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Crazy News Stories: Meth Smuggling Monk, Bad TSA Employees, And More

Crazy News Stories: Meth Smuggling Monk, Bad TSA Employees, And More

(This content is being used for illustrative purposes only; any person depicted in the content is a model)

Author: Shernide Delva

Guess what’s back? Back again? Crazy news stories, of course!
The year 2017 is still fresh, but some of the stories to come out recently are so crazy, we just had to talk about them. We hope these stories give you some insight into addiction and remind you why it is so important to reach out if you need help in your recovery.

Here are some crazy news stories stemming from the New Year:

  • Woman in Labor Demanded Friend Inject Her With Heroin and Meth

This story is both ridiculous and just plain sad. Most women in labor want support from their friends and family.  Felicia Farruggia, 29, wanted drugs. Farruggia went into labor at her home and demanded her friend inject her with heroin and methamphetamines before the firefighters and ambulance arrived. The even crazier part of the story is that her friend actually gave them to her.

Her friend, Rhianna Frennete, 37, was arrested for obliging with the request. Both face charges of felony reckless conduct. Frennete faces a misdemeanor count of the same offense. Police arrested Farruggia this week, and the baby is currently in state custody.

“This case is just, honestly, absolutely appalling in my mind,” Lieutenant Sean Ford said. “No one died, but the risk to that child and to the mother. … This stuff is just getting out of control.”

Police state Frenette used an unsanitary syringe to inject Farruggia at least once before she was successful. Following the injection, Farruggia’s boyfriend called 911. Shortly after firefighters arrive, Farruggia gave birth while entering the ambulance.

  • TSA Employees Arrested for Cocaine Smuggling in Puerto Rico

TSA employees are responsible for ensuring our safety while flying. However, over a dozen TSA employees in Puerto Rico were more concerned with smuggling cocaine.  It was a massive operation, the U.S. Attorney’s Office announced.

The defendants are accused of helping to smuggle close to 20 tons of cocaine through Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport over the course of 18 years, from 1998 to 2016. The investigation was launched by the TSA in an effort to target employee misconduct and reduce insider threats. The investigation discovered that employees would smuggle suitcases through TSA checkpoints at the airports and onto flights.

  • Buddhist Monk Busted For Hiding Over 4.2 Million Meth Pills In Monastery

The country of Myanmar is cracking down on drug trafficking, and not even monks are safe.  While Myanmar is one of the most Buddhist nations in the world, it is also Southeast Asia’s largest narcotics producer. Therefore it should not be too shocking that the two come together every now and then. Last month, police discovered a stash of more than four million methamphetamine pills hidden within the inconspicuous Shwe Baho monastery.

How it happened: After receiving a tip, police found Monk Arsara, a respected leader at the monastery, driving towards Bangladesh transporting some 400,000 meth tablets, as well as hundreds of dollars’ worth of local currency in his car. The police then visited the monastery and discovered another 4.2 million pills, along with a grenade and some other ammunition. The pills are worth more than $4 million USD on the street.  That’s not very monk-like to me. Can you say Na-meth-tay?

  • Neanderthals may have self-medicated long before pills existed

Finally, we will end on a throwback. Like wayyy back. Turns out, Neanderthals were not so different from us after all.  A new study found that when they were in pain, they also self-medicated. Researchers found evidence that a Neanderthal treated a dental abscess with medicinal plants, highlighting an ability to seek pain relief long before pills came into existence. The researchers specifically study Neanderthals in Spain. One of the two Neanderthals from Spain appeared to have used plants to treat his painful dental pain. Plaque from his teeth showed he was eating poplar, which contains the active ingredient of aspirin. These findings contradict past studies which suggested Neanderthals had a very simple existence.

Can you blame them, though? Dental pain is the absolute worse!

So there you have it, folks. Crazy news stories are fascinating and sometimes funny, but they also highlight how insane addiction can be. What story stood out to you? If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse or addiction, please call toll-free.

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Crazy News Stories: Cats and Alcohol

Crazy News Stories

Author: Justin Mckibben

YES! We are back at it again!

We realized it has been such a long time since we delivered those crazy news stories you love to read and that we can’t help but love writing. People are crazy… like reeeeally crazy, so there is no shortage out there of crazy articles to talk about. With so much dramatic, disturbing and tragic events going on in the news today, we want to give some relief with a funny perspective.

So sit back and brace yourself for the return of CRAZY NEWS STORIES!

Cat Saves Alcoholic Owner

I honestly had no idea that the Cats Protection’s National Cat Award 2016 was even a thing. Like, since when did the country nominate a cat to be honored with such an exclusive and prestigious title?

Who votes on this?

Do the cats use super delegates too?!

Anyway, this year the New Romney feline Frank was made a finalist for the “better together” category that celebrates the bong between pet and owner.

The 4 year old cat lives with his owner, Robin Barry, in Dymchurch Road. According to Barry, his wife decided to get the kitten when he was in rehab to help comfort him. He admitted that while he is usually a dog person, Frank was able to melt his heart.

“He became my number one supporter, following me about and being a constant companion. I was on a lot of medication and was very vulnerable and lost but Frank never left my side. With his support, I came through the other side.”

Barry said that Frank saved his life, and that he feels lucky to have such an amazing cat with him. If Frank wins his category, he will also be in with a chance of being crowned National Cat of the Year!

I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely voting for Frank… if I can even vote… not sure how this works. But Frank is a hero!

Finally… Wine for Your Cats

Remember all those times you sat down for a romantic dinner… with your cat… wishing the poor fluffy thing could enjoy a glass of wine with you?

Yea… I didn’t think so… but maybe…

Sadly, alcohol is extremely dangerous for pets. Kind of like it’s extremely dangerous for alcoholics like myself. But apparently there is no a solution for your fuzzy friend!

Apollo Peak is a company out of Denver that now produces drinks for cats that look like wine, but without all the stuff that turns a guy like me into a total buzz-kill. The “wine” is made with organic catnip, water and organic beet juices to give them color.

A similar product actually existed before, but it was only available in Japan and was made with grapes, which can be toxic to cats. This new product, according to the product’s founder Brandon Zavala, is approved by local veterinarians and went into production for commercial use back in November.

So now your cat can make a toast to catching that ever illusive red dot, even if you can’t drink with them.

Bribed with a Beer

Lastly comes a hilarious story of one drunk driver who obviously doesn’t understand how DUIs work.

One man in Marietta, Georgia was pulled over by police who were working on the scene of an accident after he drove past orange cones set up at the intersection where the accident had occurred.

When asked if he had been drinking, the suspect insisted he had drank over 13 hours prior to the incident. However officers chose to administer a field sobriety test. During the walking portion of the sobriety test, the suspect refuses to take the steps and so the officers move in to arrest him.

And then… he had a stroke of utter genius!

The suspect tries to resist the arrest. Once officers have him in custody, they find he has multiple DUIs on his record. The suspect then refuses the breathalyzer test, and from here his cunning instincts only improve.

In an attempt to negotiate, he tells the officers he has $300, but only offers $200 for his bribe. When the officer refuses, he says he has beer and offers to throw that in.

Ya know, because nothing goes better with preventing drunk driving and field sobriety tests than a strong drink! At this point, he goes all in and offers all the money in his pocket (now $400) along with his cargo, but the officers don’t take him up on his gracious offer.

Because DUH!

Be it drunken bargaining with the absolute wrong person, or just cats saving lives, crazy news stories always give us a chance to be grateful for the crazy stories we have, and the ones we had nothing to do with! If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse or addiction, please call toll-free 1-800-951-6135

Crazy News Stories of the Week


Author: Shernide Delva

It’s Friday! Hope you had a wonderful week. This week, we wrap up the top crazy news stories that circulated all over social media. Tons of stories this week grabbed our attention and these are just a few that stood out to me that relate to addiction. Which one stood out to you?

1. Kris Jenner Offers Son $1 Million to Check Into Rehab

Would a million dollars get you sober? Kris Jenner seems to think it might work for her son. Recent reports have revealed that Kris Jenner is trying to get her son, Rob Kardashian sober by offering him a $1 million to check into rehab.

Rob Kardashian had struggled with weight gain and is rumored to have an addiction to painkillers, Xanax and other substances. The 28-year-old was recently diagnosed with type-2 diabetes after being rushed to the hospital for stomach problems in December.

“She thinks that one way to get through to him might be by using money,” a source close to the Kardashian family stated.

However, getting Rob Kardashian sober might not be Kris Jenner’s only motivation.

“Kris looks at Rob’s health crisis as a potential storyline for the show,” said the source. “She wants him to let cameras inside of his struggle because she believes that his downward spiral would make for great ratings.”

Jenner has reportedly ordered a private chef, psychologist, nutritionist and therapist to help her son, yet according to sources, she still has yet to go to the hospital to visit him personally.

2.  Newlyweds Come Home to Airbnb Guests’ Cocaine-Fueled Orgy

I’ve heard of horrible wedding night stories but this one tops the cake.  A couple, Justin Smith and Francisco Peres, came home on their wedding night to find a coke-fueled orgy happening in their home. First, we must premise this story by saying the couple had allowed renters to stay in their Montreal apartment through Airbnb after forgetting to disable instant booking.

If you do not know what Airbnb is, it’s a website for people to list, find, and rent lodging to each other. It basically works as a hotel however you are booking rooms in people’s homes and not hotel rooms. The couple had forgotten to remove the “instant booking” feature which allows customers to reserve a room without having to get approved from the host.

After realizing their error, the couple tried to cancel the reservation because it was their wedding night; however the guests begged and begged to stay since it was New Year’s Eve. They reluctantly agreed. Imagine their surprise when the newlyweds walked in and saw the place was a mess, with half the food in their kitchen eaten and the living room filled with garbage.

It gets worse. After grudgingly going to sleep, the couple was awoken to sounds at 5 a.m. of snorting cocaine, loud bangs and drunken stumbling and sex sounds. The morning after the aftermath, they awoke to strangers perusing their home. The renters apologized profusely and left a note seeking forgiveness for their behavior. They also helped to clean up the mess of the night.

“They’re like, 20-22, just being dumb kids but did their best to make it right,” Smith noted. “Still less than ideal way of starting my day, but could have been worse.”

3. Middle School Teacher Coach Charged with Taking Student’s Pills

A middle school teacher is facing felony charges for reportedly stealing her student’s antidepressant medication. Tania Gerving, who worked at Horizon Middle School in Bismarck, North Dakota, has been placed on administrative leave while officials conduct a full investigation.  From Sept. 12. To Oct. 12, police placed surveillance camera in the school and observed Gerving entering an area where the school stored medication and opening a bottle sitting on the counter. She then put the pills in her pocket before placing the bottle back on the counter.

Officer Joshua Brown said Gerving has admitted to taking the pills without permission. She is not responsible for administering medication and would have no reason to handle them.  Gerving was sentenced to jail with a set bail at $1500. She is not allowed to enter areas within Bismarck Public School District where controlled substances are stored and must wear a drug patch as a condition of her bond. Further action will depend on what happens with the criminal complaint in court.

4. Internet Addict Develops Painful Disease

Apparently, social media is bad for more than just your mental health. It can actually have serious physical side effects too.  A notorious internet addict has developed a painful disease from hunching over her computer. Michele Gore spent 23 hours a day online at one point, which caused her to develop a painful stomach disease called Tietze disease at the age of 21.

After visiting her doctor, she was told that her addiction had put a strain on her rib cartilage, causing the inflammatory disorder – which is characterized by chest pain and swelling between the upper ribs. As a result, he was told to significantly reduce her time online. She realized the day after Christmas how much her addiction was controlling her life.

“I had the laptop wire round my leg, my headphones around my neck, my mobile under my pillow, my tablet charging on my bedside table and my Xbox and PlayStation controls at the foot of the bed. I thought, ‘this isn’t normal’,”she said.

Gore is now spending time away from the internet and is seeking professional treatment for her addiction. She hopes to raise awareness about the reality of internet addiction to others who may be suffering.

5. Tucson Starbucks Plans to Add Liquor to Menu

Residents at a local Starbucks chain are drinking more than coffee these days. A Starbucks at Tucson, Arizona is adding booze to its menu. A few years ago, select Starbucks locations began selling liquor as part of their “evening menu.” Now, many Starbucks locations are jumping on board.

Many customers are excited about the possibility of having a shot along with their double shot of espresso. Starbuck’s first announced in 2010 that they were considering adding wine and craft beer to the menu to help boost business after 4 p.m. when sales tend to dwindle.

However, some customers are concerned about their local coffee shop turning into a bar.

“Downside is that Starbucks has never really been an alcohol type of place so it could change just based on the environment,” customer Ben Strobeck said.

The city council will unanimously vote to approve the liquor license on Tuesday, Jan. 5.  If the city council does approve the application, it would then move to the State Liquor Board, which has the final say. If all passes approval, alcohol could be at the Tucson location as early as spring.

There you have it. Your crazy news stories of the week. Now, you can feel grateful you are healthy and happy in your life in sobriety. However, if you are struggling, remember you are not alone. If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse or addiction, please call toll-free 1-800-951-6135.

Crazy News Stories: Holiday Edition

Crazy News Stories Friday: Holiday Edition

(This content is being used for illustrative purposes only; any person depicted in the content is a model)

Author: Shernide Delva

Oh, the holidays. They can be warm and fuzzy or just plain crazy. When it comes to substance abuse, people get involved in some pretty crazy stuff this time of the year. Here are some stories that occurred in the last week or so that might make you appreciate the holidays a bit more.

1. Heroin Dealers Known for Selling Christmas Trees

I am all for the occasional side job but this takes that concept to a whole new level. Two notorious brothers were caught cutting up heroin on his kitchen table by police officers. Brian Collopy, 43, remains in custody after armed detectives raided his house and found him and his brother sorting the drugs for sell. They found close to $55,000 worth of heroin.

All season, Brian Collopy and his family were found selling Christmas trees all throughout the outskirts of town.  Members of the family have also been known to operate ice-cream vans, chip vans, and stalls selling merch at concerts and festivals across the country. The family earned a reputation after several arrests and in 2009, Brian Collopy’s son was found guilty for a murder and is serving life in prison.

2. Snoop Dogg ‘s Early Christmas Present: Three Duffel Bags of Weed

You know those family members who are impossible to shop for because you never really know what they want? Snoop Dogg is not one of them. The rapper was set to take the stage at the Crystal Ballroom in Oregon Tuesday but before his performance, he had one gift waiting for him backstage: three duffel bags of weed products.

Oregon pot producers heard that the rapper would be in their state for his performance and as a gift, they donated a “sample” of their products to the entertainer, whose love for pot is famously known. Just last month, Snoop launched his own line of marijuana which will be sold in Colorado where, as we know,  recreational marijuana use is legal.   Snoop was gifted their best products, including flower, marijuana-infused edibles and topical products, like personal lubricants, worth an estimated $4,500 to $5,000 on the retail market.

The gift was given by Joshua Jardine Taylor, who along with Andrew Lamb, helped arrange the gift. Taylor owns Oregon Cannabis Concierge, a Portland business that offers cannabis 101 classes and helps source marijuana for bands playing in town.

3. Grandmother Asked Teen to Sell Pills for Christmas Money

This grandma is not quite as grand as one would hope. For one, she asked her teenage daughter to sell drugs for Christmas money. Now the 16-year-old granddaughter, out of Huntington, Virginia, is in recovery from a heroin and drug addiction. She has admitted to police officers that  her mother and grandmother got her hooked on the drugs in the first place.

Cyntia Woods and Michelle Kitchen are in jail as a result on a $200,000 cash only bail. Investigators say this story exemplifies how low addiction can take those who can’t kick their drug habit. The criminal report said the teen sold Percocet and OxyContin pills after her grandmother said she needed money for Christmas. Both the grandmother and mother are now charged with child abuse and distribution of a controlled substance within a thousand feet of a school. A preliminary hearing for both has been set for Dec. 29.

4. Drone ‘filled with drugs’ crashes into prison yard

It’s a bird…
It’s a plane…
It’s a drone filled with drugs?

A drone carrying drugs crashed into a prison yard this week and spoiler alert, it was not a gift from Santa Clause. The drone swooped into the exercise yard where staff managed to get to it first. The drone was discovered to be carrying skunk cannabis and other illegal drugs. It also carried mobiles and chargers and police state it was controlled by someone on the outside.
The incident occurred in the UK near Bicester, Oxfordshire. A spokesperson for the company stated:

“Incidents involving drones are rare, but we remain constantly vigilant to all new threats to prison security. We have also introduced tough new laws meaning those who smuggle packages over prison walls face up to two years in prison.”

Ironically the drone drop occurred just after police issued warnings to residents about getting drones for Christmas due to safety concerns. Future related issues involving drones are set to be addressed fully.

Just be happy you are only reading these and make it your goal to have a safe sober holiday this year. If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse or addiction, please call toll-free 1-800-951-6135.

Crazy News Stories: Halloween 2015

Crazy News Stories: Halloween 2015

Author: Justin Mckibben

It’s been a little while since I had a chance to write about the crazy news going on. With Halloween knocking at our door and no shortage of wildly odd individuals in this world to keep things interesting, I figured this was a great time to check out and talk about some pretty weird or just plain goofy Halloween headlines that have come across the web lately.

With that hint of the spooky spirit, we celebrate this haunting time of year with some pretty freaky crazy news stories.

Face Piercing Addict Holds Record for Flesh Tunnels

This guy definitely doesn’t need to buy a Halloween mask to freak out a few people this year.

22 year old Joey Miggler has now broken the world record for “the most number of flesh tunnels” in the upcoming book of Guinness World Records, and he says his “addiction” has him looking forward to the future, saying he wants to “stretch my face even more- to be the most unique person.”

Mr. Miggler has eleven… yea, eleven… ‘expanders’ in total spread across his face, including his nose and lips, and 34mm holes in his cheeks, which he plans to stretch out to 40mm soon enough.

While he is definitely a unique individual, he says most people in person are pretty respectful. Still, I bet he has the cheapest costume on the block when it’s time to terrorize the neighborhood kids.

Man Caught with Zombie Baby on Board

Just in time for trick or treat this Halloween, one driver from the state of Washington tried to his way through the carpool lane with a pretty spooky passenger. Unfortunately for him and his undead ride-along, the police caught him, and what a treat this tweet was.

Washington State Patrol stated the man had actually buckled a zombie baby doll into the passenger seat of his vehicle before crossing into the high-occupancy vehicle lane on Interstate 5 near Tacoma during the Tuesday morning commute. The terrifying toy toddler was complete with a bright pink onesie, blood stained ghastly grin and ski-hat.

But hey, at least the guy was practicing safety first, right?

Washington state Trooper Guy Gill said the violator was pulled over and given a scare of his own for the goodie bag, only it wasn’t exactly as sweet as he might have hoped. His treat came in the form of a $136 ticket.

But the man was let off the hook when the agency “gave him a break for not having a car seat,” Gill joked. Maybe the guy should have got a ‘zombie baby on board’ bumper sticker. Gill managed to snap a photo with the disturbing dummy riding shot-gun and tweeted:

“At least he’s in the (Halloween) spirit,” with the hashtag #TrickOrTicket

Zombie Killer Arrested for Murder

A story that is a little more ridiculous, and in the same token tragic, a man from New Mexico was binge-watching “The Walking Dead” a few days ago and apparently got WAY too into the spooky spirit.

Now 23 year old Damon Perry, is facing a real life murder charge.

Grants Police were in the process of responding to a call 9-11 call on October 22, 2015. Once Officer Lt. Jason Frank arrived on scene he discovered two maintenance men restraining the suspect. When he approached the suspect, the officer saw the body of 23 year old Christopher Paquin with obvious trauma. Paquin was pronounced dead soon after the officer arrived.

Now Perry is being charged with allegedly beating his acquaintance to death, but Perry claimed his friend began “to change into a zombie.”

According to police, Perry cited the hit TV series on survivors in a zombie apocalypse for the impulse behind his actions. Allegedly Perry told officers he and Paquin had been drinking “large amounts of alcohol” and that Paquin tried to bite him.

Perry has allegedly beat Paquin with his hands and feet, in addition to using an electric guitar and a microwave oven to assault the young man, before allegedly rushing out of the apartment and threatened others.

Thankfully, this zombie killer is in police custody.

While there are still plenty of other crazy stories that we could surely cover, given the time of year and the full moon and all, there will probably be plenty more after this wicked weekend is over. Until then, we want to wish everyone a safe and exciting holiday, and remind you that it’s crazy out there, but hey… at least there’s candy.

Some stories seem crazier than others and some get worse before they get better, but that doesn’t mean a crazy story can’t ever have a happy ending. If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse or addiction, please call toll-free 1-800-951-6135 

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