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All across this country in small towns, rural areas and cities, alcoholism and drug abuse are destroying the lives of men, women and their families. Where to turn for help? What to do when friends, dignity and perhaps employment are lost?

The answer is Palm Partners Recovery Center. It’s a proven path to getting sober and staying sober.

Palm Partners’ innovative and consistently successful treatment includes: a focus on holistic health, a multi-disciplinary approach, a 12-step recovery program and customized aftercare. Depend on us for help with:

5 Reasons Detox Centers in Delray Beach Are The Best Place to Get Off Drugs

5 Reasons Detox Centers in Delray Beach Are The Best Place to Get Off Drugs

The decision to get off drugs, or stop any other substance abuse, is important, and can be a stressful process. Determining that you have come to the point that you need to seek treatment to separate yourself from your addictions and unhealthy habits presents the question of how to go about it in the most comfortable and effective way possible. Detox Centers in Delray Beach are the best place to get off drugs for so many reasons, and depending on which one you chose, it could greatly impact the recovery process. This makes that process so much easier. These in my opinion are 5 reasons detox centers in Delray Beach are the best place to get off drugs.

  1. Detox Centers in Delray Beach: The Atmosphere

Detox Centers in Delray Beach are perfectly placed! South Florida is a beautiful area, and a popular vacation destination. Personally this factor alone was enough to convince me to look into detox centers in Delray Beach, and in the end the discomfort caused by the rehabilitation process was made so much easier when enjoying the atmosphere. I came for a short vacation, and eventually decided to relocate to continue to develop in recovery in this environment. The recovery community in Delray Beach is inviting and versatile, and detox centers in Delray Beach are the luxurious way to begin that process.

  1. Detox Centers in Delray Beach: The Professional Treatment

Detox Centers in Delray Beach proudly and consistently provide the highest level of professional patient care. The industry in this area is full of staff with extensive experience with related fields of therapy and holistic care, and with the health insurance industry. In order to create the most influential and positive changes necessary for rehabilitation detox centers in Delray Beach actively offer personalized detox and aftercare programs. It is very important to give patients a variety of treatment methods and supports to choose from.

  1. Detox Centers in Delray Beach: Affordable Care

Detox centers in Delray Beach appreciate how recent years have consisted of changes that make in necessary to offer a new model of alcohol and drug addiction treatments, without financially creating obstacles for you or your family. This way detox centers in Delray Beach give those who are struggling hope, so that they can receive the therapy and health care they need, with options for loan assistance for all who qualify and other payment arrangements. Doing everything possible to provide quality treatment in the most cost-effective way is an important element of detox centers in Delray Beach.

  1. Detox Centers in Delray Beach: Strong Medical Staff

Detox centers in Delray Beach are complete with nursing and other medical staff that is experienced in the area of drug addiction, substance abuse, and alcohol addiction. From my personal experience with detox centers in Delray Beach the staff was very attentive, and very supportive. Any symptoms or withdrawals were addressed and cared for with compassion and done as effectively as possible.  I could not have asked for better help, and they were more than willing to explain the medications I was to take to help me through the process of physically detoxing.

  1. Detox Centers in Delray Beach: Continued Recovery

Detox centers in Delray Beach also educate patients on the continued process of recovery from addiction and substance abuse. The disease of addiction is one that does entail staying active and growing after detox, and there are all types of treatment programs and after-care resources included after completing time in detox centers in Delray Beach. These programs show a patient new ways to work on self-improvement and continued recovery to build their new foundation for a new life. I can personally say seeking out detox centers in Delray Beach is what gave me the start I needed to change everything that has given me the ability to grow beyond my own expectations.

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Affordable Drug Rehab in Florida

affordable drug rehab in Florida

Florida, and specifically south Florida is the place to go when looking for drug treatment and rehab programs, known as the Rehab Capital, south Florida has probably the most treatment facilities and programs per capita than any other area. And with abundance like this comes the benefit of finding affordable drug rehab in Florida.

The purpose of programs for affordable drug rehab in Florida is to help addicted people to stop the cyclic compulsive drug seeking and drug use behaviors they have gotten involved in. Often times, drug treatment includes medications, behavioral therapies, or more likely, a combination of these. Because they work on different aspects of addiction, combinations of behavioral therapies and medications are generally more effective than either single approach.

Although physical dependence and addiction often go hand in hand, they are two separate medical conditions; both of which are treated by affordable drug rehab in Florida.

Affordable drug rehab in Florida Step One: Detox

The first step in the process of affordable drug rehab in Florida is called detox. During this stage, you will be assessed in order to find out what drug or drugs you are using, for how long, and how much is currently in your system. This is done by way of a urine drug screen. Because programs for detox and affordable drug rehab in Florida are in a medical setting and both physical dependence and addiction are recognized as medical conditions, the results of your drug screen and information disclosed during your assessment are strictly confidential as any other medical information is. All of this is done in order to make a treatment plan that will best serve you.

During detox at an affordable drug rehab in Florida, you will be giving certain medications in order to wean you off of drugs and alcohol in both a safe and comfortable manner. Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome and Benzo Withdrawal Syndrome are two very real and very serious conditions that involve uncomfortable and even frightening symptoms that could lead to coma and death if not treated properly. If you are detoxing from painkillers or other opiates, you will be given other specific medication to manage your withdrawal symptoms and keep you as comfortable as possible in the detoxification process.

Affordable drug rehab in Florida Step Two: Rehab

The rehab stage can last up to 30 days, sometimes longer, and offers safe haven while you heal and recover from your drug use. During rehab, you will have all your needs provided for including nice, comfortable housing and well-balanced meals while you are given key, life-saving information about substance abuse and addiction. You will attend both individual and group therapy sessions where you will learn about yourself and your substance abuse. This extended program is offered and is a good idea to complete because drug addiction is defined as a chronic, progressive, relapsing disorder. This way, programs for affordable drug rehab in Florida will help you to begin to heal your mind while healing your body and you will learn tools and coping methods in order to live a healthy lifestyle once you complete the program.

If you or a loved one is looking for affordable drug rehab in Florida please call toll free 1-800-951-6135

The Top Affordable Drug Rehab

The Top Affordable Drug Rehab

By: Rhea Rosier, Palm Partners Recovery Center

February 15th, 2012

The Top Affordable Drug Rehab is not always the drug rehab that cost the least. Sometimes it’s merely the affordable drug rehab that can fight with your insurance to get you covered so you pay little to nothing or in other words it is the drug rehab that works for you not for what they can get out of you.


These kinds of topics are frustrating sometimes because there are so many people out there who literally die before they can get help. I have multiple people on a daily basis come to me, and they need and want drug rehabilitation but cannot get it. This is usually because they have no insurance and only ten dollars total in their pocket. While these people can attend a state run facility they are not allowed the same luxuries as those of us with a way to afford treatment. These luxuries range from a specialized and very qualified staff, beautiful accommodations, and things like tai chi, acupuncture or music therapy. The system does not work for drug addicts and alcoholics most of the time. That’s why the top affordable drug rehab is the rehabilitation center that works for the addict and alcoholic. The top affordable drug rehab works and fights with insurance companies to pay their dues, it gives scholarships, and even if a client is paying out of pocket works with them not towards what they can get out of them.


The top affordable drug rehab gives treatment at a reasonable price but does not slack on the quality of their program. They keep the amenities, the hope through out their program and the knowledge of their staff at an elite level while allowing someone to experience all this at an affordable price. No one should have to wait or be unable to change his or her life because of monetary and tangible things.


I have to say right now that I have seen few other drug rehabs that do this so effectively as Palm Partners Recovery Center. Not only do they do all of which I have mentioned above, they also have a program which could arguably be one of the best out there. With things that range from dancing in the morning to change your state, to effectively creating positive change in a persons body, mind and soul, all the way to learning the exact science of the disease of addiction and alcoholism. They literally give a treatment experience that is also a life experience. Because lets face it, alcoholism and addiction is not just about drug rehab its also about life rehabilitation. This is a top affordable drug rehab. This is what it means to be THE top affordable drug rehab.


I am going to share my own personal experience now. I don’t come from a whole lot. I didn’t come from nothing, I always had the things I needed growing up but drug rehab in a lot of ways should have been out of my reach. When I was in a state detox looking for an affordable drug rehab I had found a place that wasn’t Palm Partners Recovery Center and it was way out of my family’s price range and they did nothing to really help. So I went searching again for a top affordable drug rehab. Then I came across Palm Partners, when I did, I called them and not only did they get my insurance to cover most of my stay, unlike the other place, they gave me a scholarship to pay for the rest. My drug rehab was almost free. I found peace, serenity, and the most positive changes in my life after my experience here and its still with me today all because of the kindness of what makes a drug rehab the top most affordable alcohol treatment out there.


Top affordable treatment isn’t so much about the money because you are getting something so absolutely priceless. I was meant to be here, I was meant to get sober with this place and with this family. I am so grateful. Want a top affordable drug rehab? Call Palm Partners Recovery Center NOW 877-711-HOPE(4673) or go to to speak with one of our addiction specialists.





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