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Jonny Craig- Sobriety or Subsisting?

Jonny Craig- Sobriety or Subsisting?

Jonny Craig is an amazing vocalist, an awesome artist who has been part of many bands including Dance Gavin Dance, Emarosa, his own solo project and now his newest group Slaves. In the past few years Jonny Craig has also had quite a public battle with his drug addiction. After stints in rehab, living in a halfway house and going to support group meetings all while writing music he still has moments where his past is dragged out to be picked apart. While he maintains the he is sober, he tends to make the distinction ‘sober from drugs’, and his Twitter account features posts from friends implying drinking alcohol, so the question is- is Jonny Craig sober? Or is he just substituting?

Recent Relapse Accusations

After being accused recently of using heroin again after videos were released publicly by an ex-girlfriend Craig addressed the issue saying,

“Just woke up to a nice surprise from the ex, so I’m headed right down to the office to prove to you guys without a doubt I’m not using,”  and later went on to state, “I have nothing to hide”.

Shortly after making his initial statement on April 2nd Craig also posted a video showing a drug test he had taken that tested clean across the board! He has made it a personal mission since the initial accusation to prove he has not used, and maintains he has been ‘sober from drugs’ over a year.

His girlfriend claims her Twitter account was hacked, and after the photos and videos have been examined by several publications is has become apparent that the footage is older footage, and this attack on Craig’s character would not be unmotivated given the long and gruesome break-up he and his ex-girlfriend have had over the past year.

The MacBook Incident

Back in February 2011 several of Jonny Craig’s fans openly accused him of being involved in an internet scam that reached up to thousands of dollars. According to the alleged victims, Craig had claimed to be selling a used MacBook computer through his Twitter account. Craig was accused of accepting online payments that on average ranged between $600.00 and $800.00 for the hardware, and there were allegedly at least 16 individuals who had paid these amounts. He supposedly discontinued communication with the buyers, and no products were ever distributed, the transactions basically dead-ended after the payments had been made.

Johnny Craig initially denied all these accusations, and claimed that his Twitter had been hacked and he had no involvement. However, the following week it was announced that Craig had dropped off his current tour for the band he was performing with at the time, Emarosa, and entered into a detox facility in order to confront his long term battles with drug addiction. Financial responsibility for the incident was dealt with by Rise Records and the Artery Foundation in regards to the internet scam, and the company worked to reimburse anyone who had been a victim of the claims. Craig later issued a public apology admitting to his involvement after his detox treatment was completed on March 8, 2011.

Craig Caught Again

In October 2011, Craig was arrested. This time he was jailed and charged with two counts of possession of narcotics, two counts of possession of drug paraphernalia, and one count of failure to appear on a felony charge. His bail was set at $15,000.00. Craig was later released a few weeks later and at that point was scheduled to enter a court-ordered rehabilitation facility. Craig surpassed a 30 day court-ordered detox program and was then released March 30, 2012.

Still Sober?

While Jonny Craig has been interviewed several times since his stay in rehab, even while in a halfway house taking personal time to develop his recovery strategy, he has maintained that his sobriety is strong. He does not pretend to be in perfect spiritual condition in many of his interviews he openly admits his music is the driving force behind his recovery now.

The question is, with posts as recent as July 26th of this year with a picture of his face entitled ‘Drinkin with my boy’ by another artist, does Jonny Craig not believe that alcohol should be included in his ‘no drugs’ policy? It may be that the artist feels that he does not have to stop drinking in order to avoid using heroin and other narcotics like he has had trouble with in the past. So where will he draw the line? If he is drinking (and I have no direct proof he is at all) then the honest answer is he does not necessarily have sobriety, but substitution.

Substitution is a dangerous game to play. For addicts, it is not truly a safe life-style. A drug is a drug, and if you admit it or not, alcohol is one of the worst drugs there is. I have already went on in another article to discuss that alcohol by DEFINITION is a drug, and is so dangerous mostly because it is a legal drug!

Honestly, I’m rooting for the guy. I’m a personal fan and that is why I took the chance to write this article. With all the back and forth and ups and downs he has faced especially in the past 2 years as a result of his drug addiction and struggles to cope with his recovery and his fame, is it going to be possible for this recovering addict to stay sober? If he’s drinking alcohol that point is void because he isn’t sober, but I’m still holding out hope for him. His new band recently released an album that he has put a lot of the pains of his battles with heroin addiction into, and it makes for great music, but hopefully he is able to keep making music without that kind of ‘inspiration’.

 Addiction is a disease that destroys lives, and it comes in many forms and affects all walks of life. There is help for those who suffer from the disease of addiction, and successful recovery is possible when the individual makes the first steps necessary to get help before it is too late. It takes a program of active recovery to maintain lasting sobriety. If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse or addiction there are people waiting to help! Please call toll-free 1-800-951-6135





5 Real Reasons Problem Drinkers think It’s Lame When You Stop Drinking

5 Real Reasons Problem Drinkers think It's Lame When You Stop Drinking

Living in sobriety you might not be the most popular person in the eyes of problem drinkers and party animals. Some people who still enjoy getting trashed regularly think it’s ‘lame’ that you don’t. They can’t wrap their head around why someone would want to stop drinking; even though they themselves wake up hung-over once in a while saying they should never drink again. Why would you NOT get wasted when they are? How boring is it to NOT get drunk, binge drink or black out?

Really there are plenty of REAL reasons that a problem drinker thinks it’s ‘lame’ that you aren’t drinking anymore, and most of the time it really has NOTHING to do with you, and EVERYTHING to do with them. This is a list of just 5 real reasons problem drinkers think its lame when you stop drinking.

  1. They’re afraid you will judge them while drinking…

When a problem drinker is doing some binge drinking or taking the party a little too seriously, they might think it’s lame that you have stopped drinking because they are afraid you will see them in their intoxicated state and pass judgment on them for being drunk. Most times a problem drinker wants to drink with others who are drinking because getting drunk helps them forget their inhibitions, which is always easier when the people around you forget theirs too.

When someone who drinks to the extent that it creates problems in their life is confronted with being around someone who no longer has those problems, they may feel ashamed that they act the way they do and say the things they say, knowing that you still have some sense while staying sober.

  1. People seem more ‘normal’ to them drinking…

Sometimes a problem drinker considers others normal when they are drinking as they do, especially if they are used to you being a heavy drinker too, and they consider that to be the ‘normal’ you. Once you get sober it may confuse them as to how you ended up not having to have a drink to be yourself. Problem drinkers might feel they can’t relate to you as much simply because you are no longer drinking. Truthfully, if they are causing problems every time they drink, it’s probably a good thing.

  1. You can remember what they did the next day…

I know this may be a crazy statement, but sometimes problem drinkers actually do things that are a little more embarrassing or a little less tasteful than they would care to admit. Problem drinkers might find it discomforting that you are sober, because then they have to worry about the person who will definitely remember those embarrassing things they do, or those crazy things they say, and call them out on it once they sober up.

Someone who has stopped drinking can be an annoying reminder to a problem drinker of the fact that they get drunk, make mistakes, and cause problems. It’s not that you’re lame, they just do lame stuff and now someone can prove it!

  1. They may be jealous they can’t stop…

Problem drinkers may just be jealous of you once you’re sober. Maybe that person who thinks it’s ‘lame’ you don’t drink is just upset because deep down they know they don’t have the ability to stop drinking on their own and they don’t understand how you were able to overcome your drinking. Not to say that they will hate you or lash out against you for it.

Still, a part of them may just be annoyed at the fact that they try to stop drinking but can’t. Or they do but they can’t be happy without it. If a problem drinker is causing problems for themselves, and sees you able to not drink and be happy, then it may go to show that they need help. Do NOT let a problem drinker make you feel like your accomplishments in sobriety are insignificant, especially if deep down they just want what you have.

  1. They may think you consider yourself better than them…

Ego is a huge problem with alcoholics. Self-centered behavior is natural to most that have serious problems with drinking, and it would only make sense that a problem drinker would assume your ego has only grown since you stopped drinking. In sobriety we should remember not to be self-righteous, because a problem drinker may see that and say the sober individual thinks they are better than people who do drink.

This is not the fault of the recovering alcoholic who is around a problem drinker and maintains their sobriety. The other person may even feel this way based off of another issue, like jealousy or insecurity.

The problem drinker or even the average person may not understand the process and the perseverance of obtaining and keeping your sobriety. By not knowing the struggles you have been through for your sobriety, they won’t understand the value of it, but hopefully they respect it enough to honor you when you maintain it. If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse or alcoholism, please call toll-free 1-800-951-6135


 Crazy News Stories Of The Week      

                                                     Crazy News Stories Of The Week

Another dose of your Crazy News Stories of the Week. Enjoy!                                          

#1. Man Assaults Mom with Machete

A Daytona Beach man was arrested and jailed after he threatened his mother with a machete, allegedly. According to Daytona Beach cops, as reported in The Daytona Beach News-Journal, Kevin Bolden was mad at his mom for giving his hospitalized grandmother too much sugar. So he decided to make a point by allegedly threatening her with a machete, and he certainly didn’t mince words.

At this time, there are no further details other than that Bolden is currently behind bars for the assault on his momma.

#2. Man Upset Over Not Receiving Any Mail

Police arrested Florida man who is accused of throwing broken furniture at a postal carrier because he didn’t have any mail for him. According to an Ocala Police Department report, Aaron Bernard Smith, 27, is facing charges of burglary, battery and criminal mischief.

The mailman told officers that Smith approached the driver’s side of his truck and, when he tried to explain to Smith that the reason he did not receive any mail was because there simply wasn’t any for him, Smith got angry and struck him with an open fist at least three times on the right arm. Smith then walked away from the vehicle, picked up a broken chair and threw it at the mail truck, striking the left rear panel. According to the report, when officers located Smith, he admitted to the incident.

Court records show Smith has been evaluated for mental illness the Baker Act twice, once in May, and once in January of 2013.

#3. Freaky Flasher Arrested

Identified as 34-year-old David Gouldner, aka “Ruby Red,” “Super Pimp” and “Carrot Top,” was detained by a deputy after a woman flagged down a cop saying that a man, wearing a polka-dot shirt and orange shorts, was “exposing himself and giving people the finger.”

The female victim was pulling into a parking lot when Gouldner pulled down his pants and grabbed his penis. “He began wiggling it in a circular manner then let go and started swinging it around,” an affidavit states. The victim yelled at the man and he started to approach her. She said she backed away and saw the deputy drive by and began waving her arms.

Gouldner was arrested on an exposure of sexual organs charge and passed out in the back seat of the deputy’s patrol car on the way to the station.

#4. Woman Paranoid About Her Meth Calls Cops

54-year-old Lynette Rae Sampson was arrested on felony drug charges after police said she called and said she thought her crystal meth was laced with something.

According to an affidavit, Sgt. Tim Doyle said that Sampson called him at the police department and told him she had meth in a tin container on her kitchen counter. He sent Deputy Barber to knock on her door. Sampson answered and told him, “I’m glad you came.” Barber asked if he could speak with her, Sampson said yes and let him into the house.

Sampson told the cop that she thought her “ice” was laced with something. Sampson then went into the living room, sat down, and appeared to be hearing things. She was also sweating profusely. Barber asked if she had used methamphetamine recently, and Sampson admitted to smoking meth a couple of hours prior. She also showed the deputy the tin containing a white, crystalline substance and a broken light bulb that appeared to have been used to smoke the drug, having a white residue on the inside surface.

Sampson was arraigned on a felony count of possession of methamphetamine and a misdemeanor count of unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia. For the felony charge, Sampson faces two to 10 years in prison and/or a fine of up to $5,000 and up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine for the misdemeanor.

#5. Plastic Surgeon Fixes Cocaine Nose Job

In a lawsuit filed in a Chicago circuit court, Sabrina Kropp alleges that her plastic surgeon posted ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos of her facial reconstruction surgery on his website without her consent. What’s worse, he had them labelled “cocaine nose.”

In the lawsuit, Kropp said that Dr. Robert Walton took the photographs of her face in 2004, under the guise that the images were for the sole use of being part of her medical records. But, according to the suit, when the Walton opened a new practice in 2013, Plastic Surgery Chicago LLC, the photos of her face were published on that practice’s website.

“Cocaine nose” is listed on Walton’s website as one of the conditions for which he offers and performs nasal reconstruction surgery. The site describes the condition as “perforations of the septum, infection, loss of supporting cartilage, scarring and eventual collapse of the nose” that chronic cocaine use can cause. Among other allegations, Kropp is suing Walton and Plastic Surgery Chicago LLC for breach of legal and ethical duty to protect confidentiality, and that his actions were in direct violation of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Kropp’s lawsuit seeks compensation for damages, stating that she “suffered great harm” as a result of the photos being published. Kropp also contends that Walton should have known that publishing the photos would cause her “to become distressed, shamed and embarrassed,” according to the lawsuit.

This blog is purely for entertainment value. However, we are also here to help. If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse or addiction, call us toll-free at 1-800-951-6135 to speak directly with an Addiction Specialist day or night. We’re here to answer your questions and offer resources.

Why Addicts Can’t Afford to Be Spiritually Sick

Why Addicts Can’t Afford to Be Spiritually Sick

A lot of people who are in recovery from addiction have found a solution that emphasizes the importance of spirituality. Programs such as 12 step recovery fellowships stress the importance of being spiritually fit because it leads to an overall improved quality of life while supporting you with a way to stay clean and sober. And, generally speaking, you can tell when someone is spiritually healthy and when someone isn’t. The following are reasons why addicts can’t afford to be spiritually sick.

Restless, Irritable, and Discontent

If you work a program of recovery, then you’ve probably heard the phrase “restless, irritable, and discontent.” This refers to how we as addicts felt when we were in our active addiction but also to those times, while in recovery, that we slacked on our spiritual program. When we are spiritually sick, there’s a direct correlation to our mood; we become miserable, which, in turn, makes those around us miserable. This leads to the next reason why addicts can’t afford to be spiritually sick.

We hold others emotionally hostage

When we neglect to work on our spiritual foundation, we tend to become downright miserable, which then seeps into our relationships. In our active addiction, our selfishness and self-centeredness caused harm to others so, being in recovery is a time to not do that anymore. Yet, allowing ourselves to become spiritually sick is just another way that we become selfish and self-centered (again) and make those around us miserable.

Leads to relapse

Another way addicts can’t afford to be spiritually sick is that it’s commonly the reason we start the downward spiral towards relapse. Relapse is considered to be a process, of which there are 10 phases, with the 11th phase being the actual use of the drug. Phases 1-10 all relate to state of mind and thought patterns that can be directly tied to the state of one’s spirituality or lack thereof.

No growth

Without spirituality, there is no growth; in fact, it is the foundation of all areas of growth: personal and professional. Therefore, without it, you are merely surviving; not thriving. And that is really what life is about. Who wants to ‘just get by’ when you can actually be happy and successful?

Acting out

When recovering addicts are spiritually sick, they tend to act out on old behaviors, but in other ways than using. They might spend money frivolously or have lots of meaningless sex. In either case, there are direct consequences – such as being broke or getting an STI (formerly STD) – but the ultimate consequence is loss of peace of mind and internal happiness. When we act out, we’re searching for an external source of happiness and, while this might work at first, it is always short-lived and temporary. Therefore, we’re adding to our misery as well as playing with fire (relapse).

You feel like crap

There’s no doubt, even in Western medicine, that there is a strong mind-body-spirit connection when it comes to health. Therefore, when addicts are spiritually unfit, this can manifest in both mental and physical ways. Your PAWS symptoms might reappear and you might just make yourself sick, literally. When we are spiritually sick, we are more susceptible to colds, flus, and infections, not to mention the mental stuff like depression and anxiety. And, when you’re sick, you’re more apt to miss work, therefore miss out on pay, and fall behind on school (if that applies). Losing pay means being financially strapped which only leads to more stress.

Do you rely on alcohol or other drugs just to get by on a daily basis and feel somewhat normal? Do you have a desire to stop but you just can’t seem to be able to? You could be suffering from addiction. Substance abuse and addiction go hand-in-hand and are medical conditions for which there is treatment. Call us toll-free at 1-800-951-6135 to speak directly with an Addiction Specialist, day or night. You are not alone.

West Palm Beach Drug Rehab

West Palm Beach Drug Rehab

West Palm Beach Drug Rehab: Treatment Programs

For anyone struggling with substance abuse or drug and alcohol addiction, West Palm Beach drug rehab is an incredible opportunity, which provides you with options and different styles of safe and effective treatment programs. Some styles have a different approach, but they work off the same essential basics necessary for the process of recovery. Make sure whatever your situation that you find the option that offers the best treatment program for you, and in seeking out drug or alcohol treatment West Palm Beach drug rehab also offers an amazing climate to undergo the initial stages of recovery. Make sure you look into the specifics of the programs offered at any West Palm Beach drug rehab, and you may consider treatment alternatives, but the basics of treatment programs include:

  • Inpatient treatment
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Drug and Alcohol Medical Detox
  • Dual Diagnosis Counseling
  • Sober Living Facilities
  • Long term treatment plans
  • Short term treatment plans
  • Aftercare Counseling

West Palm Beach drug rehab will offer educational courses and specialized assistance on the outlined areas of health and recovery listed below as part of the treatment program. They may describe different and appealing approaches to each of these aspects, but they always make sure to include the key elements of a healthy life-style for continuous recovery such as:

These are the attributes of any West Palm Beach drug rehab that would be consistently provided for patients as part of combatting and overcoming the physical dependency on drugs and/or alcohol while helping the individual to build tools that can effectively change the afflicted person’s life-style.

West Palm Beach Drug Rehab: Important Features

Having found a West Palm Beach drug rehab facility with a trustworthy program and certified staff, you definitely want to take advantage of the services they have to offer. If you want to make sure your recovery plan has been established in a professional and reliable environment, it is important to research a West Palm Beach drug rehab before making a choice to seek out the services of that facility. The West Palm Beach drug rehab you choose should also permit the following features:

  • Safe environment with regular drug and alcohol screenings
  • Counseling where individuals and peer groups
  • Assistance on learning more about healthy living
  • Should be licensed for treatment of substance abuse
  • Qualified and helpful staff
  • Recovery plans for after inpatient treatment
  • Relapse prevention education and assistance

West Palm Beach Drug Rehab: Why Rehab?

It may be difficult to commit to any treatment, even West Palm Beach drug rehab, for some people struggling with substance abuse or addiction. It is necessary to do your best to learn everything you can about addiction and the treatment of addiction to decide if you will benefit from West Palm Beach drug rehab. There are many inpatient programs for addiction, as well as long-term plans, and alternative treatments. These opportunities for treatment create a safe environment for patients to grow. A patient can attend support groups, individual therapy sessions, and while in care will be assisted by a medical staff to ease them out of active addiction.

West Palm Beach drug rehab exists to support their patients, and to help each person understand the disease of addiction by dealing with both personal problems and clinical issues.

West Palm Beach drug rehab is not the only option out there, many states offer a variety of rehabilitation centers to teach men and women how to cope with issues, maintain health and sobriety, and get them back on track to living a more productive life. If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse or addiction and is looking for treatment, please call toll-free 1-800-951-6135.

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