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All across this country in small towns, rural areas and cities, alcoholism and drug abuse are destroying the lives of men, women and their families. Where to turn for help? What to do when friends, dignity and perhaps employment are lost?

The answer is Palm Partners Recovery Center. It’s a proven path to getting sober and staying sober.

Palm Partners’ innovative and consistently successful treatment includes: a focus on holistic health, a multi-disciplinary approach, a 12-step recovery program and customized aftercare. Depend on us for help with:

End Drug Addiction Once and For All

Drug Treatment Can Help You Find the Tools You Need to Be Free

The effects of drug abuse and addiction are devastating; drugs are substances that give the user a false feeling of alleviating the problems and difficulties through an intense sense of pleasure. In reality, the pleasant effect over time gives way to a constant need for daily use in order to avoid the terrible withdrawal symptoms and problems that drug abuse causes. In the long run the person becomes unable to deal with unpleasant situations and difficulties whatsoever without the help of drugs.

The more a person uses alcohol or drugs continuously, the more unstable they become. Initially using drugs is an attempt to solve a problem. As unresolved issues accumulate, the drugs no longer have the same effect. At this point the addict is ready to sacrifice their values just to get hold of the next hit. If you have reached this point in your addiction, and you want help to break the cycle, we are here for you.

Drug treatment centers are in existence to help addicts suffering from addiction to obtain the tools they need to live healthy, sober lives free from addiction and related mental health disorders. Addiction treatment facilities are intended to help addicts heal mentally and physically, and rediscover happiness in an environment free of drugs.

Willingness is the first and most important step in recovery. The next important step is to find a drug rehab program that is best suited to the individual’s specific needs. The best drug addiction treatment centers treat mental health and co-occurring disorders in addition to drug rehab services. Since it is common for addiction and mental health disorders to exist together (dual diagnosis), is an increasingly popular treatment option at drug treatment centers.

In order to find lasting sobriety, it is important to find the best drug rehabilitation center for you. Look for programs that offer not only a safe, medically assisted detox, but also offer a rehab program that is passionate about the recovery of its patients. This rehabilitation should be comprised of not only group and individual therapy, but also nutritional and lifestyle guidance. Only when a treatment program is able to identify where and why the addiction began, can progress be made in recovery. However, no matter how good the treatment program may be, it is most important that the patient be willing to change. Without some effort on the patient’s part, sobriety will most likely not be successful for very long.

If you need help sorting through your treatment options to find the best drug treatment center, our addiction treatment specialists are here to help. Call Palm Partners at 800-951-6135.

Take Control of Your Life

Drug Rehabilitation is the Path to Long-Term Sobriety

Drug rehabilitation for the chronic drug addict must include a lot of support, especially during the first phase of addiction treatment: detoxification. Detoxification is difficult and sometimes painful due to the symptoms of withdrawal.

This is why detox often includes some types of medications, and should be supervised by a trained staff of medical experts. Support received during addiction treatment and recovery is important; it should include counseling and supervision from qualified medical staff. Addiction is a disease, and education about the effects of drugs on the body should also be part of addiction treatment.

If recovery from drugs or alcohol becomes a priority in your life or the life of someone you care about, find a drug rehab center that can provide the best addiction treatment program with dedicated professionals who understand addiction.

Drug rehabilitation is based on three main phases: detoxification, psychological and physical drug rehabilitation, and re-integration into society.

Detoxification aids recovery by eliminating remaining traces of drugs or alcohol from the body through a safe, medical withdrawal. The second phase of treatment starts with psychological rehabilitation. This phase includes individual therapy where the patient is observed to determine if any mental health factors were instrumental in their addiction. Physical rehabilitation includes exercise and dieticians who work with patients to help them restore a healthy body weight and image, and shows them the best food habits to follow during their recovery.

Patients are given the tools during addiction treatment to cope in the real world with their addictions, and identify the triggers that caused their addiction. Therefore, the final stage of addiction treatment is where patients are slowly and gradually re-introduced to society; they can re-enter the work and school environments, and are responsible for their lives once more.

The purpose of an addiction treatment center and drug rehabilitation program is to enlighten patients to their obsession with drugs, and return them to a normal productive life. This is a process that takes slightly different forms in different drug rehab programs, but it should always start with detoxification or abstinence from substance use, conducted under medical supervision.

From the moment the physical addiction begins to end, the real work begins: addressing the psychological and emotional dependence on drugs. At this stage, the key is to break through the denial of the patient, and lead them into accepting the consequences of drug abuse through individual therapy or group sessions.

Through continued therapy and drug rehab, patients are prepared to start changing their behavior based on what they learned about themselves, and realize what they did under the influence of drugs. The duration of this process is different for each patient, though the patient should stay as long as necessary to set the patient on a path to long-term sobriety.

If you or someone you know is ready to stop abusing drugs and alcohol, an addiction treatment program can help.  Take action now by calling Palm Palm Partners Recovery Center at 1-877-711-HOPE(4673).

Live Free From the Terror of Addiction

Addiction Treatment Provides the Best Chance for Successful Recovery

The history of drug addiction is linked to the history of human kind.  Drinking alcohol, sniffing psychoactive potions, using opium, chewing cocoa leaves and smoking marijuana have been used through out history to produce a desired effect.

Currently, industrial derivatives of these same substances affect millions of Americans.  Heroin, cocaine, designer drugs and LSD contribute to the majority of drug addictions in society today.

Drug addictions often create problems within a family structure.  The disease of addiction causes a great deal of stress on the family of the addicted person.  Problems arise such as: misunderstanding, miscommunication, abuse, rejection, abandonment, lack of economic resources, school difficulties, poverty and lack of affection.  An individual may try to resolve these conflicts through drugs.  This coping mechanism sometimes produces a habit or an addiction, and this in turn causes family problems.  These issues increase, as drug addiction grows stronger.

When the family of the addicted person has had enough they may want to consider having an addiction intervention.  During this time the family gets together and they all express their love and concern for the addicted family member.  The family offers the addict help from an addiction treatment program.  If the addict refuses then the family enforces some kind of consequences where they will stop enabling their loved one.  This can be extremely painful on the entire family, but the end result could save the addict’s life.

The first step in treating any addiction is in accepting that there is a problem.  Once an individual takes this crucial step, then and only then are they open and receptive to the idea of change.  Healing begins when the addicted person relinquishes control and checks in to an addiction treatment program.  During the treatment process they will learn coping skills and deal with any deep-rooted issues that may have contributed to their drug problem.  Once these conflicts are resolved an addict can begin healing and learn to live a life free from the terror of addiction.

People who struggle with drug addiction suffer from the false belief or idea that they can control their using and abusing of substances.  Once the disease has progressed to this extreme there is little hope of breaking the cycle with out the help of an addiction treatment program.  When an addict or alcoholic is ready to stop for good, then the best option is to check in to a substance abuse rehabilitation facility.

Drug addiction treatment is a series of clinical interventions structured in such a way that are useful to promote and support recovery for a person affected by addiction to live a better quality life.  The best addiction treatment centers offer individualized treatment plans.  Every addict or alcoholic is a human being with different past situations and different needs. For this reason, addiction treatment should be individualized so that every recovering individual has the best chance for recovery.

Drug addiction recovery is possible. To get help from one of the most effective addiction treatment programs in the country, call 877-711-HOPE (4673).

Addiction is a Treatable Disease

Drug Rehab Programs, Recovery is Possible

Amazing and disturbing are two words that come to mind when one looks at the number of individuals suffering with drug addiction problems.  Drug addiction does not only ruin the life of the person suffering, but it has a negative outcome on families and communities.  Families are torn apart and communities suffer with violence and crime as the drug addict succumbs to this powerful disease.

A drug is addicting if it causes a person to seek an uncontrolled or compulsive desire for more, despite adverse social and health repercussions. Most illegal drugs meet these requirements.

The good news is that the disease of addiction is treatable.  Individuals suffering with drug abuse problems can recover.  An addiction treatment program can help you or your loved one break the bind to addiction.  Drug rehabs can help when all other measures fail.

Annually, millions of people in the world seek treatment for addiction primary addiction. There are many drug rehabilitation programs that have licensed staff members, qualified professionals who are aware of the triggers and temptations that cause drug addiction and alcoholism.These drug rehab programs work with patients with addiction to effectively manage the underlying causes of their addictions. These alcohol and drug rehab centers break the patterns of misbehavior that most addicts have been struggling with for most of their lives.

Drug rehabilitation programs know that environmental factors trigger drug or alcohol use, and these centers have ways to break the cycle. A person needs to relearn better living and coping skills.  A drug rehab center will help individuals learn ways to deal with life on life’s terms. For a person to achieve a positive result and the maximum benefit from an addiction treatment program, inpatient rehab is the way to go.  Staying in a quality drug rehab facility will remove the addict or alcoholic from the problem, as well as the people and places associated with using.

Drug rehabilitation programs help people of all social classes, rich or poor who are struggling with drug addiction and alcoholism. A good drug rehabilitation treatment program will never reject anyone for any reason.

If you need help from a drug rehabilitation treatment program, Palm Partners can help.  Call 1-877-711-HOPE (4673).

A New Way of Living

Addiction Treatment and Breaking through the Denial

The use and abuse of drugs by some sectors of the population, mainly among young people, poses a huge challenge for the country.  Since the risk of epidemic development is increasingly evident and threatening, drug addiction is of concern not only to health authorities, but also to all sectors of the population.

Drug addiction leads individuals down a dark road full of severe consequences.  Recurring drug consumption leads to a neglect of duties or responsibilities.  The addicted person’s behavior changes substantially: their moods vary abruptly without apparent cause, they are presented with economic difficulties that may lead a drug addict to borrow or to commit economic crimes (theft, fraud, robbery), addicts gradually disengage from everything and everyone around them, they lie constantly, and they usually deny that they have a problem.   Physical deterioration is evident over time as well.

A person in the grips of their addiction may experience weight loss, skin problems, low resistance to disease, chronic cough, asthma attacks, intestinal complications, liver and kidney problems.   It becomes obvious to everyone living around the addict that there is a very serious problem.  An addiction treatment center becomes the only obvious solution.

Taking the first step and seeking addiction treatment can be a difficult decision. It may not be easy for you to accept that your relationship with alcohol or drugs is out of control.

Deciding to treat your illness means to recover and it means the beginning of a better life. Get help from an addiction treatment center with a qualified staff of experienced addiction professionals.  This involvement in participating in addiction treatment, and the professionalism of a qualified staff could be what it takes to break the cycle of addiction.

Doctors, psychiatrists and therapists that are specialists in addiction treatment working together to address multiple aspects of the disease of addiction are you or your loved ones best bet for successful drug or alcohol rehabilitation.

Addiction treatment success depends on the patient’s commitment to the recovery process.  If an individual does not want to stop for good, then there is very little hope for permanent sobriety.  On the other hand, when an individual is ready and willing to stop for good the healing process can then begin.

A high degree of personal involvement with a continuing program of support and therapy for the patient in a drug rehab center provides the best chance for recovery.  Family involvement in the recovery process will give added value to the success of addiction treatment.

Recovery from the disease of addiction is an ongoing process that involves stopping drugs and alcohol, but also to achieve serenity and a life philosophy that promotes growth and change within the individual and the family. The purpose of addiction treatment is to break through the denial and motivate the patient to want to respond to the treatment program and a plan for a new way of living.

If you or someone you know is struggling with drug addiction, Palm Partners Recovery Center can help. Call 1-877-711-HOPE (4673).

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