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All across this country in small towns, rural areas and cities, alcoholism and drug abuse are destroying the lives of men, women and their families. Where to turn for help? What to do when friends, dignity and perhaps employment are lost?

The answer is Palm Partners Recovery Center. It’s a proven path to getting sober and staying sober.

Palm Partners’ innovative and consistently successful treatment includes: a focus on holistic health, a multi-disciplinary approach, a 12-step recovery program and customized aftercare. Depend on us for help with:

Stopping Addiction in West Palm Beach

Stopping Addiction in West Palm Beach

You may be unaware of this but, many people choose stopping addiction in West Palm Beach; it is a prime destination for addicts and alcoholics who are seeking help and recovery from their substance abuse and addiction issues.

Stopping Addiction in West Palm Beach: Why West Palm Beach?

West Palm Beach is an ideal location for serenity, relaxation, healing, and learning to slow down and breathe. It’s no coincidence that people, in general, choose South Florida and West Palm Beach, in particular, as a vacation destination. Coming to West Palm Beach when addressing your addiction is like the saying, “having your cake and eating it, too.” You get to heal and recover while you are basically on vacation. In fact, many people stopping addiction in West Palm Beach like to joke that they live where others merely vacation.

South Florida has become known as the “Recovery Capital” of the world. The area is saturated with treatment centers, rehabilitation programs, halfway houses (also called sober houses), and consequently, it’s home to a large recovery community.

Stopping Addiction in West Palm Beach: Benefits of a Recovery Community

As you can imagine, seeking help for an addiction in an area that’s home to a large recovery community is highly beneficial – and for various reasons. First, it offers plenty of support to the individual seeking recovery and who is in early sobriety. Having peer support is of the utmost importance at this stage of recovery and even beyond; because addiction is a chronic and therefore life-long disease, people with addiction do best of they have strong sober supports throughout their lifetime. This works in several ways. It helps to keep one another accountable and it provides the person with the company of other recovering alcoholics and addicts – people who have many things in common and can relate.

Another benefit of living in a large area of recovery is that there are many more resources available, from treatment programs for those who wish to supplement their recovery with ongoing to treatment as well for those who experience a relapse and need help. Other resources include multiple club houses where support group meetings and fellowship meetings are held. This offers a wide variety of types of meetings as well as meeting times throughout the day and into the night, which allows people to make meetings while attending to their other responsibilities, such as work and family.

Yet another benefit of stopping addiction in West Palm Beach is, because of the expansive recovery community, people who are recovering from addiction can start their lives anew with the help of their fellows. More specifically, there are tons of employers who are either in recovery, themselves, or who are familiar with what recovery is and are therefore more apt hiring newly-sober people because they believe in giving them a second chance. Many recovering addicts and alcoholics have arrest records that can make getting a job difficult; being in this kind of community can really help people put their past to rest.

Stopping Addiction in West Palm Beach: Treatment

Substance abuse and addiction treatment in West Palm Beach is different from that in other parts of the country. In fact, there’s a relatively new format to treatment that was developed in Florida and it is named thusly. The Florida Model differs from conventional treatment in that it incorporates several phases, or levels, of rehabilitation in order to gradually and seamlessly reintegrate the client with society.

After a medical detox, which is the most intensive and structured level of care, there is the residential program, also called inpatient or rehab. Florida Model treatment centers house their clients in typical apartments each with its own kitchen, laundry, common area, bathrooms, and even a patio – just like a private residence. This helps the clients learn basic life skills, such as cooking, grocery shopping, doing laundry, and cleaning. During the day, the clients are brought to a campus where they continue their treatment with group and individual therapy sessions. In a conventional program, residents are housed in one institution-like building.

Stopping addiction in West Palm Beach is quite popular and it shouldn’t be a mystery as to why that is. Ample treatment, beautiful location, and a large recovery community make for the ideal environment to help you heal and overcome the cycle of substance abuse and drug addiction that has been dictating your daily life. Call us toll-free at 1-800-951-6135 to speak directly with an Addiction Specialist today.

The Best Drug Rehabs in South Florida Have These 8 Things in Common

The Best Drug Rehabs in South Florida Have These 8 Things in Common

The best drug rehabs in South Florida have many keep factors that set them apart from other treatment facilities. It all starts with the necessities of physical detox and recovery, and leads into programs promoting positive growth. The best drug rehabs in South Florida are always dedicated to helping people struggling with substance abuse and their families recover from addiction and any underlying issues or behavioral conditions that may coexist with that addiction.

Addiction to drugs and/or alcohol is a crippling illness that affects every individuals life and development differently, and the best drug rehabs in South Florida do what is needed to create a treatment program structured around the individual and that take a personalized approach. The best drug rehabs in South Florida incorporate education, awareness, and real-life application in the process of treating substance abuse and addiction. By establishing a fulfilling and tranquil environment for patients to take ease and comfort while they learn the skills necessary to change the behavioral patterns and understand their illness. The best drug rehabs in South Florida have these 8 things in common.

  1. Medical Detox Facility– with a highly trained staff of nurses and technicians with experience treating addiction.
  2. Inpatient Treatment– any treatment program should give the person struggling with addiction a period of residential treatment to stabilize after medical detox while learning new structure of recovery.
  3. Individual and Group Therapy– the best drug rehabs in South Florida provide both group therapy for peer counseling, but also individual therapy with addiction specialists to address underlying issues.
  4.  Dual Diagnosis Treatment– many people with addiction have mood or behavioral disorders, or even multiple addictions.
  5. Holistic Therapy– the best drug rehabs in South Florida offer programs that don’t just address the physical aspect, they also educate, address social and mental health, and offer a variety of spiritual outlets.
  6. Relapse Prevention– programs set up to educate the patient about the dangers of old habits and other circumstances and situations that may lead to relapse, and how to avoid these threats or to properly address issues in life with new coping skills.
  7. Intensive Outpatient Programs– the best drug rehabs in South Florida provide a stage a treatment focused on the transition back into the every-day life and society while still teaching the patient and offering therapy to assist in that process.
  8. Aftercare Program– After leaving treatment, the best drug rehabs in South Florida help each individual design a continued recovery plan specific to them, with options for continued therapy.

The best drug rehabs in South Florida understand the stresses and health risks of substance abuse and drug addiction, and the desperation and harm it can bring to a person and their loved ones. The goal of any of the best drug rehabs in South Florida is to make the choice to get help as simple as possible, and give the person struggling the hope and confidence needed to get back on track. Changing your life is not always easy, but the best drug rehabs in South Florida do everything to make it easier for you and the ones you love.

If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse or addiction, please call toll-free 1-800-951-6135

In the News: Rick Scott’s Drug Testing of Welfare Recipients Proves Costly and Ineffective

In the News: Rick Scott's Drug Testing of Welfare Recipients Proves Costly and Ineffective

The state of Florida started requiring urine tests back in 2011 for welfare applicants and state workers to screen for drugs, which did not last long but has a continued effect on the states financial spending as politicians fight for it’s reinstatement. The program only operated for around 3 months before federal courts halted the progression of these policies on grounds that the program was in violation of Florida residents constitutional rights. Florida Governor Rick Scott has been pushing this envelope unsuccessfully since the program passed, quickly prompting a lawsuit filed on behalf of a Navy veteran who applied for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) benefits as a single father while working to complete his college degree.

Bleeding the Budget

Governor Scott argued that drug testing welfare applicants would save the state money. However according to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Governor Scott and his administration have collectively spent $400,000 of Florida’s budget in attempt to defend the Welfare Recipients Drug Testing programs he has been trying to establish.  In response to a records request from Florida ACLU, the governor’s administration disclosed it had spent over $381,654 trying to appeal for these programs. Has this program become not just questionable but unreasonably costly for the population of Florida?

The Results

In just the few months the state actively screened all those seeking aid under the TANF program for possible drug use, the rate of positive results was so astoundingly low, it is estimated the cost of the materials for the tests and to administer them likely offset the savings of denied benefits drastically, which compels citizens to wonder what logic Governor Scott has based his theory of saving the state money. Is it safe to say that too much taxpayer money was already wasted on creating and enforcing these programs, and now nearly another half a million dollars is being put into defending the program?

According to The Courts

According to Shalini Goel Agarwal- Staff Attorney for the Florida ACLU several courts have heard the case presented by the Florida governor claiming that the state has the power to force people to submit bodily fluids for government inspection. The Scott administration recently filed a 72 page brief to an appeals court in Atlanta in attempt to over-rule a lower court’s decision that demanding the urine of applicants to the TANF falls under the category of unreasonable search as protected under the U.S. Constitution, being that without suspicion of wrong-doing these drug scenes are being wrongfully administered.

In recent months many other state Republicans have also pursued possibly drug testing welfare applicants, but following the Scott’s embarrassing losses in federal court, they opted for suspicion-based testing programs rather than testing everyone who asks for help. Scott’s latest welfare testing appeal is still pending, but there should be no surprise if this also fails to pass. A lower court ruled that blanket urinalysis of state workers, meanwhile, violated their constitutional right to privacy. The Supreme Court refused to even hear Scott’s appeal of that ruling in April. Governor Scott’s spokesman John Tupps has recently defended the testing system, stating-

“Governor Scott will continue to fight for Florida taxpayers, who deserve a drug-free state workforce, and for Florida’s children, who deserve to live in drug-free homes.”

The only question is, how much is this costing the people of the Florida workforce and the impoverished families of Florida in what seems to be a less than effective way of regulating financial assistance?

If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse or addiction, please call toll-free 1-800-951-6135

6 Reasons Florida Model Treatment is the Best Way to Treat Addiction

6 Reasons Florida Model Treatment is the Best Way to Treat Addiction

The main difference between Florida Model Treatment and traditional treatment programs is in the structure. Whereas traditional methods are designed with everything under one roof: therapy rooms, clients’ rooms, and cafeteria – Florida Model Treatment programs have a campus for treatment-related programs and a separate location, nearby for the residential aspect of treatment. This type of program provides therapy and other programs for addicts and alcoholics during certain hours of the day, and then provides transportation to off-site housing in the evening. Now that we’ve distinguished between the two approaches to addiction treatment, here are 6 reasons Florida Model Treatment is the best way to treat addiction.

#1. More freedom (but still with structure and safety)

As described above, Florida Model Treatment offers intensive treatment with much-needed structure yet offers a certain level of freedom to its clients. This balance is essential for providing both safety and autonomy to those seeking help for their substance abuse and addiction issues. Florida Model Treatment’s residential set up allows for room to grow and for each client to bring self-determination to the table when recovering.

#2. Learn life skills

Again, Florida Model Treatment is a lot like typical apartment living: clients live with one or two others as roommates and have their own kitchen, washer/dryer, do their own grocery shopping – and are given money and provided transportation in order to do so. Clients learn how to be self-sufficient and responsible for themselves and each other in this sort of setting.

#3. Feel normal

One of the other reasons Florida Model Treatment is the best way to treat addiction is because clients can begin healing while transcending the negative stigma that often accompanies addiction. That is, clients in this type of treatment have all the amenities and creature comforts of home: their own W/D, kitchen, living area, TV, community pool, and balcony/porch. They live like regular folks do while getting the necessary therapy and other treatment that recovering requires.

#4. Recover in a realistic environment

Similar to #3, clients in a Florida Model Treatment program can recover in a familiar-to-being-home setting and won’t feel “institutionalized.” On the other hand, traditional residential treatment can cause this sort of condition. For example, I went to a traditional treatment center that housed everything in one building so it was institution-like. Even though I was only in inpatient for 21 days (I had weird insurance), I felt institutionalized; I was afraid to be in the “outside” world when it was time for me to move onto the next phase of treatment.

#5. Quality housing that is closely regulated

The state of Florida, and therefore Florida Model Treatment, provides consistent housing for their clients, which enables the clinical staff to be a part of the client’s home life – offering support, accountability and adding to the therapeutic environment of the residences as an extension of the treatment campus.

#6. Florida Model Treatment is well-rounded

The Florida Model Treatment structure allows all the parts of growth an addict or alcoholic needs to acclimate into normal life as sober member of society again – once they complete the treatment program. Treatment plans need to address the client as a whole person with many facets, after all people are multi-faceted, complicated beings. People recovering from addiction and substance abuse need to be able to learn how to function as a whole person while getting the much-needed treatment that addiction calls for. This approach has been found to ensure the best chance of lasting recovery.

If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse or addiction, please call toll-free 1-800-951-6135.

5 Reasons to Go to a South Florida Drug Rehab

5 Reasons to Go to South Florida Drug Rehab

If you are considering going to a drug rehab, you probably have good reason to go. Are you afraid to face the day without your drug of choice, either to get through another day or to avoid terrible withdrawal symptoms? Do you spend a good deal of your time and money on getting your drug or drugs of choice? Have you caught a drug-related charge? Lost your job or been kicked out of school because of drugs or alcohol? Have you pawned or sold off your things or stolen from others to afford your habit? If you can answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you should consider a drug rehab to help you stop the insanity of constantly having to feed an ever-worsening drug habit.

What is A Drug Rehab?

A drug rehab is a facility that specializes in helping people get off drugs and alcohol in a safe way. Not only that, a drug rehab offers services, therapy, and education so that you can learn how to live a life without depending on drugs. It’s not enough to stop taking drugs and get them out of your system; it’s learning a new way of life and healthy coping methods and mechanisms so you don’t go back to your old way of dealing with life – using drugs.

5 Reasons to Go to a South Florida Drug Rehab

South Florida is an ideal destination for getting clean. Here are 5 top reasons to go to a drug rehab in South Florida:

#1 It’s is the Recovery Capital of America

South Florida is saturated with drug treatment programs and services for the recovering addict and alcoholic. There are tons of South Florida drug rehabs, treatment facilities, detox centers, and the like from which you can choose. Many are alike, with small or great differences in their approach to treating addiction. You have the advantage of choosing which one will best suit you.

#2 The Weather

You can’t beat the weather in South Florida. It’s sunny and warm with plenty of access to beaches with idyllic clear blue waters and soft, white sands. Weather is a valid concern when choosing a destination to start over. That is because detoxing from drugs and beginning a new life can and will be uncomfortable and at times rough. Believe me, you will want to be in a South Florida drug rehab because it’s a comfortable and relaxing environment.

#3 “Florida Model” Rehab

Something quite unique to South Florida drug rehab programs is what is called the Florida Model. This approach to treatment is different from the traditional stand-alone treatment programs that exist everywhere else in the country. Florida Model drug rehabs consist of a main campus where will go for one-on-one and group therapy and other services and then separate living quarters that are private apartments. You will live in an apartment with one or two roommates as if you would outside of being in treatment, so it resembles “normal life.” Everywhere else, rehab takes place in a stand-alone facility which means that you live in a dormitory-like setting, with everything under one roof. This is the way of old institutions and is becoming obsolete.

#4 Large Recovery Network

Going to a South Florida drug rehab is also a good idea because of the large recovery network here. If you plan to join a 12 Step fellowship, there are tons of meetings to choose from which is convenient especially if you decide to stay in South Florida once you complete treatment, even if for just a little while. Once you start working, it’s nice to have a lot of different meetings to choose from because you can fit them into your work schedule. Besides meetings, there are simply a lot of sober people in South Florida which means more opportunity to meet and make sober friends and have social events that don’t revolve around drugs and alcohol.  All of this will bolster your success at sobriety.

#5 Job Opportunities

I went to a South Florida drug rehab and decided to stay in the area after treatment and was able to do so because I had a lot of job opportunities in early recovery. Again, because South Florida is the Recovery Capital, many employers themselves are in recovery, know someone in recovery, or are at least aware of what recovery is. I have had the fortune of finding job opportunities that I could be open and honest with my employers about my recovery and who were, in turn, very supportive of me. Other parts of the country are not so open-minded and supportive of people in recovery from drug addiction.

If you or your loved one is in need of a South Florida Drug Rehab, please give us a call at 800-951-6135.

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