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All across this country in small towns, rural areas and cities, alcoholism and drug abuse are destroying the lives of men, women and their families. Where to turn for help? What to do when friends, dignity and perhaps employment are lost?

The answer is Palm Partners Recovery Center. It’s a proven path to getting sober and staying sober.

Palm Partners’ innovative and consistently successful treatment includes: a focus on holistic health, a multi-disciplinary approach, a 12-step recovery program and customized aftercare. Depend on us for help with:

Drug Rehab in Florida for Professionals

Drug Rehab in Florida for Professionals

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Author: Justin Mckibben

Sometimes people are looking for drug rehab in Florida for professionals, specifically because they are active in their careers and want to be assured that not only are they able to commit to their recovery, but also that they’re able to work with their professional schedule or responsibilities around their time in treatment. Professionals are at risk of addiction too.

Being confident about anonymity being kept during and after treatment is another priority. Drug and alcohol treatment for employees is available when someone takes medical leave or uses vacation time to maintain their job while getting the help they need, and there are plenty of aspects of drug rehab in Florida for professionals that can be especially effective in helping the career individual keep up while making a change.

Drug Rehab in Florida for Professionals: HIPPA

First things first, let us talk about privacy. Most adults with a professional career want to be sure that during a time where they are dealing with an issue involving drugs or alcohol that they are being cared for in an environment that respects their right to privacy. Many professionals are familiar with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA), which is a regulation designed to protect personal information and data collected and stored in medical records.

HIPPA has established a national standard to be used in all doctors’ offices, hospitals and other businesses where personal medical information is stored, and is specifically designed to protect any personal medical information. Of course any drug rehab in Florida for professionals will be a HIPPA compliant business, and any individual can be assured that their privacy is protected.

Drug Rehab in Florida for Professionals: FMLA

Employers are responsible for providing access to drug and alcohol treatment to their employees, with legislations and regulations to protect patients such as the FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) to protect the rights of individuals with careers seeking drug rehab in Florida for professionals.

The FMLA entitles eligible employees of covered employers to take unpaid, job-protected leave for specified family and medical reasons with continuation of group health insurance coverage under the same terms and conditions as if the employee had not taken leave. When looking for drug rehab in Florida for professionals you have several options as long as you’re eligible. If so, you are entitled to 12 workweeks of leave in a 12-month period for:

  • The birth of a child and to care for the newborn child within one year of birth;
  • The placement with the employee of a child for adoption or foster care and to care for the newly placed child within one year of placement;
  • To care for the employee’s spouse, child, or parent who has a serious health condition;
  • A serious health condition that makes the employee unable to perform the essential functions of his or her job;
  • Any qualifying exigency arising out of the fact that the employee’s spouse, son, daughter, or parent is a covered military member on “covered active duty;” or

Or even 26 workweeks of leave during a single 12-month period to care for a covered service member with a serious injury or illness if the eligible employee is the service member’s spouse, son, daughter, parent, or next of kin.

Drug Rehab in Florida for Professionals: Accessible Admission

All it takes to find a drug rehab in Florida for professionals is a call to our facility. Our professionals can assist you with the entire process of enrollment into a drug rehab in Florida for professionals. The Palm Healthcare staff is familiar with all aspects of enrollment, from verifying insurance benefits to identifying an appropriate treatment program, to choosing a program for ongoing follow-up aftercare drug and alcohol treatment for employees, such as an intensive outpatient program (IOP).

  • We are able to verify insurance benefits within 2 hours of your call
  • We can often facilitate your employee’s program admission within 24 hours
  • We handle the research, paperwork, and all logistics involved in the process
  • We make it easy so that there are no hiccups in the process

At Palm Healthcare, we strive to remove the obstacles and barriers that limit access to treatment so that your employees, members, and their loved ones can find the treatment program that best suits their needs.

Drug Rehab in Florida for Professionals: Assistance Programs

Along with FMLA there are other assistance programs that are available to help people seeking drug and alcohol treatment for employees such as:

  • EAP (Employee Assistance Program) work-based intervention program designed to identify and assist employees in resolving personal problems (e.g., marital, financial or emotional problems; family issues; substance/alcohol abuse)
  • MAP (Member Assistance Program) Help Union members and their families with personal and work-related concerns. Implementing and promoting a MAP provides early intervention and helps members balance work responsibilities and their personal lives.
  • LAP (Labor Assistance Professionals) dedicated to obtaining comprehensive drug and alcohol treatment for employees, and all other mental health services for our members at a reasonable and fair price, while advocating for member assistance program development within labor and for recognition of the key role labor plays from the fields’ professional organization and by its treatment providers.

Palm Healthcare offers assistance to employers and their employees when it comes to initiating the treatment process. Our addiction specialists and case managers are just one part of a compassionated staff thoroughly trained to navigate the process so that employees seeking drug rehab in Florida for professionals   can do so easily and seamlessly.

Addiction does not discriminate, it does not target the unemployed. Plenty of professionals experience serious issues with substance abuse, even CEO’s and CFO’s need help sometimes. Drugs and alcohol can destroy the careers we spend out lives building, but there is drug and alcohol treatment available for professionals. If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse or addiction, please call toll-free 1-800-951-6135


7 Surprising Things I Learned In Inpatient Treatment at Palm Partners

7 Surprising Things I Learned In Inpatient Treatment at Palm Partners

I honestly had the absolute worst expectations for inpatient treatment of any kind. The idea of being in a rehab was so unattractive, and every time I imagined inpatient treatment I envisioned an asylum with grey walls and over-medicated mental patients shuffling down hall ways. In active addiction I also based a lot of my information on cartoons and movies. For some reason I thought I’d have judgmental nurses and live in constant lock-down between interrogation-like sessions with therapists, eat terrible food and sleep on a cot. When I got to treatment at Palm Partners I realized how ridiculous my over-active imagination had made things out to be, and how caring and comfortable it was to begin the process of getting clean and sober. So I’m excited to say I didn’t need a strait-jacket (size extra-crazy) and I can share the 7 surprising things I learned in inpatient treatment at Palm Partners.

  1. The Food is Actually Food!

When I thought of an inpatient treatment cafeteria, I thought of lumpy oat-meal, dry toast, cold coffee and dinner you could only get from a microwave. Upon reaching Palm Partners inpatient I was pleased to find they actually had a variety of meals that were both appetizing and nourishing. The food ranged from pastas and steaks, to ice creams and pizza, even in Detox.

  1. The Staff is Friendly and Supportive

My vision of evil nurses and twisted psychologists were a little much I’ll admit. Still I expected the staff to be judgmental and overbearing. The Palm Partners staff however was compassionate and supportive. Quite a few individuals actually took the time to sit one on one and talk about recovery, and some were able to tell me their experience and how sobriety had changed life for them. I made it a goal while in treatment to come back and work in the field of recovery based on the hope given to me, and the idea I could one day try and do that for someone else.

  1. Detox was Easier than Expected

When I was trying to detox from drugs and alcohol on my own, I was miserable in every way. Physically I would be suffering and mentally I would be strained. I had believed detox would be cold-sweats on a cot or an over-medicated daze. What I got at Palm Partners inpatient detox was a healthy regimen of medications specifically for my needs in monitored doses to help with withdrawal symptoms, and help me acclimate to abstinence.

  1. Not Full of Crazy People.. Not Crazier than Me Anyway

My own stigma on rehab was that it was full of crazy people and degenerates. It didn’t take me too long to face the truth; ALL people are at least a little crazy. Anyone in treatment is no better or worse than me, and if I’m there I obviously have a problem just like them. In inpatient at Palm Partners I was surrounded by peers who were in fact normal people with lives of their own who had hit a bottom just like me, and I was able to identify with and even admire other patients.

  1. Comfort and Community

Instead of being shut off in a padded room or strapped to a hospital bed, living in Palm Partners inpatient was furnished with a community of apartments that were even better than most of the ones I ever rented myself. I cannot even remember the last time I lived in a complex with a pool, and definitely not one next to a volley-ball court! I even took up jogging around the grounds, and caught up on a few favorite shows with a few new friends.

  1. Holistic Healing

I had no idea that any treatment would include such diverse methods of educating patients, which is a big part of a holistic healing program. Some lectures were offered to teach about the different effects of substance abuse habits and behavioral addictions on the mind, body, and spirit. Instead of shuffling through halls I was inspired to actively seek understanding of my addiction and personality traits, given opportunities to receive different healing techniques like visits to an acupuncturist and chiropractor, and even taught yoga.

  1. Spiritual Experiences

Palm Partners also provided so many alternative avenues for expressing and exploring spiritual growth. The best part being that it was not limited to any specific faith structure. There were voluntary trips to church, the sweat-lodge, and meditation. Freedom to express interest in these areas was rewarding in so many ways.

The experience of attending inpatient treatment at Palm Partners was anything but what I had expected. It was truly a liberating and gratifying learning experience. The residence felt most days like a retreat compared to my imaginary asylum, and the staff is full of incredible people with a passion and talent for changing lives and building foundations for recovering addicts and alcoholics. The care and commitment that was put into my inpatient treatment had a lasting effect on my outlook and expectations on the rest of my recovery. Thanks to that experience I was inspired to get involved in the recovery community, to put more time into helping others, and to come back and give back to the community that has given me so much. I am blessed and grateful to now be part of something that works to change the lives of so many.

Detox Centers in Bradenton

detox centers in Bradenton

If you or someone you know is in need of a detox center in Bradenton, please give us a call at 800-951-6135.

You find yourself doing more than “partying.” In fact, you can’t seem to stop using drugs, even though you want to. You may be experiencing negative consequences like having no money, losing relationships, losing your job, running into legal problems. You may have even tried to stop on your own but the withdrawal symptoms are so uncomfortable that you find yourself using again. What is there left to do? There are detox centers in Bradenton that can help.

What is a Detox Center?

A drug detox is the intervention in a case of physical dependence to a drug; and any of various treatments for acute drug overdose.

Detox centers in Bradenton do not necessarily address the precedents of addiction, social factors, psychological addiction, or the often-complex behavioral issues that intermingle with addiction. The staff can advise you to seek further treatment after your stay at a Bradenton detox center.

A Drug Detox has two main purposes:

Evaluation: Upon beginning drug detoxification, a patient is first tested to see which specific substances are presently in their system. Clinicians at detox centers in Bradenton also evaluate the patient for potential co-occurring disorders, dual diagnosis, and mental/behavioral issues.

Stabilization: In this stage, the patient is guided through the process of detoxification. This is usually done with the use of medications. Also part of stabilization is explaining to the patient what to expect during treatment and the recovery process.


Do I need Detox?

If you are dependent on alcohol, benzos (i.e. Xanax), or barbiturates, then you will need medical detox. The withdrawal from these substances is potentially fatal. If you are an opiate user, you will find that going to detox centers in Bradenton is a much better solution to kicking cold turkey. You will be given other opiate-containing medications and then tapered down so as to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms. Cocaine and Crack users will also benefit from detox centers in Bradenton because the withdrawal can be quite unpleasant. Often times, people who are dependent on these will experience psychological symptoms such as hallucinations. The medical staff at detox centers in Bradenton will be able to administer medications to alleviate these withdrawal symptoms.

Detox Centers in Bradenton

The average stay at detox centers in Bradenton is between 4 – 10 days. Your drug alcohol detox treatment is personal and discreet.  Physicians are licensed and certified in the newest “state of the art” drug alcohol detox treatments, and work to ensure that individuals in their care have a comfortable, safe and life changing experience. Bradenton is a short drive from such Gulf shores as Anna Maria Island, Holmes Beach and Bradenton Beach. This is an ideal setting for getting off drugs.


What Your Day Will be Like in Detox Centers in Bradenton

Generally, at detox centers in Bradenton, you will be put on a schedule of medication to treat withdrawal symptoms and they will gradually taper you off over your stay. In the mornings, you will wake up, have your vitals checked, and be given your medication before breakfast. Usually your days will consist of groups or meetings and ample downtime so that you may rest and your body can recover. Medication is given out according to your schedule and the medical personnel at detox centers in Bradenton will routinely check your vital signs and overall health to make sure you are comfortable and the detox is proceeding safely.


If you or someone you know is in need of a detox center in Bradenton, please give us a call at 800-951-6135.




Court Ordered Drug Treatment Center

court ordered drug rehab

Recently, more and more judges are handing out sentences that include court ordered drug treatment centers. Whether the individual is guilty of a DUI, public drunkenness or drug charges; the end result is becoming, more often thirty days in a court ordered drug treatment center. The hope with court ordered drug treatment centers are that the people sentenced there will learn important lessons about sobriety and hopefully break the addiction cycle in the process; regardless of whether or not they want to be there.

What is a court ordered drug treatment center?

Court ordered drug treatment center are programs that a judge forces an individual to attend. A judge can force an individual to attend a court ordered drug treatment center either as a part of or in place of jail time. Court ordered drug treatment centers are designed to help individuals get their life back on the right track and these sentences to a court ordered drug treatment center are most often handed out when a judge feels that the individual will not attend a drug treatment center on their own (without being ordered to by the court).

How can someone be successful at a court ordered drug treatment center?

The people who must go to a court ordered drug treatment center usually don’t want to go but they can get something out of it if they want to. If an individual enters into a court ordered drug treatment center they can first and foremost try to have a positive attitude. Just because someone is made by the courts to go to a drug treatment center doesn’t mean they should fight back against those who are trying to help them at the drug treatment center. A court ordered drug treatment center is a great opportunity and if individuals understand this fact they can get the most out of drug treatment.

Different types of court ordered drug treatment centers

There are many different types of court ordered drug treatment centers. Many times the judge who handed out the sentence will allow the individual to make their own choice about which court ordered drug treatment center they want to attend. There may be a list of approved court ordered drug treatment centers. Many individuals choose residential drug treatment because of the round the clock care and the amenities at the drug treatment center. Some individuals, however, will go with an outpatient drug treatment center so they can still be near friends and family at the end of the  day when drug treatment is complete.

How long are court ordered drug treatment centers?

A court ordered drug treatment center is just like any other alcohol or drug treatment center; court ordered drug treatment varies in length according to the facility and even what the judge may have sentenced. Some court ordered drug treatment centers will have programs that last a few weeks and others will have some that last months. There are some long term drug treatment centers that can last a year or longer.

If you or someone you love has been court ordered to a drug treatment center please give us a call at 800-951-6135.


What can I expect from Alcohol Detox at Palm Partners?

Alcohol Detox at Palm Partners

Alcohol Detox at Palm Partners


Alcohol detox is an integral part of the recovery process. The definition of alcohol detox is; treatment designed to rid the body of poisonous substances, attributing specifically to drugs and alcohol. This is where the initial physical cleansing of the body happens, so clients can continue on drug free. You can expect nothing but the best treatment from Palm Partners alcohol detox. Detox in general can be a physically, mentally and spiritually unpleasant process. At Palm Partners we make it our mission to give our clients the most comfortable alcohol detox possible. Alcohol detox at Palm Partners provides a safe, comfortable, medically supervised treatment program in a peaceful and relaxing environment. The physical atmosphere in detox is imperative to a clients comfort and overall recovery so you can expect us to give our clients the most tranquil and serene stay we can through our extensive accommodations. Along with a knowledgeable and genuinely caring staff, we treat our clients with the utmost respect and want them to get the most out of their stay in our Palm Partners alcohol detox. Each client is individually assessed to meet their alcohol detoxification needs, giving them a head start on the recovery process.

What can you expect from Palm Partners Medical Detoxification?

The average length of stay in Palm Partners alcohol detox is 4-10 days. During this time the client will most likely have withdrawal symptoms due to the poisons leaving their bodies, which can be very uncomfortable and sometimes frightening. That is why we make sure the client’s stay during those four to ten days is personalized to their exact needs and is very discreet, allowing for a comfortable and relaxed medically assisted withdrawal or detoxification. The doctor’s begin overseeing treatment from the moment our client’s arrive at Palm Partners alcohol detox, in a professional manner and are up to date on the newest, “state of the art” drug detox procedures. We make it our goal to give the client a safe, effective and life changing experience.

You can expect from alcohol detox at Palm Partners, the highest level of care in alcohol detox facilities because this is the beginning of helping you or your loved one achieve a lifetime of sobriety. Our inpatient alcohol detox at our Palm Partners facility guarantees an effective medical detoxifying experience where the recovery process starts. With help from a trained, professional, medical staff; we will be enabling recovery to continue on for a lifetime.

Our Palm Partners alcohol detox is just the beginning of the journey into sobriety but it is also vital if you or your loved one wants to get help. Alcohol detox is the first step in cleansing the body from alcohol in order to start a life of recovery. This is where our clients begin the process of building a clean body, mind and spirit. We also are giving our clients multiple outlets and tools they will be able to utilize as they go forward as drug detox comes to an end. Such as, inpatient residential treatment if they choose to do so, or if the client is able to commute, outpatient treatment. We also offer family programs and sober coaches to truly give our clients the best shot at long term sobriety possible. With our outstanding staff, the attention to detail and to our clients, we can help ensure a road ahead that is filled with health, well-being, and sobriety.

Learn more about what you can expect from Palm Partners Medical Detoxification here.

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