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All across this country in small towns, rural areas and cities, alcoholism and drug abuse are destroying the lives of men, women and their families. Where to turn for help? What to do when friends, dignity and perhaps employment are lost?

The answer is Palm Partners Recovery Center. It’s a proven path to getting sober and staying sober.

Palm Partners’ innovative and consistently successful treatment includes: a focus on holistic health, a multi-disciplinary approach, a 12-step recovery program and customized aftercare. Depend on us for help with:

Sober Living in Delray Beach – Giving You Back Your Home

Sober Living Giving You the Tools You Need to Stay Clean

  Sober living consists of the multiple aftercare and homes that provide a safe place for addicts and alcoholics to go once they have completed some form of detox or inpatient treatment. Sober living is easily and readily available to those who seek it out. Delray Beach is the capital for recovery and sober living facilities are found on every other street. Choosing to utilize sober living accommodations was probably the most paramount decision I made in my own recovery. Sober living allowed me to continue on with life in a safe place that put all the tools needed for success within my reach. Sober living houses are usually separated by sex- between males and females. So you will usually find a sober living home for all women or all men. This is extremely important in the recovery process because it allows of comfortableness in your sober living space without distractions or drama. Sober living that is separated between males and females allows an addict or alcoholic to build a fellowship among them. A lot of us with alcohol or drug addictions come into sobriety not having had the most pleasant relationships with our spouses or families or members of the same sex. This is one of the many reasons why all women or all men sober living in accommodations are so successful. Living with members of the same sex allows you to build a bond and mutual respect for each other. Sober living also allowed can help you to learn how to live a responsible and well managed life. With just enough freedom and accountability sober living is priceless in what it can teach you. The amount of experience, knowledge and tools you can learn and even I learned myself at a sober living home are tremendous. Sober living accommodations are not permanent. Eventually we have to move on and begin our lives again at place of residence we have made on our own. Whether it’s a new apartment or heading back to live with our families. The good thing is though that sober living has afforded us the time to figure out how we want to live our lives, practice those principles and apply them to our new lives. Giving us every opportunity and chance to live a wondrously happy and fulfilling life. God knows we want to get clean and stay clean but to think that it can be so much more than that. We don’t have to just get clean we can also start to live fantastic lives and sober living can help to teach us exactly how to do that. Sober living is not exclusive to the one particular area but Delray is definitely a hub and a center for recovery. I could not think of a better place to get clean and start my sober living than right here! It offers up every opportunity to get this recovery thing that we all so desperately needed and wanted. Sober living can give you freedom, independence, and accountability you greatly desire. Three ingredients to success when it comes to living a fully sober life. If you or someone you know could benefit from sober living do not hesitate to call 1-877-711-HOPE (4673) or go to our website at and chat with an addiction specialist today.

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall is My Alcohol Addiction the Worst Addiction of Them All?

Alcohol Addiction- Cunning, Baffling and Powerful.

Alcohol addiction seems less intense and scary sounding compared to heroin addiction or crack addiction. The truth of the matter is though, alcohol addiction is probably the scariest addiction of them. The effects of alcohol are astounding and in comparison to other drugs the facts are suprising. Not saying drugs are a better option but most people tend to find alcohol or alcohol addiction more acceptable than an addiction to crack/cocaine or an opiate. Let me tell you some of the facts:

Alcohol addiction is scary for many reasons, first reason being that alcohol penetrates every single cell in your body. All the cells that make up your lungs, your heart, your brain, your skin, your liver, your stomach; every single cell that makes up your physical being is penetrated by alcohol.

Alcohol addiction is so dangerous for this second reason. Alcohol penetrates every single cell in your body but it is also a corrosive. Ever wonder why your throat burns when you take a shot of liquor? Imagine putting your brain in a jar of alcohol and shaking it, the brain turns to mush. Essentially we all know what this is really called when it happens to you from drinking- wet brain. Thats what your brain is dealing with when you have an alcohol addiction.

Alcohol addiction is so dangerous because the poison you have picked is just that; a poison. It is corrosive, I mean come on its the same thing that can fuel a car and is extremely flammable. Its a corrosive poison and it penetrates every single cell in your body and turns your brain to mush. Also, alcohol addiction is one of the few addictions where the withdrawal from it can absolutely kill you.

Next thing I have to say about alcohol addiction is; Seizures, dementia, liver disease, heart disease, delerium tremors, memory loss, black outs, fights, diabetes, osteoporosis, sexual dysfunction, lack of motor skills or motor function, loss of bowel movements. Thats not all either. Theres kidney stones, metabolic syndrome, loss of stable mental health, sleep disturbances, hinderances in brain development, pancreatis, hormonal imbalances, fetal alcohol syndrome, and last but definitely not least, DEATH.

End of story. End of a fairy tale. Yes, yes, death is the end of a story. Death from alcohol addiction is the end of a life. Alcohol addiction is cunning, its baffling, its powerful and its socially accepted. Wowza! Our country alone spends billions on advertising for alcohol. Creating a social stigma that doesnt cause alcohol addiction but it definitely fuels into it. Alcohol addiction is one of the most unpleasant addictions to have when it comes to being an alcoholic or drug addict. The effects of being a hard drinker or alcoholic can last for months up to years even after you stop drinking and step out of your alcohol addiction.

If you think that you may be an alcoholic and have an alcohol addiction help is available. You need not go through all the things mentioned above and you can suddenly be restored back to health and sanity. Regain all the things you have lost in alcohol addiction, physically, mentally and spiritually by choosing to take a different action today.

If you or someone you know needs help with alcohol addiction please call 877-711-HOPE(4673) or go to to chat with one of our alcohol addiction specialist right now.

Drug Rehab- What Are You Waiting For?

Drug Rehab is Always There, Where Are You?

Drug rehab can be the reason your life changes. Drug rehab can be the choice you make that ultimately sets you on a path that is incomparably better than the life you have been living. Drug rehab can give you purpose again. Drug rehab can start to give you all the things that you have lost. Drug rehab can repair relationships with your loved ones. So why are you still in active addiction? Why havent you entered a drug rehab yet? What are you waiting for?

The things that keep people from making a decision to better their lives through drug rehab are quite of paramount of importance to them, but looking from the outside or from the otherside they seem so trivial. Denial and excuses litter the ability to recover at drug rehab. Denial such as, “I am not bad enough off to need rehab”, “I am not an addict or alcoholic”. Excuses such as “I have a family, I cant leave them”, “I dont need a drug rehab, I can do it on my own.”. To the denial let me say this, if you arent bad enough off yet you will be, if you think you’re not an alcoholic or addict why does the thought of drug rehab seem so daunting to you? To the excuses I say this, you have already left your family, you’re not present around them while you are high or drunk and if you can get clean on your own then why havent you done it already?

Dont let your disease of alcoholism or addiction tell you, you dont need help. As an alcoholic and addict myself what I am saying would seem harsh but I have been in those places of excuses and denial. Drug rehab was something I absolutely would not consider at first. Taking 60 days out of my life to get the entire rest of my life back and better ever?! Thats ridiculous! So I speak from experience when I say that we alcoholics and addicts have the one disease that tells us we dont have it.

Our alcoholism and addiction will do everything it can to make sure we dont get anywhere near a drug rehab. The reason for that is because it wants us dead and it wants us to hurt the people we care about most in the meantime. Drug rehab may save us from that ultimate consequence that is death or jail. Why not utilize it. There are so many drug rehabs all over the country that it is almost more like a vacation to go get clean now days. So not only can you walk into paradise away from drugs and alcohol, you can get the rest of your life back if you make one simple decision. Go to drug rehab.

Go to drug rehab and open your mind, find the willingness, be honest and you can be successful in achieving what you ultimately want, to stay clean.

Stop letting the little things in your head that tell you, you dont need this, that you dont need to get well and make a decision to change your life. Call a drug rehab, reach out, take action.

If you or someone you know needs help and is suffering from addiction and/or alcoholism dont hesitate to call 877-711-HOPE(4673) or go to and chat with one of our addiction specialists NOW.

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