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All across this country in small towns, rural areas and cities, alcoholism and drug abuse are destroying the lives of men, women and their families. Where to turn for help? What to do when friends, dignity and perhaps employment are lost?

The answer is Palm Partners Recovery Center. It’s a proven path to getting sober and staying sober.

Palm Partners’ innovative and consistently successful treatment includes: a focus on holistic health, a multi-disciplinary approach, a 12-step recovery program and customized aftercare. Depend on us for help with:

Rehab Centers A Destination, Recovery A Journey.

Rehab Centers are an Oasis Away from our Addiction and Alcoholism

Rehab centers are a safe haven for someone with addiction or alcoholism that needs to rehabilitate. Rehabilitate meaning to restore to good health or a useful life, through therapy and education. Rehab centers are designed around this definition to take you out of your drug addiction, death, and unmanageable life, to teach you so you may be restored back to normalcy. We all as alcoholics and addicts know that there is more to our drug use or alcoholism that words could describe. It takes a real change in order to make a difference in our lives once we have become addicted. That is why taking advantage of rehab centers can seriously change your life.

Rehab centers saved my life, I know that much. You’re probably wondering how rehab centers can help save yours. Let me tell you that as an alcoholic and addict myself I know that spiritual death you are living, I know that helplessness that is so overwhelming you feel like you are already six  feet under, I know what it’s like to not know where the light at the end of the tunnel is. I bring good tidings.

Rehab centers are available to you and they are the first step in beginning to see that light again. Rehab centers give us all a safe place to go to not only get the drugs and alcohol out of our system, but truly rehabilitate. Rehab centers teach us all there is to know about this disease we have, and it is a disease. A disease by the definition, that alcoholism and addiction are progressive, chronic, and fatal. Rehab centers teach us that we are not morally deficient people, rehab centers teach us how to live life with different coping mechanisms that are healthy and most of all rehab centers teach alcoholics and addicts how to recover.

Recovery is a journey not a destination. Rehab centers though, are a destination for a certain period of time if you want to start the journey of recovery.

Can you imagine what life would be like if we didn’t have rehab centers? Don’t ever feel like there isn’t hope because there are places you can go and things you can do all over the United States to rehabilitate from this disease. We are blessed to live in a day and age where most insurance companies will cover costs for rehab centers, that, and we have options on what kind of rehab centers we want to go to and where. Something that was not always available.

With that being said the light at the end of the tunnel is there even if you can’t see it. If you want to be able to see it, your best bet would be to contact one of the many rehab centers. Start painting your vision of what life can and will be. Rehab centers are just the beginning but they are a vital oasis for someone like me and you to get well. Utilize them, search them out, find the willingness to take that first step away from death and back into life.

If you or someone you know would like to utilize rehab centers and find that oasis from their addiction and alcoholism please call: 877-711-HOPE(4763) or go to

Drug Rehab Centers in Florida

Drug Rehab Centers in Florida Bring You The Sunlight of The Spirit

There are so many different Drug Rehab Centers in Florida. Anyone wanting to get clean is coming to a hub of treatment facilities. All drug rehab centers in Florida have something different to offer. You can actually choose what you want out of your experience in treatment with all the different options. So if you’re determined to get clean near the beach don’t fret. It is nearly impossible to fail in looking for what you want out of drug rehab centers in Florida.

Most drug rehab centers in Florida use their location to enhance the recovery process. For instance, drug rehab centers in Florida near the beach are specifically located there. They are located as such, so you may use the beach as place of meditation, spirituality, peace, and joy. All of which are detrimental to a healthy recovery. Florida is known as the sunshine state for a reason. Sunshine makes people happy.  Drug rehab centers in Florida use this also to their benefit. A lot of us drug alcohol addicts were holed up in our houses, indoors year round, or night owls. When we come to get clean we are deprived of a lot of happy vitamins found in the Florida sunshine. Drug rehab centers in Florida make sure to use the “Sunshine State” to help you achieve happiness through what is naturally here.

Drug Rehab Centers in Florida make sure to place you in the recovery capital of the United States. There is a mass of 12 step meetings, club houses, and other recovering alcoholics and addicts. I truly believe the best place you could choose to start your journey back to health is right here at drug rehab centers in Florida. The best of the best come to work for  drug rehab centers in Florida because they know this is where it happens. All, drug rehab centers in Florida where I sit, involve group and individual therapy, enough independence to regain your life, empowerment, and a staff that truly cares. I have never been involved in such a community before. When I go to a drug rehab most of the staff is also recovering from addiction and alcoholism. There is no place better and as I start to talk about my own personal experience with these drug rehab centers in Florida remember that I have sat where you sit right now and that I am recovering myself.

Drug rehab centers in Florida made it easy for me to recover. With an entire community of meetings, halfway houses, and drug treatment centers, I was set up the moment I got to drug rehab for success. I easily found a sponsor, began working steps, found a fellowship of people, and created a foundation for myself that I still have today. I don’t plan on going anywhere far from here because of the beautiful life drug rehab centers in Florida have helped to give me. In fact the drug rehab center I went to has now hired me. Which is how I am sitting here writing for you right now. It’s kind of incredible right? It also allows me to continue to help someone else with the amount of men and women in drug rehab centers in Florida. I can do service work on a daily basis which is essential to my own recovery.

I will say this though drug rehab centers in Florida don’t make the change happen for you. They just start the process. You have to make the decision to utilize the beauty of the programs here.

If you or someone you know is struggling with alcoholism or addiction and would like to come to one of drug rehab centers in Florida, please call: 877-711-HOPE(4763) or go to

Rehab in Delray Beach Giving Life Color

Rehabilitation Delray Beach Style Giving A Change In Perspective

Rehab Delray Beach is probably one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. To use drugs then come to a certain kind of paradise known as South Florida is something that blows my mind on a daily basis. Rehab doesn’t feel like rehab here. I am on a permanent vacation from drugs and alcohol here in Delray Beach and I am so grateful to be present for every minute of it.

Rehab in Delray Beach changed my life. When I first came down to Delray Beach from North Carolina, I didn’t want to go to rehab and I hated the beach, so how I managed to get here is beyond me. If you asked me if I preferred the beach or mountains I would tell you mountains. If you asked me extreme heat or cold, I would say cold. I hated rehab and I hated Delray Beach at first, but then things started happening, no. Things started changing. While in rehab I learned that the place has nothing to do with it, that truly I hated myself not the area.

As I slowly learned in rehab, Delray Beach is beautiful but what I also learned is, I AM beautiful. That just as every place has something to offer, I do too. As I learned to love myself through the rehabilitation of my alcoholism, I learned to love the place I was in. I could be anywhere in the world not just rehab in Delray Beach and be absolutely fascinated, in awe, or blown away by it all.

It’s all about a positive outlook. A youthful innocence in the way that you experience life, rehab in Delray Beach has taught me to look at the stars like I’m seeing them for the first time, when I go to the beach see the ocean as a different body of water every time I am in it, appreciate the sunsets with palm trees giving it that tropical outline. These are the things I can see through a rehabilitation of my mind body and spirit, all thanks to Delray Beach rehab.

Rehab in Delray Beach has taught me through the beauty of the tangible just exactly what it means to find acceptance in yourself in order to find acceptance with where you are geographically. Change all starts from within and it all starts with taking action.

My first action was coming to rehab in Delray Beach, with that single decision my entire life started to change, but first I changed. I began to recover, I began to grow, I began to find peace within myself, I began to find acceptance, I began to learn, I began to take what was being offered with Delray Beach rehabilitation.

My life had always been so black and white and through my experience with rehabilitation in Delray Beach I learned to see in color again. I wouldn’t ask to be anywhere else this entire journey with sobriety has been one of miracles and joy. All thanks to rehab Delray Beach style. What you see inside yourself is what you will see outside yourself. Change your perception, change your life.

If you or someone you know would like to change their life and recover from addiction or alcoholism, make a decision & please call: 877-711-HOPE (4763) or go to

Delray Beach Rehab Centers In The Center Of Recovery

Delray Beach Rehab Centers Are In The Sunlight Of Recovery

Delray Beach Rehab Centers make up a vast majority of what the city Delray Beach, Florida consists of. I don’t know why this is and I don’t feel the need to question it. All I know is if you’re looking for drug alcohol rehab, Delray Beach Rehab Centers are probably the way to go.

There are a multitude of alcohol rehab centers all over South Florida and something about the sunny area and the kind of recovery happening here, makes this an ideal location to begin getting clean.

Which is probably why, so many Delray Beach rehab centers have popped up in and all along the coast of Florida. Imagine coming to a rehab center minutes away from the beach, a place where some people spend most of their lives working to get to, a place where when you walk down the street it’s not uncommon to run into 3-4, or even more fellow recovery folks. Delray Beach Rehab Centers are in a mecca for addicts and alcoholics.

Which is what I knew when I made the decision to come to treatment at one of the many Delray Beach Rehab Centers. I had heard the saying that “Delray Beach is the recovery capital of the United States”, and also the fact that my rehab center I had chosen was minutes from the beach and surrounded by palm trees helped too. The warm weather makes for a happy disposition in which to start the recovery process. Delray Beach Rehab Centers being in this area also allows for an understanding population throughout the entire area. Most people know about addiction, alcoholism and recovery, there is no judgment here. You also have options in this area, with so many drug rehab centers in this small 10 mile radius it allows you to pick a rehab center that is a perfect fit for you.

All of the Delray Beach Rehab Centers include the beach, the warm weather, and outdoor activities into their treatment programs too. The sun and the beach have an amazing therapeutic effect especially for those of us who, while using may not have gotten outdoors or were night owls. Where you could go to treatment in the mountains and have it get a little cold and you have to stay indoors, here you can be constantly active and moving to improve your health, well-being, and state of mind.

Walking down the main street where Delray Beach Rehab Centers are located, Atlantic Avenue, there are a multitude of places to eat, sushi being my favorite, shop, there is even a shop designed for the spiritual growth of alcoholics and addicts, and get coffee. Coffee being the most important because it is a staple in any recovering addict or alcoholics life. You can find two Starbucks coffee joints, just on that one little avenue. Delray Beach Rehab Centers are not just in the perfect location but have created the location. They have created a place where you can go and be entirely enveloped in the progression of your recovery.

Inpatient- Residential Treatment

Inpatient Treatment At Palm Partners

Inpatient Treatment or Residential Treatment in the recovery process is a lot like a base  foundation in which the rest of your sobriety can be built upon. At Palm Partners we effectively offer a program which will help our clients start moving forward with the rest of their lives. The rehabilitation models being used include everything seen from the traditional to the non-traditional drug alcohol rehab programs. We are incorporating philosophies from the 12-step model combined with practices to improve our client’s health and well-being. These practices ultimately are helping our clients to achieve and maintain a higher standard of living and a more lasting recovery.

Residential Treatment, in the wide variety of drug alcohol treatment programs, is referring to a live-in facility where the clients get an extended stay and intensive treatment services. This stay can last from one month to three months. Our program has many different levels of care that are all solution oriented and include the group as well as the individual. We offer hypnotherapy, yoga, exercise, nutritional counseling, massages, recreational opportunities, relapse prevention classes and therapy, along with daily meetings in 12-Step Recovery Programs. The issues that are covered are extensive and very intensive, allowing the client to get the most they can out of their stay here.

Our inpatient treatment programs are individually molded and designed to meet each client’s individual needs. Our clients have “home like” living arrangements, daily structure, freedom and independence. Our main goal as an inpatient treatment program is not to just help our clients achieve sobriety but contribute to each client’s life in a way that will help them reach their maximum potential. Helping them fully realize the potential in themselves, with their families, their friends, their recovery and their career.

Palm Partners recommends inpatient treatment to our clients, especially after a drug alcohol detox because they are best equipped through a more residential program to handle the many facets of life which is essential to making sure our clients stay sober. We have found this approach to be most effective considering the progressive and chronic nature of addiction as a disease. The longer and more effective treatment a client can get the more likely they will be able to achieve success and long term sobriety. With the base foundation of inpatient treatment gives our patients everything they need to be more than well equipped to gain the highest level of living possible.

If you or someone you know needs help from an inpatient treatment facility please call: 877-711-HOPE (4763) or go to

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