Suboxone Treatment Centers

Suboxone Treatment Centers

Suboxone treatment centers come in two different forms. There are the Suboxone treatment centers that use the medication as part of a maintenance program or medication management program and then there are Suboxone treatment centers that use Suboxone strictly to wean off drugs as part of a detox program.

What is Suboxone?

Suboxone is an approved medication to treat withdrawal from opiates and is one of the two forms of the medication buprenorphine, which is an opiate agonist that was originally developed to treat pain problems. What Suboxone does is it binds to the opiate receptors in the brain, which is the same exact receptor that morphine, heroin and other opiates bind to.

What makes Suboxone unique and valuable in addiction treatment centers is that it is a partial agonist. This means at low doses, Suboxone acts the same way as any other opiate by blocking pain. But as the dosage of Suboxone is increased it starts to block the opioid receptor and doesn’t allow it to be stimulated. This allows Suboxone treatment centers to stop withdrawal symptoms from other opiates will having to worry about the patient getting “high” or abusing the medication. Not only that, but Suboxone makes it almost impossible to get high off of other opiates. If someone is taking Suboxone and then tries to get high on other opiates such as morphine or OxyContin they won’t feel any of the usual euphoria.

This is why Suboxone treatment centers, both forms of them, use the medication to help people stay off of opiates for long periods of time and also to detox people off of opiates.

How do Suboxone treatment centers use Suboxone to wean off other drugs?

If an opiate addict wanted to get clean and tried to stop abruptly or go “cold turkey” he or she would go into withdrawal. The withdrawal symptoms of opiates include sweating, racing heartbeat, nausea, muscle pain, inability to sleep, anxiety, nightmares, and restlessness. Suboxone treatment centers use Suboxone to help combat these symptoms. When a patient enters into a Suboxone treatment center they will slowly start to enter into withdrawal from opiates. At that time they will be given their first dose of Suboxone. The dosage of Suboxone given at Suboxone treatment centers will be adjusted for each individual person depending on how severe the withdrawal is. After the patient is stable, each day, they will slowly be given lower and lower doses of Suboxone until they no longer need to take Suboxone at all. And this is how Suboxone treatment centers use the medication to get opiate addicts who otherwise would never get clean due to withdrawal symptoms, clean.

Goal of Suboxone treatment centers that use Suboxone to wean off opiates

Suboxone treatment centers that use Suboxone to wean off of other opiates do not in any way shape or from want a patient on Suboxone long term. The goal of a Suboxone treatment center is not manage the addiction or keep the patient on Suboxone for a long time but to, as quickly as possible, make the patient comfortable and then slowly get them clean and off all the drugs including the Suboxone.

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