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Recovery Question: How can I get a job in the treatment industry?

Recovery Question: How can I get a job in the treatment industry?

Author: Justin Mckibben

One of the most incredible experiences I have been blessed to have in recovery is to work in the treatment industry. Working in the field of addiction treatment offers so many different variations of opportunity for all types of talents, from work with admission of new clients, to behavioral health professionals, and even the most effective therapists are often in recovery. Even a humble journalist who writes amazing and inspirational blogs while helping to spread the word of recovery and treatment can be someone who maintains sobriety. So many people want to know, how can I get a job in the treatment industry?

Identify the Position

One thing that is important to get started is to figure out which type of work you would like to do in the field of drug and alcohol treatment. Some people are more suited and more interested in positions that don’t deal too intimately with clients, and are more focused on the development of treatment and the technical side of helping develop and refine treatment strategies or administrative methods.

Other people want to work a little more hands on with individuals. I know initially I wanted to work directly with clients as a behavioral health technician in order to make more frequent personal communication with clients and try and be of service to people who have not yet been given a chance to see what recovery is like, because people did it for me and it inspired me to stay sober.

Whatever it is you want to do, make sure to identify your goal in a position and make sure that it is what you want before pursuing it.

Cultivate Your Contribution

In recovery we are taught that our new purpose is to be of maximum use to others. So to better be of service someone looking for a job in addiction treatment should be sure to cultivate their contribution by learning as much as possible about what they can bring to the table for the position they are looking for.

Speaking with professionals and trying to learn more about the position and the training is a great way to get ahead of the game. Once you are aware of the type of contribution you’re expected to make in the job you are looking for, be sure to do your homework. If it is a position that requires schooling, see if there are entry level positions available while you take the necessary classes.

Staying clean and sober is a requirement for people in recovery to get work in the field, because you have to have some time to develop your own program before you can have any productive input on someone else’s who has just arrived to recovery.

Stay Accountable

Accountability is so important in recovery, and you absolutely have to be an accountable individual in order to work in the drug and alcohol addiction treatment industry, because continued sobriety must be nurtured and promoted, because the best way to work with other addicts or alcoholics is to lead by example and empower them with successes and being dependable.

Also showing your ability to stay active and in touch with the right group of sober and positive people will help you out a lot when looking for work in treatment. When you are active in the recovery community and stay in contact with therapists or administrators you can consistently show you are reliable and ambitious about becoming part of the recovery work-force.

Also being active and accountable in whatever positions you hold while working towards this goal is very important. Any respectable job will want to see that you are able to stay on task, put forth a solid effort and be passionate about what you do. Also, seeking a position at the treatment center you attended may put you at an advantage depending on the company because you are familiar with the philosophy of that entity enough to understand and uphold their system.

Practice Your Principles

Make sure to keep growing and striving for the goal, and to practice your principles of sobriety openly and honestly. If you want to get work in the treatment industry and you’re in recovery it is vital that you stay on top of your own recovery, and again lead by example.

When practicing your principles whether you are training, interviewing or applying for work in treatment is important in order to communicate and express your talents and abilities in the position you’re seeking out. In recovery it is important not to set expectations, but be prepared to set the bar for yourself high so that you can provide a quality version of yourself to apply toward whatever you would do for a treatment facility.

While staying in contact and staying accountable to those who work at the treatment facility, let them see how you carry yourself as a sober individual, and emphasize your passion for these principles that have given you this new life of sobriety. One way or the other your actions will always speak volumes, so do not hesitate to volunteer your time to the treatment program, and apply yourself to every opportunity to show you have and learn and will teach from a personal experience.

Working in drug and alcohol addiction treatment is an amazing experience, and I was blessed enough to get a job doing what I love at a treatment center that had a huge part of saving my life. None of that would have been possible without other people in recovery who were working at Palm Partners when I was a client, and what they did to change my recovery is something I could only hope to contribute to someone else, because the disease of addiction is powerful and fatal, but thankfully we are all in this together. If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse or addiction, please call toll-free 1-800-951-6135 

Recovery Careers

Recovery Careers

The good news is, once you have a solid program of recovery, you can pursue any career that you want. There are recovering alcoholics and addicts in every career you could think of. Once you have a program, you can even work in industries that you may think recovering alcoholics and addicts wouldn’t be able to handle. I know people in recovery who handle prescription drugs all day as pharmacists or pharmacy techs. I know recovering alcoholics who work in liquor stores or tend bar in restaurants. Your recovery career can be anything you want it to be. That is part of the freedom of recovery.

Recovery Careers: Recovery Jobs vs. Recovery Careers

Recovery careers are not the same as recovery jobs. Usually, when someone talks about a recovery job, they are referring to the job they get when they are early in sobriety. It can be difficult to re-enter the workplace when you are first out of treatment. At first, learning to live without drugs and alcohol can be a full time job. Most addiction professionals suggest that you get a recovery job at first. This is a simple job that isn’t stressful. It is a job you take so you can pay your bills, not a recovery career. It is not a job that you will be doing for the rest of your life. A recovery job is simply a way to earn a modest living while you get back on your feet and reintegrate into society.

Recovery Careers: Careers in the Field of Recovery

Not surprisingly, many addicts and alcoholics in recovery tend to go into the addiction treatment field. When I was going through treatment, I was surprised at how many of the addiction professionals were former addicts and alcoholics. I do remember feeling sort of an implicit kinship with these people in particular because they had been where I had been. They understood me. You can study a disease like alcoholism in a classroom setting, but there’s nothing like having personal experience with addiction. It gives you a very good understanding of the disease and treatment of the disease.

This is why so many alcoholics and addicts seek this kind of recovery career. In fact, many treatment centers offer courses in addiction treatment for people who are seeking certification. A lot of the students are former patients of the treatment center who want to dedicate their lives to helping other alcoholics and addicts.

Obviously, before beginning this type of recovery career, you want to have a solid program of recovery and some time clean and sober. Some places require a year of sobriety, others want you to have two or more years before you can seek employment. Once you do have some time, there are ample ways to get into this recovery career. For most positions, you will have to have some kind of certification. Those intending to enter the addictions field need to be properly prepared. Also, each state has its own requirements for people working in this recovery career.

You can find most of the following careers available at Drug Rehab Treatment Centers:

  • Addiction Specialist
  • Behavioral Health Technicians
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Registered Nurse
  • Licensed Nurse Practitioner
  • Therapist
  • Counselor
  • Psychologist
  • Psychiatrist
  • Physician
  • Life Coach
  • Recovery Coach
  • Nutritionist
  • Dietician
  • Chiropractor
  • Hypnotherapist
  • Acupuncturist
  • Personal Trainer

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