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17 Thoughts You Have When You’re Speaking at a Meeting

17 Thoughts You Have When You’re Speaking at a Meeting


By Cheryl Steinberg

The saying goes, “never say no to service,” so, when someone asks you to speak in a meeting, whether you want to or not, you should say “yes.” And, for those of who have answered this call to service, there are several thoughts we’ve all had when we’re up there, speaking to a bunch of fellow addicts and alcoholics.

Here are 17 thoughts you have when you’re speaking at a meeting.

#1. “I don’t want to do this; I’m so nervous”

17 Thoughts You Have When You’re Speaking at a Meeting


Public speaking is a common fear so, it’s normal to feel this way. Take comfort in knowing that it’s not like you have to remember statistics or information; just tell your story.

#2. “Man, my throat is dry; I should have taken that bottle of water they offered me”

17 Thoughts You Have When You’re Speaking at a Meeting


Again, the anxiety you might feel often leads to dry mouth and throat so, prepare ahead by having some water by your side.

#3. “Don’t forget to say that thing that happened that one time”

17 Thoughts You Have When You’re Speaking at a Meeting


If you’re like me, I usually think about the specific experiences I want to share ahead of time; I want to make sure to mention the parts of my story that I think people will be able to relate to as well as the aspects of my solution. And, after I speak, I often realize that I forgot to say the specific thing(s) that I wanted to. D’oh!

#4. “Everyone’s bored

17 Thoughts You Have When You’re Speaking at a Meeting


Aaaahhh! This is possibly the worst thought/feeling to have while you’re in the middle of speaking at a meeting. It can totally throw you off your game and cause you to start to stumble over your words. Relax. Breathe. Remind yourself that at least one person will hear something that they need to hear in that moment and, for that, your job is done.

#5. “My story is boring”

17 Thoughts You Have When You’re Speaking at a Meeting


Again, even if this is true (which it probably isn’t), someone will take away an important message from your story.

#6. “No one’s relating to me”

17 Thoughts You Have When You’re Speaking at a Meeting


I’ll say it again, there will be one person – and probably more – that hear something they really needed to hear. Also, take comfort in knowing that people go to meetings in order to find a helpful nugget – piece of the recovery puzzle. That said, people at meetings are actively listening to gear something they can relate to.

#7. “I have to speak for how long?”

17 Thoughts You Have When You’re Speaking at a Meeting


It seems like a daunting task when you’re told to speak for 30 minutes. But, getting to talk to a captive audience about your favorite subject – you – actually goes by pretty fast. That’s been my experience, at least.

#8. “Have I spoken long enough?”

17 Thoughts You Have When You’re Speaking at a Meeting


Since it tends to go by pretty quickly, sometimes it’s hard to know if you’ve actually used your time wisely and filled up the whole 30-ish minutes. Especially if you think you were talking too fast (something that I do)…

#9. “Am I talking too fast”

17 Thoughts You Have When You’re Speaking at a Meeting


Exactly. When people are nervous, they tend to talk too fast. So again, make sure to breathe and stay present while you’re speaking.

#10. “My jokes are lame”

17 Thoughts You Have When You’re Speaking at a Meeting


I might be the only one who thinks this but, so what? Lame jokes can still be funny – for their lameness. Nothing wrong with trying to keep it lively, even if people don’t get your humor.

#11. “Oh sh!t, I just said f*ck”

17 Thoughts You Have When You’re Speaking at a Meeting


A lot of the time, the group conscience calls for refraining from profanity. But, we all slip up some time and usually no one cares if/when you do. Don’t sweat it. As long as you’re making the effort to be respectful.

#12. “Am I glorifying my drug use?”

17 Thoughts You Have When You’re Speaking at a Meeting


When speaking at a meeting, you want to tell what it was like, what happened, and what it’s like now/ Another way to put it is that you are sharing your experience, strength, and hope. Be sure to share just enough about your time in active addiction so that people know you’re the real deal but, don’t spend too much time telling war stories – especially if it’s an H&I meeting. It’s really early on for those folks and it could trigger them.

#13. “This is going to get me so many sponsees”

17 Thoughts You Have When You’re Speaking at a Meeting


It’s true, speaking at meetings can lead to people asking you to sponsor them. In this way, this one act of service – speaking – leads to more acts of service – sponsoring.

#14. “Man, I hope no one asks me to sponsor them – I already of 3”

17 Thoughts You Have When You’re Speaking at a Meeting


On the opposite end of the spectrum, you might be dreading that people will come up to you and ask you to sponsor them. But, don’t fret, you can always offer to be a sober support and to pass their number on to someone you know who is looking for sponsees.

#15. “Why did they even ask me to speak? I don’t know what the hell I’m doing”

17 Thoughts You Have When You’re Speaking at a Meeting


I’ll let you in on a little secret: no one really knows what they’re doing. Let go and let God, amirite? Also, you were asked to speak for some good reason; the person asking you must think highly of you or else was referred to you by someone who thinks you have a great message to share.

#16. “This…this actually feels great. I’m glad I agreed to do this”

17 Thoughts You Have When You’re Speaking at a Meeting


You will probably think this after you finish speaking but, it’s true. Many people talk about a sort of high feeling they get once they’ve spoken at a meeting. Enjoy it, you did a good thing.

#17. “Ah, sweet relief. It’s over. It feels good to give back”

17 Thoughts You Have When You’re Speaking at a Meeting


Phew! It’s over. You can breathe now. And, you can feel good about giving back.

If you or someone you know is struggling with a substance abuse disorder or drug addiction and you don’t know where to turn or how to start the process of recovery, we are here to help. Call toll-free 1-800-951-6135 to speak with an Addiction Specialist today.

Crazy News Stories

Crazy News Stories

(This content is being used for illustrative purposes only; any person depicted in the content is a model)

Author: Justin Mckibben

When I say crazy, you say news stories! Well, or not… but there ain’t no part like crazy news stories because these crazy news stories just don’t stop! Too much?

Well anyway, this week there has been a lot of madness making its way through the media rounds, and so far these have been some of the best.

Zombie Cat

In the sunshine state of Florida a phantom feline has been dubbed “zombie cat” after clawing his way out of an untimely grave.

Ellis Hutson, 52, is the own of the cat who lives in Tampa. Hutson reported he found Bart (his poor pet cat) in the road a couple of weeks ago, apparently run over by a car. Sure the cat was dead; he enlisted the help of his neighbor to help him perform a small feline funeral.

Days later another neighbor reported the cat was found in his yard, probably looking for brains. Hutson stated,

“I open the door and my neighbor’s standing there with the cat in her hand. She said, ‘Bart is not dead.’ I said, ‘That’s impossible. We buried Bart.'”

Bart was rushed to the hospital and treated for some injuries, including:

  • Severe head trauma
  • 1 broken jaw
  • 1 dead eye

According to the Veterinarians at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, Bart is expected to make a full recovery, while most are just shocked he was able to claw his way out of an early grave.

Prosthetic Paraphernalia 

This case gave ‘going out on a limb’ an entire new meaning. Apparently Delaware police have reported a man attempted transport a stash of cocaine, but officers discovered this particular package hidden inside his prosthetic leg!

39 year old Marlow Holmes was arrested this past Monday afternoon during a traffic stop. According to authorities police dogs alerted officers to the presence of narcotics inside the vehicle Holmes was traveling in. Holmes was actually wearing the fake leg during the search, and officers discovered more than 28 grams of cocaine stuffed into the prosthetic leg, and arrested him.

Police say Holmes faces charges of possession with intent to deliver cocaine and possession of drug paraphernalia. He was jailed, with bond set at $81,000.

Beer Me, Bunny

Bunny rabbits may seem like animals only young children want as pets, being they are small fluffy and adorable. But apparently one man has found an impressive new way to make a bunny rabbit even better.

How you ask? This genius of animal training prowess trained his girlfriend’s pet rabbit to deliver beer.

The man built a small bunny-vending cart himself, and in a video he shows the bunny making a delivery by pushing the cart. By luring the bunny in with a piece of fruit on top of the cart, he is able to provide his bunny bar-tender with incentive at least. The little guys name is Wallace, and apparently Wallace hasn’t mastered mix drinks yet, but we may get there.

Double Whammy Drunk Drivers

Everything’s bigger in Texas apparently, and so when a car crash goes down it apparently has to be big too. Police in a Dallas suburb reported that while officers were already dealing with one drunk driver they had pulled over at the moment, another drunken driver crashed into an empty squad car!

But wait, there’s more! Grand Prairie police stated a third driver then crashed into yet another empty police vehicle, but this driver apparently wasn’t drunk or high?!

The original officers pulled over the first driver at around 3 a.m. Sunday and ended up arresting that person for driving while intoxicated. The second drunk driver who struck the first police car was also arrested for a DWI according to the department spokesman.

Lucky for him, the third driver was only ticketed.

The Usual (Selfies) Suspects

OK, so we just robbed someone, what now? Take selfies, duh!

Dorian Walker-Gaines, age 20, and Dillian Thompson, age 22 were arrested on January 21 for felony theft after they allegedly stole an iPad, $5,000 and other items from an unlocked car on January 8. Stewart Schaefer, the victim of the crime, noticed incriminating photos were uploaded just hours after he reported his cash and iPad stolen.

Schaefer also received an alert for a YouTube clip which featured the suspects fanning out $100 bills and declaring themselves members of the “money team.” Apparently the authorities were able to track the individuals through their selfies. I wonder what hashtags they used. Should’ve used some filters.

So this latest crazy news week was full of drunk driving, stupid selfies, bartending bunny rabbits and undead cats. We all have our own stories that seem insane, but some stories don’t have the happiest endings, especially when drugs and alcohol become a fixture. If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse or addiction, please call toll-free 1-800-951-6135

Bong Ban in Virginia Outlaws Paraphernalia

Bong Ban in Virginia Outlaws Paraphernalia

Author: Justin Mckibben

There are all types of strange and inventive contraptions out there that have been creatively and craftily designed, labeled for ‘tobacco use only’ as some stores claim, but are ultimately used for smoking marijuana and other drugs. They come in all shapes and sizes, and are sometimes even made to be concealed and disguised as other objects.

Paraphernalia does not just mean those bongs or ‘water pipes’ that you see in head-shops. The term also applies to other accessories and instruments used for the transporting or consumption of illicit drugs. In a lot of cities these days you can find a shop selling these products around almost any corner, but it seems that one part of Virginia in particular is going to extreme lengths to make sure their shelves are not stocked with the tools of the drug trade.

Princeton Paraphernalia Crackdown

The City of Princeton in the state of Virginia recently took what some would see as an astonishing action toward ridding the area of drug abuse with a new ban on all drug paraphernalia and drug concealment novelties, which is sure to put a hurting on their local head-shops.

The new law defines paraphernalia:

“as any legitimate equipment, product, or material that is modified for making, using, or concealing illegal drugs such as cocaine, cocaine-based derivative, heroin, marijuana, and methamphetamine and includes certain pipes, smoking masks, bongs, cocaine freebase kits, marijuana grow kits, and items such as hollowed out cosmetic cases or fake pagers used to conceal illegal drugs and dealer-specific products used for preparing illegal drugs for distribution at the street level such as scales, vials, and baggies.”

Being in possession of any of these articles of paraphernalia is officially considered a misdemeanor offense under this new legislation, but not every is happy about the implications or confident in the specifics.

Summary of Banned Items

By city ordinance, Princeton has banned number of specific utensils for drug use, especially marijuana accessories such as:

The new law also prohibits items that have traces of illegal drugs, such as:

  • Scales
  • Vials

The law prohibits the use of any items designed to conceal illegal drugs as well, including:

  • Hollowed out cosmetic cases
  • Fake cans of soda with hidden compartments
  • Fake shaking cream bottles with hidden compartments

A lot of times these hidden compartments are made from all types of everyday items you would find in any grocery store or in the home of any modern family, so while they may be a little harder to spot there was once a time where they were available at most shops specializing in ‘water pipe’ and bong sales.

Ironic those devices designed to hide things from the police were regularly being sold right out in public.

Future of Enforcing the Ban

Police Chief J.W. Howell in Princeton made the announcement this past December the ordinance would take effect at the beginning of this month on January, 1, 2015. City Counsel had approved the ban at the end of 2014, and the call to get enforcement started was so police officers could become familiar with the distinctions between legal devices and what is now illegal. Police Chief Howell stated,

“My officers see, almost on a daily basis, needles, crack pipes, marijuana smoking pipes, just all kinds of paraphernalia so this will be a big aid to them as well,”

During a public hearing before the vote, several individuals voiced concerns about electronic cigarettes or vaporizers, and whether or not these devices would be criminalized, or could be considered part of the laws designation. This concern does not go unwarranted what considering the detailed nature of the law, and it is a fact that vaporizers and e-cigarettes have been used to smoke illicit drugs. Will this cause problems for the Princeton vape community?

Either way this whole idea seems strange given the status of a lot of new opinions on such a prohibition-style on drug policy, and the impact the midterms had on marijuana reforms that are still working their way through the nation. Parts of Virginia seem to be set on taking steps in the opposite direction so far.

This just goes to show that some people have very different views of drugs, and how the drug problem in America should be handled. Regardless of politics, an addict should always know that they have an opportunity to avoid being trapped in a life-style dependent on drugs. If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse or addiction, please call toll-free 1-800-951-6135

Holistic Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Holistic Drug and Alcohol Treatment

(This content is being used for illustrative purposes only; any person depicted in the content is a model)

Author: Justin Mckibben

What is Holistic Drug and Alcohol Treatment?

Holistic is a term that means “whole” and “complete.” Therefore, when considering getting help for substance abuse, the approach of holistic drug and alcohol treatment involves methods that are specific with addressing the mind, body, and spirit together and individually in the healing process of those seeking help.

Holistic drug and alcohol treatment differs from traditional methods of addiction treatment that tend to only treat certain aspects of the client and their disease of addiction.  The staff involved in holistic drug and alcohol treatment programs understands the complex nature of addiction, and the concept that it is a three-part disease:

  • A physical allergy
  • A mental obsession
  • A spiritual malady

There is plenty of research that has found that substance abuse interventions that incorporate spiritual approaches, such as meditation, provide benefit to healing and recovery through reshaping both psychological and psychosocial factors.

Holistic Drug and Alcohol Treatment: What’s the difference?

The mind, body and spirit are so closely interlinked that holistic drug and alcohol treatment centers put an emphasis on using holistic therapy to aid in the road to recovery from drugs and alcohol, and to assist individuals in successfully developing the coping skills for the transition to everyday life.

Holistic drug and alcohol treatment programs implement therapies such as yoga, massage therapy and acupuncture to compliment the basics of clinical drug and alcohol treatments.

  • Yoga- Yoga can improve the mind, body and soul through exercise, breathing and meditation techniques used during each session
  • Massage therapy– Massage therapy can improve the mind, body and soul through relaxation, stress relief and the healing of muscles.
  • Acupuncture- Acupuncture uses the manipulation of needles to improve the mind, body and soul and treatment experience by helping to reduce stress, pain, cause relaxation and calmness.

These are some of the most effective examples of out-of-the-box methods that you will find at a holistic drug and alcohol treatment facility. In addition to the typical treatment protocols such as individual and peer group counseling, 12 Step meetings, and relapse prevention classes that you may find in other rehab programs.

Other examples of holistic healing strategies include:

Holistic Drug and Alcohol Treatment: Detox Process

As always with addiction or alcoholism there is a period where the body experiences feelings of physical and mental discomfort commonly referred to as withdrawal. Withdrawals are not always the same for every substance, but in a holistic drug and alcohol treatment center an experienced and educated medical staff will be present to provide safe and personalized medical care to make this period as comfortable as possible.

During the detox stage of treatment modern medicines are absolutely essential to holistic drug and alcohol treatment centers to help people with their physical withdrawal, which in some extreme cases could be fatal if not handled and monitored properly. Holistic drug and alcohol treatment facilities offer non-narcotic medications which could also be a major help to those suffering from diseases such as depression, bi polar, or anxiety. This helps the body and mind to function smoother and more clearly during the earliest stages of recovery.

It is also during this initial intake and assessment period that the staff can help you to outline your recovery plan by introducing you to some of the different forms of treatment that will be available to you during inpatient holistic drug and alcohol treatment.

Why should I go to a holistic treatment program?

The most important part of a holistic drug rehab center is to see how they use these practices in conjunction with their medical treatment for drug and alcohol recovery. Most addicts and alcoholics wanting help from a drug treatment center can see exactly how these kind of holistic practices are beneficial for them before they participate.

Holistic drug and alcohol treatment centers will talk a lot about finding the meaning to life again, living life to the fullest, creating a positive change, and emphasize this. One of the biggest hurdles for many addicts and alcoholics trying to recover is the transition back into every-day life.

In the end a holistic drug and alcohol treatment program is so beneficial because of the simple fact that holistic healing is not just about the clinical side of rehab. Holistic drug and alcohol treatment believes in the idea that in order to put an individual in the best possible position for success, they should address the disease of addiction at all sides, and be exposed to a variety of spiritual, emotional, and physical exercises and strategies that can be used to overcome during the tough times that may come after treatment.

Overcoming addiction means more than just putting down the drink or the drug, and holistic drug and alcohol treatment is so powerful because it acknowledges the importance of every aspect of a healthy and happy life. Palm Partners prides itself in being one of the top holistic drug and alcohol treatment centers, and we strive to be part of what makes recovering addicts and alcoholics whole again. If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse or addiction, please call toll-free 1-800-951-6135

Snowed In? Here’s a List of Stuff to Do

Snowed In? Here’s a List of Stuff to Do

By Cheryl Steinberg

With the northern states set to receive their fair-share of snow and talks of blizzards, it’s a good idea to be prepared with things like food, water, and toilet paper. But, once the basic needs are covered, if you’re snowed in, here’s a list of stuff to do.

#1. Netflix binge!

Duh! Or, here’s a here’s a novel idea…

#2. Read a book

See what I did there? That’s called a pun. Pick up that book you’ve had on your nightstand for like, two years. It will no longer taunt you.

#3. Play games

Board games, card games (Cards Against Humanity is a favorite), or video games – or a combination of all of these. If your friends are snowed-in in other locations, you can still play games with them, such as Trivia Crack or Words With Friends.

#4. Organize your closet

Ugh, sounds like a nightmare but, if this is something you’ve been meaning to do but keep putting off, it’s just another thing you have hanging over your head and creating stress in your life. Think of it this way: you’ll feel much better after you do it. And accomplished, too!

#5. Clean out that junk drawer

Similar scenario to the closet. We all have that one (or several) junk drawer that’s gotten out of hand. You probably can’t get it to close all the way anymore. Think about how nice it will feel to bring some organization – even to your so-called junk.

#6. Rearrange a room

Slow your roll…this isn’t necessarily cleaning. Have fun being creative by rearranging your stuff. You might be surprised to find that you’ve created a much roomier room simply by switching places with the sofa and the TV.

#7. Try out a new recipe

Here’s another way you can play around with your creativity. Crack open one of your mom’s hand-me-down recipe books or consult Pinterest for ideas at cooking or baking a new-to-you meal or treat.

#8. Do yoga in your living room

Or wherever you have the space to do it. Maybe you’re already a hardcore yogi. Or maybe you’ve always wondered what the whole yoga obsession was about. Now’s your chance to experience it. You can look up how to do yoga on YouTube.

#9. #10. Dig out!

As in, venture outside and dig a path in the snow. It’s great exercise and, if you do venture out, you can…

#10. Have a snowball fight

What better way to enjoy being snowed-in than to get back in touch with your inner child.

#11. Call your parents, siblings, and/or an old friend

Catch up with all your peeps, you know, the ones you’ve been meaning to call/text.

#12. Make a list of your goals for the next few months

Really take the time to think them out and write them down so now you’re accountable to yourself.

#13. Clean out your phone contacts

If you’re like me, you’ve got tons of people in your contacts that you don’t recall who they are. Even the word-hint after their name no longer means something to you. Also, this is a great opportunity for getting rid of the people you do remember that have proven to be toxic friends or ex-hook ups who make you feel terrible.

#14. Create all those Spotify playlists you’ve been meaning to make

If you’re a music fan like me, being stuck inside is the perfect opportunity to organize your music into playlists and share them with all of your friends who have been bugging you to do so. Also, you can take this time to check out other people’s playlists and find new people to follow.

#15. Write a letter to someone you haven’t talked to in a while

Or to a best friend, someone you talk to often. There’s nothing like getting an old-fashioned, hand-written letter since we’re so used to only getting texts and emails these days.

#16. Meditate

Listen to the sounds of the snow outside and breathe deeply. Clear your mind. Nothing’s gonna happen while it’s snowing this hard. Take the time to relax.

If you or someone you love is isolating because of other reasons, not just inclement weather, such as due to a substance abuse disorder like drug addiction, help is available. Please call toll-free 1-800-951-6135 to speak with an Addiction Specialist today. We are here day or night, rain or shine (or snow) 24/7 to take your call. You are not alone.

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