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All across this country in small towns, rural areas and cities, alcoholism and drug abuse are destroying the lives of men, women and their families. Where to turn for help? What to do when friends, dignity and perhaps employment are lost?

The answer is Palm Partners Recovery Center. It’s a proven path to getting sober and staying sober.

Palm Partners’ innovative and consistently successful treatment includes: a focus on holistic health, a multi-disciplinary approach, a 12-step recovery program and customized aftercare. Depend on us for help with:

5 Reasons Detox Centers in Delray Beach Are The Best Place to Get Off Drugs

5 Reasons Detox Centers in Delray Beach Are The Best Place to Get Off Drugs

The decision to get off drugs, or stop any other substance abuse, is important, and can be a stressful process. Determining that you have come to the point that you need to seek treatment to separate yourself from your addictions and unhealthy habits presents the question of how to go about it in the most comfortable and effective way possible. Detox Centers in Delray Beach are the best place to get off drugs for so many reasons, and depending on which one you chose, it could greatly impact the recovery process. This makes that process so much easier. These in my opinion are 5 reasons detox centers in Delray Beach are the best place to get off drugs.

  1. Detox Centers in Delray Beach: The Atmosphere

Detox Centers in Delray Beach are perfectly placed! South Florida is a beautiful area, and a popular vacation destination. Personally this factor alone was enough to convince me to look into detox centers in Delray Beach, and in the end the discomfort caused by the rehabilitation process was made so much easier when enjoying the atmosphere. I came for a short vacation, and eventually decided to relocate to continue to develop in recovery in this environment. The recovery community in Delray Beach is inviting and versatile, and detox centers in Delray Beach are the luxurious way to begin that process.

  1. Detox Centers in Delray Beach: The Professional Treatment

Detox Centers in Delray Beach proudly and consistently provide the highest level of professional patient care. The industry in this area is full of staff with extensive experience with related fields of therapy and holistic care, and with the health insurance industry. In order to create the most influential and positive changes necessary for rehabilitation detox centers in Delray Beach actively offer personalized detox and aftercare programs. It is very important to give patients a variety of treatment methods and supports to choose from.

  1. Detox Centers in Delray Beach: Affordable Care

Detox centers in Delray Beach appreciate how recent years have consisted of changes that make in necessary to offer a new model of alcohol and drug addiction treatments, without financially creating obstacles for you or your family. This way detox centers in Delray Beach give those who are struggling hope, so that they can receive the therapy and health care they need, with options for loan assistance for all who qualify and other payment arrangements. Doing everything possible to provide quality treatment in the most cost-effective way is an important element of detox centers in Delray Beach.

  1. Detox Centers in Delray Beach: Strong Medical Staff

Detox centers in Delray Beach are complete with nursing and other medical staff that is experienced in the area of drug addiction, substance abuse, and alcohol addiction. From my personal experience with detox centers in Delray Beach the staff was very attentive, and very supportive. Any symptoms or withdrawals were addressed and cared for with compassion and done as effectively as possible.  I could not have asked for better help, and they were more than willing to explain the medications I was to take to help me through the process of physically detoxing.

  1. Detox Centers in Delray Beach: Continued Recovery

Detox centers in Delray Beach also educate patients on the continued process of recovery from addiction and substance abuse. The disease of addiction is one that does entail staying active and growing after detox, and there are all types of treatment programs and after-care resources included after completing time in detox centers in Delray Beach. These programs show a patient new ways to work on self-improvement and continued recovery to build their new foundation for a new life. I can personally say seeking out detox centers in Delray Beach is what gave me the start I needed to change everything that has given me the ability to grow beyond my own expectations.

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The 5 Steps of Opiate Detox in Florida

5 steps of opiate detox in floridaWhat Are Opiates?

Opiates refer to a class of narcotic drugs that are originally derived from the Opium plant but may be synthetic, or man-made. Opiates include Oxycodone, Methadone, Hydrocodone – basically, any of your prescription painkillers. Oh and of course heroin.

People take and abuse opiates because of their painkilling effects: decreased perception of pain, decreased reaction to pain and increased pain tolerance. Opiates produce a sedating effect as well as a strong sense of euphoria, called the “rush” or “high.”

What is Opiate Withdrawal Syndrome?

Abruptly stopping opiates will cause what is known as withdrawal syndrome: a set of symptoms that you will experience when you suddenly no longer have opiates in your system. These symptoms include: sweating, chills, vomiting, diarrhea, restlessness, insomnia, anxiety, depression, excessive yawning, runny nose, muscles aches, and more. The withdrawal from opiates is very uncomfortable and many people find themselves going back to using because they cannot stand the pain and discomfort. This is why an opiate detox should be considered.

Why go to an Opiate Detox in Florida?

Plain and simple: an opiate detox is the best alternative to going cold turkey and stopping on your own. It is a safer and more comfortable environment than say your friend’s couch. Many people seek an opiate detox in Florida because of its warm weather, sunshine, and beaches. Believe me, when you are detoxing from opiates, you will want to be in this kind of environment: comfort is key.

What is an Opiate Detox?

An opiate detox is a facility that provides a medical detoxification program to specifically help you get off opiates with diminished withdrawal symptoms. There is a trained medical staff at the opiate detox that can administer medication(s) to ease withdrawal symptoms and who monitor you while you go through the process of detoxification from opiates.

The 5 Steps of Opiate Detox in Florida

1. Admission to the Opiate Detox in Florida

The first step is checking into a detox program for opiate dependence. Assuming you have done research as to what and where the program for opiate detox in Florida are, you will follow their instructions for what to bring and when to come for check-in.

2. Evaluation

During evaluation at the opiate detox in Florida of your choosing, you will meet with a staff person who will take your social and medical history. This means that you will tell them about your drug use and health conditions, if any. You will also do a drug screen so that the medical staff can know exactly what drug or drugs you have been taking and the level or amount of those drugs that are in your system at the time of check-in. This is not done for legal reasons and you will not get in any trouble. It is necessary to do a drug test so that you can be treated properly during your detox process. And you will want the staff to know what and how much you’ve been taking so that they can treat you accordingly and make the process as comfortable as possible.

3. Meet with Medical Doctor/Psychiatrist

You will meet with a medical doctor to have the necessary medications prescribed to you for your opiate detox. You will also meet with a medical doctor to have any other medications prescribed to you if you have other health issues. Also, you will meet with a psychiatrist to be evaluated and prescribed any psych meds that you may need. Oftentimes, people who abuse drugs have a co-occurring diagnosis, also called dual diagnosis, such as depression, anxiety disorder, or bipolar disorder.

4. Stabilization at the Opiate Detox in Florida

During the stabilization stage of opiate detox in Florida, you will be given certain medications to ease the withdrawal systems that you will begin to experience. Stabilization means to regulate and maintain your condition. So that once you are on your meds, you will be kept at a certain level of medication and slowly tapered off so as to reduce the shock to your system of being without opiates.

5. Discharge from the Opiate Detox in Florida

Opiate detox in Florida can last from 4 to as many as 10 days, depending on the amount of opiates you had been taking and how you are feeling from day to day. You will meet with a therapist to evaluate your progress. The therapist may make recommendations as to continuing care such as rehabilitation so that you do not go back to using opiates.


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Detox Centers in Pensacola

Detox Centers in Pensecola

If you or someone you love is looking for a detox center in Pensecola, please give us a call at 800-951-6135.

You realize that your partying has gotten a little bit out of control. You tell yourself it’s time to “cut back” or stop altogether. You make plans and come up with all kinds of schemes to stop but, nothing seems to work. You may stop for a little while but find you keep going back. By now, you’ve probably realized that you want to stop but you can’t.

 So what is there left to do? It’s time to choose from the detox centers in Pensacola.

Drug detox centers in Pensacola provide affordable treatment to men and women who are suffering from addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. Whether you need primary drug treatment, extended care, transitional living or continuing care, there are many programs to match these needs.

What is a Detox Center?

A drug detox center, also called inpatient medical withdrawal management, is a facility that involves the use of certain medication in order to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms of and promote the comfort of a person who is drug-dependent. Depending on the drug(s) of abuse, a medical detox may be necessary.

Why is Drug Detox necessary?

If you are physically dependent on, meaning that you have experienced withdrawal symptoms after having stopped using, either alcohol, benzos, or barbiturates, a medical drug detox is necessary. This is because the withdrawal syndrome from any of these has the potential to be fatal. Severe symptoms include heart failure, seizure, risk of falling, stroke, and coma.

People who are dependent on opiates, such as Oxycodone, Hydrocodone or heroin, may opt to go to a drug detox center because in doing so, their withdrawal symptoms will be lessened. The same thing goes for cocaine and crack users, whose withdrawals often cause uncomfortable and even frightening psychological symptoms such as hallucinations.

What Your Day Will be Like in Detox Centers in Pensacola

Generally, at detox centers in Pensacola you will be put on a schedule of medication to treat withdrawal symptoms and you will gradually be tapered off over your stay. In the mornings, you will wake up, have your vitals checked, and be given your medication before breakfast. Usually your days will consist of groups or meetings and ample downtime so that you may rest and your body can recover. Medication is given out according to your schedule and the medical personnel at detox centers in Pensacola will routinely check your vital signs and overall health to make sure you are comfortable and the detox is proceeding safely.

Why Drug Detox Centers in Pensacola Are a Good Idea

Detox centers in Pensacola offer a safe, nurturing setting where patients can get the treatment they need while enjoying the serenity of beachside living. Pensacola offers access to nearby Perdido Key State Park. The wide, white, sandy beaches and the rolling sand dunes covered with sea oats make this a pristine oasis along the rapidly developing panhandle. The beach, which provides excellent opportunities for swimming and sunbathing, is the focal point for public use of the park. Surf fishing is another popular activity. Boardwalks from the parking lot allow visitors to access the beach without causing damage to the fragile dunes and beach vegetation. Covered picnic tables overlooking the beach provide a great place for family outings.

Detox Centers in West Palm Beach

Detox in West Palm Beach

If you or someone you love is looking for a detox center in West Palm Beach, please give us a call at 800-951-6135.

West Palm Beach is home to beautiful houses, beautiful beaches and beautiful people. West Palm Beach sits on the southern eastern coast of Florida right on the beach. And while West Palm Beach may be a popular vacation spot for many across the country it is also home to a slew of recovery homes, treatment centers, and 12 step meetings. West Palm Beach sits just north of the recovery capital of the United States, Delray Beach, FL, and actually is what helps make Delray Beach a hub for recovery. West Palm Beach is a bigger city with plenty to do and plenty to see and many of the rich and famous come to vacation there and even in less pleasant circumstances; go to detox.

Detox centers in West Palm Beach are the place to go to begin a journey in recovery by cleansing the mind and body. The word detox is literally defined as; intervention to control drug and alcohol use and the withdrawal associated with them. The word detox is different than withdrawal in the sense that West Palm Beach detox centers do not always deal with the psychological, social or behavioral aspects of addiction and alcoholism. This aspect varies from detox center to detox center. Regardless, detox centers in West Palm Beach deal more so with the physical modality of removing toxins from a user’s body in order to give them the jump start to their physical health which is imperative to continuing on with their mental, behavioral and psychological sobriety.

There are steps when entering into drug detox in West Palm Beach due to withdrawal symptoms. When a user first enters into a detox center in West Palm Beach they will be given an evaluation by the clinicians. This is the first step in detox centers in West Palm Beach. The evaluation will go over what drugs the user was involved with, how much of these drugs the user was using, and how the user was going about using the drugs.

The evaluation will also include a drug test to acquire the level of toxins or drugs and alcohol in a user’s body. This will allow the clinicians to determine if medication is needed in the detox process. It will also allow the clinicians at the detox center to be medically safe in the distribution of medication, if any medication at all is needed. Usually some kind of medication will be given during an individual’s stay at a detox center in West Palm Beach, to help with the discomfort of any withdrawal symptoms. The clinicians will then go over a quick background and history with the user or client. This will allow the clinicians at the detox center in West Palm Beach to determine if behavioral and psychological issues exist and if a dual diagnosis is appropriate. If the detox center in West Palm Beach also deals with mental health issues this will allow the detox center in West Palm Beach to give a user the appropriate medication to also help them deal with any kind of depression, anxiety, or trauma effectively.

The second step in a detox center in West Palm Beach is stabilization of the client. Stabilization is a process which takes time. Stabilization at a detox center in West Palm Beach means that the client no longer is at risk of any health problems due to withdrawal symptoms, the drugs and alcohol have been removed, and the appropriate medication has been taken, prescribed or completed. How much time it takes a user to become stable during their stay at a detox center in West Palm Beach varies depending on what kind of drugs or alcohol and how much of each the client was using. During this stabilization period in a detox center in West Palm Beach, the client will be given the medication found appropriate or needed based on what drugs and alcohol they were using. This will give the client comfort during their drug detox stabilization period.

As the toxins begin to leave the client’s mind and body the clinicians will begin describing to them what to expect in the near future after detox in West Palm Beach is complete. Recovery is a journey, not a destination and the clinicians are there to emphasize what the client needs to do after they go to a detox center in West Palm Beach  so they never have to experience the pain and discomfort of withdrawal symptoms again. Once the stabilization period of a detox center in West Palm Beach has ended the client is now safely and medically detoxed. This means that they no longer need the medication to stabilize them during drug detox, no longer have any health risks and are healthy enough to continue on. All the drugs and alcohol have been physically removed. After this point a more long term treatment in West Palm Beach; that is focused on mental, behavioral and psychological problems is recommended.

If you or someone you love is looking for a West Palm Beach detox, please give us a call at 800-951-6135.

Why are Recovery Centers in Florida?


Florida has one of the most vibrant recovery communities in the world. Every year, hundreds of drug addicts and alcoholics flock to Florida to receive addiction treatment. Recovery centers in Florida have a high rate of success, and, because there are so many different treatment options available, it is easy to find the right treatment program for you. So why are recovery centers in Florida so unique? What sets them apart from other treatment centers?

Breaking an addiction is a lot harder than forming one. Are you an addict? Figuring that out and admitting that you need help is the first step towards recovery. Recovery centers in Florida can help you kick your physical addiction and make the changes that will help you lead a healthy and happy life.

Sometimes people addicted to drugs and alcohol try to beat the addiction themselves. This course of action does not have a very high success rate. Besides remaining in the environment where you became addicted, when you stay at home, you will still have access to drugs and alcohol. Further, if you are physically addicted to drugs or alcohol, withdrawal will likely be painful and even deadly. If you try to detox at home, you will likely relapse just to relieve the discomfort.

Recovery centers in Florida provide a secure, drug free environment far away from the stressors in your everyday life. They can provide a safe, comfortable medical detox, administering medications to relieve withdrawal symptoms. Recovery centers in Florida are also equipped to help you deal with cravings and psychological addiction after you are through the initial physical withdrawal phase. Without treating all aspects of the addiction, your chances of remaining clean and sober are very slim.

Recovery centers in Florida have some of the most highly educated addiction therapists in the world. They are qualified to treat clients who may have a dual diagnosis (i.e. anxiety, depression), or are diagnosed with other disorders and addictions occurring with their drug and alcohol addiction (i.e. eating disorders, gambling addiction). Recovery centers in Florida will assess your needs carefully and design a treatment program that is just right for you.

In addition to traditional one-on-one and group therapy, recovery centers in Florida offer alternative therapies. Recovery centers in Florida recognize that addiction is not just a physical ailment; it affects your body, mind, and spirit. Recovery centers in Florida are designed to treat all aspects of this 3-fold disease. They have a holistic approach to addiction, offering a variety of treatments like acupuncture, meditation, yoga, tai chi, massage, art therapy, equine therapy, and nutritious food.

Recovery centers in Florida also offer relapse prevention. They will introduce you to 12-step programs and help you form a support group for when you leave treatment. In therapy, you will learn to identify things in your environment that may trigger you to use drugs or drink. Recovery centers in Florida will teach you how to avoid or deal with triggers once you leave treatment.

If you or someone you know needs drug or alcohol treatment at a recovery center in Florida, call us at (877) 711-HOPE (4673) or visit us online at

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