Detox Centers in Proctor, VT

Detox Centers in Proctor, VT

When an addict or alcoholic finally makes the decision to get sober, going to detox is the first step we should be taking. At detox centers in Proctor, VT they can make sure you get the best care in detox and help you makes plans for afterwards.

Detox Centers in Proctor, VT: Detox

After entering detox, they will firstly drug test you and see what substances are in your system. Once they discover what drugs are in your system, they will decide what medication they will use to help with your withdrawal symptoms. No matter what you are going to feel withdrawals, it’s pretty challenging to avoid but detox centers in Proctor, VT will make it as peaceful as possible for you. They will start you on medication and gradually wean you off until you are on no medicine at all. The goal is to make sure your detoxification process is not dangerous and you are being medically observed.

Detox Centers in Proctor, VT: Treatment

Next, when you have completed your stay in detox centers in Proctor, VT they will highly suggest you go to a treatment facility. Detox will get the drugs out of your system but treatment will assist you in learning how to stay sober. They will give you an individual therapist who you will have one on one sessions with. There is also group therapy sessions with the other clients and the technicians take you out for activities and to meetings. They will give you the tools and resources required to attain long-term sobriety while aiding you get some time away from the real world. While in treatment it is always good to find sober supports for when you leave rehab.

Detox Centers in Proctor, VT: IOP & Halfway House

Once you finish the in-patient part of your treatment, you then continue with the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). IOP is when you don’t live in the rehab anymore but you still come back for group and personal therapy meetings during the week. They advise you reside in a halfway house right when you leave the in-patient rehab because it is great to have the sober support and be held accountable. In halfway they will give you drug tests, make sure you do your chores, give you a curfew, require you get a job and attend 12-step meetings.

Detox Centers in Proctor, VT: Meetings

When it comes to meetings, there are numerous different fellowships to choose from such as AA, CA, NA and countless more. You want to discover the meetings that work for you and you’re contented in. They will recommend you get a sponsor and work the steps. This was necessary for me to stay sober. It also helps to create a support group of friends and get a home group. When it comes to having continuing sobriety after going to detox centers in Proctor, VT, going to 12-step meetings and working a program will certainly make your probabilities of remaining sober far more likely. If you or a loved one are struggling with substance abuse or addiction, please call toll free 1-800-951-6135.