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Delray Beach, FL vs Drug Rehab & Recovery

Delray Beach, FL vs Drug Rehab & Recovery- Who Will Win Out?

By: Rhea Rosier, Palm Partners Recovery Center

December 19th, 2011

Delray Beach, FL is a unique place in many regards but one of its most well known aspects is its sober community. There are a high number of sober houses and rehabs in the area giving Delray Beach the name of “Recovery Capital”. While this makes Delray Beach, FL one of the most unique places in the country it also makes for a large amount of debate and discussion when it comes to those of us in recovery. As addicts and alcoholics going to rehab or sober houses there are no promises that we will stay clean and with this thought comes the idea of relapse. Relapse is a symptom of the disease of alcoholism or addiction. Meaning someone who is an addict or alcoholic is clean for a certain amount of time and starts using again.

Relapsing addicts or alcoholics in their drug use is the picture that sticks in most of what the recovery community calls “normal” people’s minds. They dont picture the alcoholic clean and sober because when they are, you cant tell them from any other person walking down the street. They tend to be, when sober, responsible, motivated, helpful, thoughtful and active members of their community and town. This fear that comes along with the idea of alcoholics and addicts has to do with the addict and alcoholic active in their addictions, which in some cases is justified. This and some other changes have given rise to multiple complaints and attempts to stifle the growing recovery community in Delray Beach, FL.

Just recently The Caron Renaissance Foundation, which has drug rehabs and treatment centers throughout the country including Delray Beach, FL and Boca Raton, FL; released information that it will be opening another rehab facility in a single family residential area of the town. This has given rise to many complaints and worries among the residences in the homes. The Sun-Sentinel reported that some people were saying “that drug and alcohol sober-living facilities do not belong in residential neighborhoods.” and that the sober houses and rehabs “belong in the city only where transient lodging is currently allowed — hotel zoned property — and not in single-family neighborhoods.” This has created a debate and lawyers are involved.

Along with this news, for about a month now, Delray Beach’s main street or Atlantic Avenue has been under constant watch by the police for addicts and alcoholics in active addiction at the local Starbucks. Business owners in the area say that the groups of recovering people outside their shops “are scaring off customers” and are “giving a black eye to the whole city.” This has caused some changes to happen at the local coffee shop that sits right on the corner of the busiest street during “tourist season” 5th and Atlantic. Some of the changes already happening and that are going to happen include fencing off an alleyway and more frequent police stops.

While some of this may be true, the city is slowly turning its back on its name as Recovery Capital of the United States, a name some say that should be taken with pride. This place where people can change their life and get well again is in constant battle with a city that is trying to serve its citizens, families and tourist population. Delray Beach, FL vs Recovery is becoming a more frequent headline throughout the local newspapers and a topic of discussion between citizens, alcoholic addicts and not.

It is probably best if there is some middle ground solution found, that way one group of people does not feel with or against anything. The solution to the rising problems within this recovery tourist area will probably start with some active changes on the recovery side and some educated open mindedness on the cities non recovering population.There can be a balance its just a matter of cooperation between the two. It doesnt have to Delray Beach, FL versus Drug Rehab and Recovery, the two can live together to make not only a wonderful city but wonderful lives for all of its citizens. 877-711-HOPE(4673)

Detox Centers in Delray Beach, FL are a Luxury

Detox centers in Delray Beach, FL are the beginning of a lifetime journey into sobriety.The word detox just sounds unpleasant. Maybe for me that’s because I have memories, horrible memories of detox centers in Delray Beach, FL. Truly though it wasn’t the detox center it was the withdrawal from all the drugs and alcohol I had been ingesting. Detox centers in Delray Beach, FL are absolutely essential to start a road into recovery. Detox centers in Delray Beach, FL are especially needed if you are addicted to alcohol or benzodiazipenes because the withdrawal from them can kill you.

Detox centers in Delray Beach, FL will help you safely and medically withdraw from any drugs and alcohol you may have been taking on a regular basis. Withdrawal can be extremely scary, painful, and uncomfortable. It doesn’t have to be unbearable though with all the detox centers in Delray Beach, FL. You can find a more comfortable and hopeful experience at a drug detox specifically designed for you and caters exactly to what you are going through.

Detox center in Delray Beach, FL tend to be more on the luxurious end of detox. The thing is they are still cost efficient while being so catering. When I went to a detox, I went to a state facility and the comparison of a state run facility compared to detox centers in Delray Beach, FL is astounding.

Now, dont get me wrong the state run facility gave me what I needed and did the job it was meant to do. That job is to create seperation between me and the drugs as is the job of any detox center including the detox centers in Delray Beach, FL. That seperation they create is physical, mental, and spiritual. Yet the state run facility, it’s nothing like these detox centers in Delray Beach, FL that allow you to smoke cigarettes, cook you fresh meals, give you t.v’s in your room, and nice showers. The detox center which was not in Delray Beach that I went to; you had to pump the shower every two minutes to keep the water on, we weren’t allowed to smoke and there was one t.v we were only allowed to watch at certain times.

Detox centers in Delray Beach, FL of course still do the main fundamental task of getting you off the drugs and alcohol but they do it in such a way that it nearly feels as if you have never left the comfort of home. This is the ideal place to start your treatment for addiction and alcoholism. Detox centers in Delray Beach are where you want to go if you want the best possible treatment out there.

If you or someone you know is suffering the pains of addiction or alcoholism please take advantage of the detox centers in Delray Beach, FL and call 800-951-6135 or go to to chat online with one of our addiction specialist NOW.

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