can make your own guarantee based on the guidelines and suggestions given to you through out treatment and a 12-step program of some sort. I am going to be frank, I know this because it is what worked for me.

Rarely do people fail in achieving a recovered state from using drugs and alcohol if they have enough willingness, honesty and openmindedness. These three things are ingredients  and quite honestly the guarantee for success with drug rehab in Florida.  Coming into any drug rehab in Florida with an attitude that you want sobriety can give you a much higher chance of success while battling a disease that is progressive, chronic and fatal. Unfortunately it is hard to put a gurantee for success with drug rehab in Florida when you are up against the disease of alcoholism and addiction. Luckily there is a place where someone who is suffering can go to at least attempt to change their life and this is where it begins. An attempt to change can start anyone into the gurantee they will find success with drug rehab in Florida. If there is no attempt there is absolutely no guarantee that a person will stay sober.

Sobriety as I know it takes action, open mindedness, and a willingness to change. Thats what the guarantee is that you can change your life and that change can last a lifetime if you put the footwork in.


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