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All across this country in small towns, rural areas and cities, alcoholism and drug abuse are destroying the lives of men, women and their families. Where to turn for help? What to do when friends, dignity and perhaps employment are lost?

The answer is Palm Partners Recovery Center. It’s a proven path to getting sober and staying sober.

Palm Partners’ innovative and consistently successful treatment includes: a focus on holistic health, a multi-disciplinary approach, a 12-step recovery program and customized aftercare. Depend on us for help with:

What is the Success Rate of Rehab?

Alcohol and drug addiction is a serious illness that can impact your whole life. It is characterized by a compulsive need to drink and use drugs even in the face of severe consequences. An addiction to drugs and/or alcohol is very serious and life threatening. Often, an alcoholic or addict needs the help of a skilled rehab in order to recover.

Many drug addicts and alcoholics question whether they really need to go to rehab. They believe they can quit on their own, and convince themselves that rehab isn’t necessary. Often, the truth is that most alcoholics and addicts are afraid to seek treatment.  Despite the sometimes terrifying and devastating consequences of alcoholism, many alcoholics choose to continue to drink because it is familiar to them.  For them, the life they know is less scary than going to a rehab program and getting help. Other people may know they have a problem, but don’t want to admit that it is severe enough to merit rehab. Still others don’t think that rehab will work for them.

So what is the success rate of rehab?

The success rate of rehab really varies depending on the program. Private facilities with more one-on-one treatment tend to have higher success rates. More individual attention means that your treatment will be more centered on your specific needs. Sometimes people begin drinking because of past trauma. Others have a co-occurring mental disorder, like anxiety, and they self-medicate by using drugs and drinking. A treatment center that is equipped to give you personal attention generally has better treatment outcomes because you are able to focus on your specific issues.

The success rate of rehab also depends on the length of time you spend there. The longer you stay in treatment, the better your chances of long term sobriety. Some treatment centers will even guarantee that you have a successful recovery if you stay a certain amount of time and participate in aftercare treatment. If you relapse, they will allow you to come back to treatment free of charge.

People who attend drug rehabs that use even one holistic drug treatment are three times more likely to achieve long-term sobriety. Holistic drug treatment has become increasingly popular in recent years as people have become aware of the benefits of natural medicine. Holistic drug treatment is also very effective because it recognizes that addiction is a whole body disease. It affects your mind, body, and spirit.

Treatment centers that introduce clients to 12-step programs and get them involved in the fellowship have a higher success rate. Treatment can only go so far when it comes to your recovery. The most important work comes after you leave an inpatient program. 12-step programs can pick up where treatment left off and pave the way towards a healthy, sober life. Getting involved in the fellowship ensures that you will be surrounded by others in recovery, and this also contributes to success rate.

If you or someone you know needs drug or alcohol treatment with a high success rate, call us at (877) 711-HOPE (4673) or visit us online at

Finding a Alcohol Rehabilitation Program

Finding a alcohol rehabilitation program


Finding a alcohol rehabilitation program can be very simple with the progression of technology in the past ten years. With this progression of our resources there has also been a progression of a alcohol rehabilitation program. There are multiple alcohol rehab programs all over the southern parts of “The Sunshine State”. With all this progression it’s really a matter of you finding a alcohol rehabilitation program that is right for you.

Utilize the Internet to help you in your search for finding a alcohol rehabilitation program. Most of us own a computer and if not there are libraries with full computer labs available to the public free of charge. You’re at a computer right now and that’s how you are reading this blog. Open up your web browser which can be anything from Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari to Google Chrome and type in From there you can search for “finding a alcohol rehabilitation program” or “alcohol rehabilitation in Florida”. Do your research thoroughly and contact those alcohol rehabs you find and visit them if possible to get a good feel for the people, culture, recovery community and treatment offered. Look at the different alcohol rehabilitation programs and figure out what kind of alcohol rehab you want to attend or think would be a good choice for you or your loved one.

A lot of alcohol rehabilitation programs are holistic based and use a very progressive and modern medical approach to a disease that has been misunderstood for a very long time. The disease of alcoholism and addiction has been misinterpreted by a lot of people to be a lack of morals or willpower and that is not true. Alcohol rehabilitation programs know this so anywhere you find in the area is going to be an understanding, modern, progressive, positive place for an alcoholic or addict to recover.

If you are looking for anything specific though; such as holistic, dual diagnosis, residential or long term treatment programs make sure to specify that in your search. Most alcohol rehabilitation programs now offer holistic approaches to the disease because it affects the mental, physical and spiritual parts of a person and a holistic treatment heals all of those. Only some alcohol rehabilitation programs offer dual diagnosis though. The staff that alcohol rehabilitation programs have must be qualified to treat someone with mental health issues ranging from eating disorders to bi polar or depression. Then thirdly, not all alcohol rehabilitations programs offer residential or long-term treatment. Long term treatment and residential treatment are exclusive to only some alcohol rehabs. Make sure when you are trying to find an a alcohol rehabilitation programs if this is what you want that you find something on the website talking about long term or residential or call them up and ask specifically about it.

If your someone you know is trying to find or finding a alcohol rehabilitation programs please don’t hesitate to call 877-711-HOPE(4673) or go to We are here to help and offer all the above amenities and programs to help someone find “Change for Life”

Affordable Alcohol Treatment Centers

Finding affordable alcohol treatment centers is something that many struggle with. It is one of the biggest barriers to seeking drug treatment for people that want to get help. Navigating the waters of affordable alcohol treatment centers can be a daunting task, but it is out there.

The first step in finding affordable alcohol treatment centers is to research your health care insurance coverage. Many people don’t realize that most health care plans will cover a stay at an alcohol treatment center at little or no out of pocket cost. Most states (43 of them) have laws that require plans to cover a stay at an alcohol treatment center. Because of the stigma associated with addiction, you may have to be prepared to challenge your health insurance carrier if they deny coverage. Some states find it difficult to enforce the laws regarding alcohol treatment centers because of this stigma. Keep in mind that group health insurance is required to comply with state law, but financially, it is beneficial to them to deny coverage. Research your state laws before you contact your health insurance carrier and don’t take no for an answer. With the right attitude and information, you can find affordable alcohol treatment centers.

Once you know what kind of benefits you have and which places accept your insurance, it is important to research the affordable alcohol treatment center. Affordable alcohol treatment centers vary widely in the kind of care they provide and the success rate of the patients. Write down all of your questions before you contact the affordable alcohol treatment center. Find out if the affordable alcohol treatment center provides detox in house or at an outside facility. If it is outside, make sure that the detox facility is covered by your insurance as well. Ask about the length of alcohol treatment, and what happens if your benefits run out before you are finished with the program. Often, affordable alcohol treatment centers can contact your insurance and find out what kind of benefits you have.

Even if you don’t have health insurance, you can still find affordable alcohol treatment centers. Many alcohol treatment centers will work with you financially; most offer a discounted rate for those without health insurance coverage. Several affordable alcohol treatment centers offer some type of scholarship program for certain individuals to help offset the cost of treatment.

Additionally, if you do not have health insurance coverage, you can contact your state’s lead agency for drug addiction and alcoholism. All states have a lead agency to plan and administer drug and alcohol abuse prevention and addiction treatment services. These agencies have access to funds for people with little or no insurance coverage so that they too can find affordable alcohol treatment centers.

Most importantly, do not delay getting help because you do not think you can find afford an alcohol treatment center. If you are planning to confront a loved one about their drug or alcohol problem, find an affordable alcohol treatment center before you meet with them. This is a life and death disease, and people who want help are dying every day while trying to find help. These alcohol treatment centers can provide Intervention services if needed.

If you or someone you know is looking for an affordable alcohol treatment center call us at (877) 711-HOPE (4673) or visit us online at

Top Recovery Centers


In the recovery industry there are some very well known recovery treatment centers that have gained their notoriety through celebrity affiliates, funding and word of mouth. Some of those recovery treatment centers are great at rehabilitation and have helped hundreds of thousands of addicts reach and maintain sobriety. Becoming and maintaining at the top of the recovery industry shouldn’t be about financial gain but about reaching and helping as many addicts as possible. Substance abuse is a growing national crisis, affecting millions of Americans and starting at younger ages. Top recovery centers that are fighting against this crisis are crucial to the success of the war against drugs.

All of the top recovery centers carry one universal message: the message of hope. There is still hope even when it feels like you have hit bottom. Remember this. The fact that there are so many top recovery centers means there is actual recovery happening. When recovery happens it is a direct result of hope and provides freedom. Freedom from drugs and alcohol, which in turn when you receive it, gives others hope.

Palm Partners Recovery Center is a top recovery center in Florida because we provide safe and quality care for all our clients. We believe in healing our clients holistically by focusing on the mind, body and spirit. We offer an extensive recovery network through our Alumni program and even offer a limited guarantee for our clients.

Top recovery centers are connected and have one common goal – to heal addiction. Recovering addicts and alcoholics have that same goal – to be healed and help others in their search for sobriety. Most top recovery centers are located in a community that has the outreach and network to enable drug and alcohol treatment as well as sobriety once an addict enters recovery. It’s best if an addict seeking treatment goes to a top recovery center that is located out of state in order to experience an immediate change in their environment to ensure long-term sobriety. When searching for an out of state treatment center look for treatment centers that at the least offer safe medical detox, residential programs, IOP, holistic treatments, and family programs. Get online and search for top recovery centers for drug and alcohol treatment. Talk to your family, friends, associates and primary physician for referrals. Use your resources to find the best top recovery center for you and your loved ones.

Holistic Alcohol Treatment Centers


Holistic alcohol treatment centers focus on a person as a whole instead of just specific parts. Holistic means to treat the whole, holistic alcohol treatment centers treat the mind, body and spirit instead of just the mind and body as most traditional treatment centers do.

Holistic alcohol treatment centers realize that the physical pain and mental anguish of the people who suffer from the disease of alcoholism and addiction needs to be treated not only with pyscho-therapy and medication but also treatments that focus on getting to the root of the problem. Holistic alcohol treatment centers implement these treatments into every phase of the rehabilitation of each addict and alcoholic. During detox at a holistic alcohol treatment center most people are in a lot of physical pain and mental strife because of withdrawal symptoms from drugs and alcohol. The holistic therapies offered at a holistic alcohol treatment center allow each person to relieve some of the mental stress and physical pain they are going through. Some holistic therapies that are offered at holistic alcohol treatment centers include, but are not limited to:

▪                natural diet and herbal remedies

▪                nutritional supplements

▪                exercise

▪                relaxation

▪                psycho-spiritual counseling

▪                meditation

▪                breathing exercises

▪                acupuncture

▪                homeopathy

▪                massage therapy


Not only are these holistic treatments applicable during an individuals stay at a holistic alcohol treatment center, but can be found in daily life and utilized for the healing of the mind, body and spirit. Holistic alcohol treatment centers take care of not only any physical problems and restore health but through relaxation techniques applied creates a sense of well-being and peace inside the person. All of the above mentioned are not something that the alcoholic or addict has most likely felt in a long time. That’s what makes holistic alcohol treatment centers a cut above the rest. The ability to treat the alcoholic and addict in such a way to where they are capable of feeling peace inside of themselves is something that makes a holistic alcohol treatment center so absolutely essential and valuable.

Holistic alcohol treatment centers are becoming the norm when it comes to the rehabilitation from drugs and alcohol because more and more studies are finding that the holistic approach to the disease of alcoholism and addiction is most effective. Holistic alcohol treatment centers we will see become more essential in the treatment of this disease. The disease of alcoholism and addiction is unlike any other disease in the medical world and therefore has to be treated differently than most other diseases. Holistic alcohol treatment centers recognize the need for something “more” when it comes to helping these addicted people. There must be spiritual relief as well as mental and physical relief when they come to a rehabilitation center. That is why holistic alcohol treatment centers would be the only type of treatment center that is capable of treating all three aspects of this disease.

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